Dear readers, well while I have been watching as some few highlights as some frames on the social networks as well, was able to comtemplate quite details that have already adverted during the pre-season period to some friend by whatsapp through of observing asll some few videos for the same medias, and the evidence is that the reason is walking on my side just look the facts, so it is in the same time a feeling that hate at all, because I am a humble boy, with a job behind me, but I am not better to anyone as in the same time I am not worst than anyone, different on attitude, responsability, development and facts, anyway one day must treat that is the power of the reason and all dark corners that has stuck in.

In relation to all of that details, must add other detail that was the detonant that push me to write that few words, when other day while was with a personal trainer from my job at a five star Hotel, so kindly offered me his heart and hands to treat my runner’s injury on my right leg, felt exactly the same thing that when was watching on many of the videos from the pre-season of many players, where the cruising speed is permanently placed out, means it is forgotten to bring on the table. Which could be the consequences of that?:

  1. Leave the mind-brain on the bench, means that is behind of the every motions. Blocked, stopped,..etc.. facts that will appear absolutely unconscious and even that is worst don’t be able to detect it as before as after to work about it.  Positive issue that will have more consciousness of the reality so will do the job easier.
  2. Pushing ahead the position of the mind-brain in relation with the exercise. Acceleration and chaos over a trail that don’t have brakes, so that point of craizy situation can works for a while but the consequences a posteriori will be stricts without margen at all, so the award at the end, will lost its value.
  3. Fixed Position of the position mind-brain.  Means to keep stuck in an inflexible position, where everything that is happening on is coming to the individuo as super hot embers that in some way nor is able to understand it nor has a fountain where find the answers to them, so it will burn a lot in the inner at the end.

Anyway as on whatever tree after wen can get many branches or variations of everyone of that, sincerely to be honest is a little bit sad as lately pretend to find solutions through of making more mess inside and around of the individuo, (EMOTIONAL NOISE is every time more and more presence, without being conscious about the infinite factors that involves inside of the balloom’s human) because the ability to bring beliefs inside without making any question at all are so strong, as also in the same way create a big physical imbalances between the body through of its agility, its own demand as in as out in according with the practice executed, tecnique included, and the most important muscle the brain, what is its position on that moment?, which is the information that transmit to the rest of the body?, when is placed on the right frame to extend its own force? how is every system and small particle connected between each other?, ( beginning on my point of view with the most important lock from all of that, the nervous system, said that a humble servant that was, is and will keep exposed to that as uncontrollable as chaotics noises)…… etc……. there where find more better answers…

I mean through of my before words is that there is a human value that is very few times applied in if not say that is never used in the situations, doesn’t matter if you are a personal trainer, a physioterapist, a tennis coach, a teacher, a bussiness person or even a politician…etc…, because in situations that will go straight away to the inner of the person (a living being) the affection is not going to happen during the explosion of the bubble, balloom or bomb or whatever other way that you want to call it, believe, that is already happening on all that previous situations that was lived before through of their differents stages of the action, for that asked a couple of times to different actors, what are you doing to keep the balance or be able to detect the emotional Rythm of the human being that you are training on? The answers never existed on or just said me, sorry but don’t understand your question;  The human value that I am refering and that never is used is the TERAPEUTIC APPROACH (ENFOQUE TERAPÉUTICO), please when talked about it is an strict emotional context from inside, so don´t mix up with the dark practices that a sect used to do it (Outside to inside, I am talking on the inverse to get the real potential of the individuos, full of clearity without emotional noise or just minimum get in). 


* The therapeutic approach is a tool that if you have human warmth will be useful but never enough becasue the real power of that tool will come from the last floors of the pyramid of a personal development that once on that last phases should be in a permanent inner evolution while do it strongest, a narrow line that could be mix it up with the arrogance, but that wihout interfere on that will great and pure rewards.


So with all that, let me to ask to myself the next questions in relation on that case to the tennis but that must be transfered to other sports or labour areas:


Why are the personal trainers or the tennis’s coaches..etc.. permanently boasting about something (point, score,…) when on the next day will be receiving in all of that was predictable?

Why are that same “professionals” boasting about everything once and again, when a year after other the evolution is being the same, so keep permanently the player in a same circle where the entrance and the exit are going to find on the same point of the beginning?

Why are that same “professionals” boasting about getting “supposed” human advances that instead of being blind and full of confidence is coming on full of a serious inner mess through of a very narrow spyhole while are builting a chronic inner situation that the minimum trouble would be to get on the other human being (even on both of them) a feeling of burnout where the worst will be the own dead on life or even the own suicide?

Why are the same “professionals” boasting about the behaviour getting in from both sides, when are coming out from robotics and limited acts that always bring stuck so dangerous predictable consequences through of grabbing as support THE MASTERY over the emotional ability to get in and of course to be able to understand the emotional state from the living being that are getting in front of them?


…… etc…….


*Ansu Faty (Barcelona), Andy Murray, Carolina Marin (Badminton), Garbiñe Muguruza, Stefanos Tsitpas, Andrei Rublev,….a long etc… are clear examples about that situation that try to comment you and that surely is not being easier to understand as well….. Will you be able to see the blast impact that have the absence of that human and emotional value? even the influence that would it get in a SCIENTIST job?….


” With barely few simple things can change all a direction of action while built in the same time an absolute permanent way, a human soldier without fissure nor pain nor external supports with a unconscious focus that will manage the conscious with absolute level of freedom and far away of all kind of stimulus that are who are always try to interfer in the process.”


” The therapeutic approach is between other things the way to leave outside all kind of predjuices and judgements to that our unconscious go in to the conscious of the other living being (human or animal…etc.) that we have in front of us to know and understand that emotional point on that moment even in all its own set to work in harmony with own mind-brain where will act limitless to a point or other depending of the psychologic situation that we find on, so don’t be conscious about nor have to get any predisposition to understand it have already consequences on that same instant that will be repeated on more intensity in other stages, so should be avoid at all, obvious reasonings.”




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