Look dear reader, I have 4 hernias, 2 neck hernias, 2 lumbar (same than RUNE), so honestly I don’t have any pain nor limitations on. Some haters will say, but that is ÉLITE stupid man!, Yes, but there are small details that are not different to the real life, also know so well each small aspect of the TENNIS and besides from was a baby, I live with a PSYCHOLOGICAL issue that has to say a lot ABOUT IT.

*Recognise that my actual bed is literally the floor about the carpet and a blanket, sometimes over a YOGA MAT, that one thing or other, is my mattress from to 4 years, basically when you live in share houses, the mattress are not really recommendable, that way is really healthy at the moment, of course that would change it with a Japanese Mattress or when had a private house where maybe would think to buy a great mattress (softer and on balance with the back) details that are important to be aware about, but now is what it is.

Things That RUNE has to be aware about (In that strict order): 

  1. PSYCHOLOGIC’S JOB. Basically our brain usually plays with the pain, then creates apprehension to the area that is affected, so close the muscles, joints…, even is frequently that the Ventricular system (brain communication) get to affect to the rest of systems, specially to the nervous one, crushing it, which in turn will affect to the breathing one…etc…, One of the most visual consequences is mixed up the physical while ignore that in the same time have been developed a somatic process that is the collarbone from the main issue is coming from. “Request a study and a sharpest observation… “
  2. THE SWIMMING POOL. Complement that should already abandon ever, specially focusing on front crawl and backstrokes, as it lets that the body can make longer, opening all the nervous system that realises all the channels of communication, let that the brain spikes out…that in some offer an reinforce to all the muscle area, specially the collarbone area that after will extend to the lower areas of the body….It is important that technique is right, but also is a fact that must be in relation to the resistance (long miles) instead of making that focusing in the speeds.
  3. PHYSIOTHERAPY – CHIROPRACTIC.  I leave that area to the professionals, but is basic an therapeutic approach, because like I said the psychological area usually is intense and generally is blocking that critical area or even is most likely that it is derived from other area where the body was unbalanced in, so that is really important but must never development any kind of dependency to them, as it could push in an innervation that won’t be helping that body can do its own job.  Congruency – Balance.
  4. GYM – FITNESS. Also I leave that area to the professionals, but here will must be careful about lifting the weights, the way that to do that, and probably seek more isometric reinforce, and help to modify some body positions as well.
  5. THE NUTRITION…. I leave it to my nutritionist….


  1. ON THE SERVE. If we draw a line that divide his body in two pieces, could see perfectly, that his right side is completely twisted in a bad turn around, the legs are not in good place, but that i am more concern is those that is going from his lumbar to the neck, there are no extension to back on, really his elbow and right shoulder have a forced position that pushing to the head of the racket to a position too behind that not correspond with the reality of the stroke that in turn is forcing to that his head modify his position as well, it draws a high tension that a body couldn’t tolerate in.  The position of his arm and the abdominal twist must be corrected straight away but the legs have to be first (support and reduction of incision in the hip) will help a lot to his injury but even to his game where will create much more power from where all force should begin in. 
  2. HOLDING THE RACKET. (no mix with the type of grip)  It is absolutely block, as on the serve as on the rest of his strokes, means that the wrist is stuck in a apprehension mode, which push a big pressure that in some way have to lift up to the neck and for sure in deviation has to go to other areas.
  3. BASELINE STROKES…. Apart of that have mentioned just on the previous paragraph, as even also on other article of that website in JULY, titled  WIMBLEDON (Day 3), as said at that time, he make a flashing movement without extension which bring back a bounce back energy against his own body, his swing to the stroke (look like to be seating in a chair), so rigid, with the foot have an excess of grip against the floor it block the hip, and pressure a lot the lumbar area as well…..need to get free that and seek some supports more volatiles – flexible and free….
  4. ACTION RECOVERY. As in stable position as in wide slight balls, there are not an enough swing, which block a hip and is forcing the other one, creating a back muscle pull.

That situation can minimise a lot from a great technical TENNIS COACHNG JOB, but also have to be aware about that first point that have commented and that it psychological barrier has a lot to say about it, so to give off all that don’t let to the body move ahead, is a key that don’t admit argue at all, exactly the same and which I am agree with HOLGER, that is to avoid to eat any medication, where for own experience and a great deeper special skill (read the beginning of article or many of my last post on my RRSS), on that PSYCHOLOGICAL area, that manage it to coordinate all that six points that have expressed, I can claim that will have an effective unlocking of that (exit). 

By the way, it  is a issue that other players (British / Spanish) should apply it on and off the court and even would have to wake up, instead of traveling through of a faster way that don’t drive to anywhere, observing different types atrocities: Change grip (instead of seeking the real issue and correct the technical gestures), surgeries (instead of change small technical gestures) or simply physical reinforcement but after in all cases go back on court doing exactly the same, or even worst, because to that rigid and null improvement have added more muscle pressure to the areas……

“ It is so important to have the IDEAS SO CLEAR and know really so well THAT IS HAPPENING as on court and then after know that and how change/correct the issue, where each case demands things different, HERE IS WHERE will find the GOOD COACH, honestly I AM ONE OF THEM, GIVE ME A CHANCE! “ 

If RUNE, CAMERON, JACK, some female as well….Or whoever Individual o Team, I am available to help, a kick on my ass is an answer that always is available, but don’t try it is not an option to take on. 

*The own picture of the headline already said a lot as well….to correct….



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