Well, dear reader, about the Rogers Cup, I have just been able to watch some matches about the man’s Rogers Cup, because like you perfectly know the television, in this case, the Sky Sports, forget at all whatever sport where there are woman on competition, so tennis is inside of that rule as well, of course, sadly is like that. I am so sorry but can’t understand the way of thinking of the chairman of this channel.

So Let me to tell you about the few things that I have watched on this Rogers Cup, basically I could name four points:


1. Novak Djokovic.  “It’s a process like any other that has happened many times in my career, where I would start a tournament still felling a little bit uncomfortable on the court and searching for my rhythm, and then, as the tournament goes on, I find that proper comfort level with shots, with the way I feel, with my mental attitude”.

It was his words when he finished the match. Really he read my mind, justly felt the same, however let me, dear reader, add a point more of deep, after observe him in some matches before and yesterday on the final, I saw him with a lot vigour, where on first instance it can seem something positive, however when you put too much energy, you lost focus, go acelerated to hit the ball creating bad decisions, on consequence the emotional intelligence is weaken doing some contrats on his situation on court, like we have watched latly.

However he has showed that is able to manage it avoiding that interfere on him more than usual it could do, anyway step to step should recover the confidence and security that he has months ago, but like well said also after the match “I love play tennis, I enjoy so much to play tennis, I like to compete”, that and his signs  to be greatful with everybody and also as invited to everyone to hug each other, talk a lot about who is Novak Djokovic, his emotional situation, and why now is the number one, is human also sometimes can lost, in the same way also there are different ways to lost.

2. Radek Stepanek I have already told about him on another article, but felt the obligation to you to remind him. His eagerness, motivation, fight and looking foward to keep competing till last ball on every match, is a example of respet to his job, his sport, hiself and to the crowd. Thank you Radek to gift us the values that a sport should have and keep it for ever.

3. The Youngs. Some like Nick Kyrgios don’t want to compete, and others come with a lot of motivation and with a lot of capacities inside of their bodies like Denis Shapovalov and others too much robotics like Jared Donaldson with a very narrow space for the side most important of a human bieng, the own inspiration, the heart, everything was like a process mechanical, example the famous “split”.

4. The Split. (in spanish “el saltito”), really will talk about in other extense article, because I can understand its use, justly because is inside of a process called tennis, the processes are to guide us on the way, but many times, there are parts of that process that could be modified o simply omited depending of the necessity, in others words, have the enough capacity and intelligence of when would have to use that, but don’t memorise it like when we were on the school and had to memorise the lesson for an exam.

Forgive me, dear reader, I am aware completely that there are many details that forget, but I can’t follow all them, and much less just watching it throuhg of the television. Anyway  We need to open the eyes………

About the ladies, let me, dear reader, a small point, I am so happy that Maddison Keys reached the final, has a lot self-love, force, an authentic warrior, but like I have seen on another occasions she needs pause and calm, so imagine that something like that can happen yesterday in her match against Simona Halep, an opponent that when play is wonderful, with a lot of power and positive energy, of course as wel a great warrior with sacrifice.

Faithfully with affection,
A lover & respectful of the values and spirits of whatever sport but specially The hidden on tennis.