Dear reader, for me, even having seen only three men’s tennis matches at the Rio Olympics , the phrase “The Emotional Explosion” perfectly defines what I have experienced these days on the Rio courts. A flood of emotions all together, internal, there are saved and without knowing how to express them, that in the end only finds one possible and only solution, THE INTERNAL EXPLOSION .

It is at that point of emotional explosion, where we can go back and watch Juan Martin Del Potro’s match against Novak Djokovic ; After that game, many things were said about Novak Djokovic’s personal situation , true or not, in the air they are there, however what was clear is all the emotions stored inside, in a way as deep as at the same time It is difficult, although it seems easy, to find the key that opens that trunk full of emotions that need to be expressed. 

At the moment the last point was played, that trunk broke, even without the happy key, but the internal pressure contained was so great that there was no way they were still stored there. Djokovic, a player who has shown time and time again, how well he treats victory and defeat, which many players should learn from it, when approaching the net he did not limit himself to simply shaking hands, but gave him a prolonged hug, very heartfelt, with several words in the ear, and it was at that moment where Del Potro broke emotionally, also seconds later, with Del Potro’s words , Djokovic also broke, accompanied by the whole atmosphere that was lived around.

 You know dear reader, I am completely convinced, that just at that moment where the chest of emotions exploded, that moment where Djokovic was able to say “something” to Del Potro in his ear, for me it is just that moment, which completely changed the the week that Juan Martin Del Potro was going to live in Rio , not defeating Djokovic , but that moment, because a good victory towards someone is useless if afterwards you continue to be internally contained, and in the end your ability to fight, love, without the ability of gratitude and listening, they are useless.

That is why I repeat, and not easy to understand, that the victory against Djokovic was not his balm towards the week he managed to create, but those final moments where the person behind each player appeared, those moments, which are always overlooked , by journalists and cameras, where they only recreate with the gesture or the “nonsense”, where however, the details are that change a day, a week or rather, and that is how a lifetime should be, to know for all that you have passed and be reinforced later in your playing square by your rival to beat, “yourself” , who, injected by the perspective of your external rival, projects you a clearer vision of what has been up to now.

It is also essential to play with nothing to lose and much to gain, without becoming obsessed, enjoying every moment, with peace of mind, knowing how to see everything that surrounds you, bringing out more of the person in you than the player who appears on the court, because the court lasts 1h, 2h, 3h, …. but the person is a lifetime, the person is sitting in the breaks, in the breaks between points, in the locker room, …. what if you are able to put the person in front of your identity, there is a lot of cattle, for me in that Juan Martin Del Potro, this week he gave us a master lesson. 

It’s true dear reader, he lost to Andy Murray , then my critical reader will appear, and they will tell me, then why didn’t Del Potro win Murray? Basically his most important victory was already there, above any material object, which remains there at that moment, out of rejoicing for journalists in his formula of creating “heroes” and “destroying” them, rather one destroys each other. Not being emotionally prepared, something that I already talked about in other articles, and what I will continue talking about, for me the human being has three types of maturity, Emotional, Human, and Labor .

Well, dear reader, continuing with the answer to the aforementioned question, apart from what was commented above, about his most important victory he already had it; Looking for more answers about why they lost, a final requires one more turning point, a much higher emotional depth, and above all a lot of faith, and belief in finishing it, they are human, not machines, although some insist on treating them as such. In the end, his emotional fatigue was much more than physical, or at least that was my feeling.

Andy Murray  also plays, although for me he is a player who loses many details along the way, hence he has won somewhat less than the rest of his rivals, his competitiveness, heart, dedication, his professionalism, and his development before the game and after. match, it is simply to congratulate and thank, completely indisputable, because losing like this, is always to go home proud of having given everything that you knew up to that moment, which does not mean that it is everything that you have inside and that you do not know yet. 

As always happens, dear reader, each tournament gives us wonderful vital lessons, however in this case the Olympic Games , their spirit and their struggle, for yourself and for your country, is always a really beautiful emotional plus, if you know how to combine Both feelings, as long as you leave one of the two hanging, you have problems, if you combine them, success is assured, regardless of whether there is metal or not.

My advice, although I am not who, never stay with the analysis of what you see on television or read in a newspaper, observe yourself, learn and do your own, you will cross deeper limits, reaching a reality much closer to the happened. Believe me it is like that and that is how I feel it. 

Let’s continue enjoying what we have left of Rio and the rest of the disciplines.

Faithfully with affection,
A lover & respectful of the values ​​and spirits of whatever sport but specially The hidden on tennis .