Dear reader, or rather in this case dear players of the ATP TOUR, WTA TOUR , A FUCKING IS NOT AN INJURY A FUCKING IS WALKING WITHOUT LIGHTS , because without you realizing it not only affects the club workers or the place where they are celebrate this tournament, to the fans more superficially and at the end of the road also in you the protagonists of said event. 

The title of the article refers to the last statement of Feliciano Lopez once injured in his singles match in WIMBLEDON , where days later he played twice. Feliciano Lopez  said, now that he was arriving at a good time, this injury is a bitch , obviously karma, life, our own nature, is wise, once again he showed it; I am one of those who think that nothing ever happens just because, everything has a because, a teaching that at the exact moment is unfeasible, however over time something should teach the person involved.

“A bitch is not an injury, a real bitch is walking without lights , because by walking with lights we will be avoiding many problems and reducing the chances of it, both for ourselves and for the people around us.” 

Definition that all of you, dear readers, Feliciano López and company, will understand very quickly; one of the moments where you professionals, both male and female, can achieve at least some voice, and perhaps small changes, is at the time of speech , both in the case of the finalist or finalists (doubles) and the winner or winners (doubles). That moment, which comes as fast as it goes, is the exact moment to convey a message where it teaches certain shame, instead of falling into the politically correct and even on many occasions touching the qualifier of ass-licking, in both cases due to the bubble unreal in which you live.

When you have lived that situation inside, jumping from the sofa at home and lying to yourself on the television, to experience it live, as happened to me at the Queen’s Club , where I was working for two whole years, not only during the tournament, because before and after the tournament there is life, that life, I assure you 1000% that it affects the development and the conditions that the players are very high, at this point the importance of the speech of the finalists (doubles and especially the individual ones), as well as the work of the journalists when writing about the club, the tournament, and their true capacity to be upset by what is really lived there beyond the week or two weeks of celebration. 

If the speech (speech)  takes an ass-licking, or politically correct, direction to the Kings of the show, it leads them to immobility, to superiority egos, the desire to be protagonists, to be the center of the image to show off something, that at least escapes me, it translates into, that every work that is produced inside, is and will be in the face of the image, what appears on television, what most people are able to see first, the shallowness of the first image. Without being at all aware of the tremendous damage that is generated, first to the institution, second to the sport in question of that institution, in the case of Queen’s (Tennis, Tennis Rackets, Real Tennis and Squash), to the workers and of course, although it may not seem like it, to you the players mainly for your physical care. 

All that damage has a carcinogenic practice , very difficult to defeat, in fact it would be the best victory that a person, athlete or could not achieve in his life, I speak of HABITS , basically it is the weapon that usually dominates every activity or movement that is generates within a social and private environment. In other words, we are like a chessboard, where the King and Queen dominate (in the case of the Queens’ club they are two Kings ), which the attitude that these leaders have and show, marks the way in which the company moves. , the club, the academy or any other type of business.

You know, dear reader, dear Feliciano Lopez and the rest of the players, the workers from the rooks, the bishops, the knights, like the rest of the pawns, we are really expendable, we can go to other places, move freely, although some according to needs with more complications than others, but at the end of the day, who has a minimum of dignity, loves himself, ….. etc .. leaves have another place to go or not, you have been there for 25 years (as it happened, Murray knows it well), as you have been there for two years (as I did) or others who barely leave in months, others for family needs even if they want to move, for the Well of their children, they put up with what they throw at them, others are more resentful, full of mistrust in themselves, having fear and insecurity do not march unless they find something safe ….. etc … as you can see in countless cases and variants.

But there is one thing, which never marches, nor changes, nor will it change, but a real wake-up call is made when the moment is right, neither before nor after, at the exact moment, THE HABITS , we can change managers, bosses, employees, … etc … that is, to change the pawns, bishops, rooks and knights , for new ones as many times as we want, that while THE HABITS are  not eradicated, the new workers, even with good resumes and attitudes, either even to occupy a command post, with the passing of the dates, they succumb to those HABITS, changing completely, their gesture, their attitude, .. leaving them self-conscious, contracted, limited, and especially with walking on tiptoe, because for the eyes of others, you are not a person, where it seems that everything you can try to do, annoys and so that our position, one’s personal needs and supposed reputation are not harmed. 

Dear reader, dear Feliciano Lopez  and other players, for the King and the Queen , in this example, two Kings , the president and the vice president, and even in clubs of this nature, you can put many partners with weight, where With only 95 permanent employees, the president has never had an approach with the employees, neither in the only annual Pyrrhic talk that we held in December, nor by the club, something similar to the vice president, that is, two Kings ruling a chess game, without knowing what happens inside by themselves, in unhealthy hygienic conditions, both for the workers and for the users themselves (at least in my department), the bacteria in the mini-laundry room (not appropriate for it) They were infinite, I would not recommend washing there, among another of the many hygienic problems that occur in the club (some well-known player came to ask me about it). 

You know, it is easy, that in the most public areas of the club, restaurant and cafeteria, forgetting about the rest of the facilities with respect to the slopes, taking for granted, that if these were not wonderful, no one would come; the hanging around, rackets of ex-players, some picture of the true essence of the club, some sheet-paint that shows that everything works perfectly, and lately even, at least in England, the fashion to put some picture-photo of the outfielders , so that the Kings have something to show off in front of their guests, multiplied during the tournament with reinforcements, working with brutal pressure, not only during the week of the tournament, a month or so before, the pressure is increasing progressively. 

We have seen, read and verified, in weeks ago, how the players and coaches showed very intense complaints about the state of the grass on the different tracks of the All England Club , seeing how many players fell injured, some seriously like Bethanie Mattek-Sands , others made excuses, giving the feeling that little desire to play. Undeniably, it was seen that the conditions of the tracks were not good, rather very dangerous, although for some, due to their game, it could “benefit” them somewhat. I felt that the directions of the protests were wrong and against the weakest, the “defenseless” workers .

Let me explain, I do not know the All England Club inside , but if I know the Queen’s Club , from my years of experience in London , I had the feeling that these clubs are linked with fine thread, moving or falling with domino pieces, dragging common members, or common contact links, which the functionality and culture do not make them very different. Caballero Feliciano Lopez, the  rest of the players and coaches when you make complaints from the ego, with or without reason, transmitted from El CAMINO SIN LUCES,  you are making a big mistake in the objective who should be directed, the Kings (President, Vice-president and President of the main Sponsor).

Launching complaints so freely, from a ROAD WITHOUT LIGHTS , or emotional intelligence, or psychological clarity, as many players or coaches have made, accompanied by disqualifying out of place, you  launch a huge pressure of the complaint, where the 100 % will fall on the weakest, the shift worker, in this case in charge and garden workers, who usually take more than a month and a half, before the tournament with brutal pressure on their backs, without any kind of power or listen to make decisions or change situations, in principle not very beneficial for the development of the tournament and especially for the protagonists, who are you the players, because they do not have power,but those who live above without going below, from the calm, to see things for themselves.

This FELICIANO LOPEZ and company, if the  TRUE SUCKS TO , walking unlit , leaving workers sold to hope minimal change, because the end it is a loop, a rotating wheel, which begins with senior officials, go through the employees, ending with you, and back to start, where the employees in the middle of the Sandwich have two options, either to leave or to resign for the time it takes, which neither the club, nor the sport in particular grow, even if it seems like it . So I would invite you players, more courage in those speeches (speech), and in other of the many moments given for it, because as you have been able to verify in this article, wishing that you had opened your eyes a little more, this loop ends in you, which at a physical level you will be the most affected, to be able to pave the way, breaking part of that loop, in those places that you can, isn’t it a nice challenge for your present, for the legacy to leave to future players (people) who cross there?

I finish, with two notes:

  1. Regarding women, Women’s Tennis , in many countries, and because of what has been experienced in the United Kingdom , the contempt, defenestration and contempt, towards that tennis field, is really brutal among the top who run those clubs, changing that mentality is a hard work, without having any problems with Feliciano Lopez , his speech to the Ganal Queen’s club , and the like speeches other players in different events, are doing disservice to any possible breakage of the loop, including the mentality of those who govern to the women’s tennis.
  2. About FELICIANO LOPEZ,  valid for all players or people, whom I have always defended and defended in all tennis conversations, both among my colleagues when he works there, and with coaches and people of different kinds, with always the same question . Do you know in person nor do you know what he has inside him, why judge him by what you see on television or read in the media? And that I have had him with me in 2015 and 2016 at the Queen’s club, like many others, you see details but they are really people who do not know what goes through their heads or what is the root of the inside, for one or another action, even if you have some reading and intuition, without having a minimum open talk of an hour with him, maybe then you can have the argument to say “Well this guy is a jerk” or “this guy is nice” ….. etc …

As you can see, Walking WITHOUT LIGHTS is THE TRUE FUCKING, when walking without awareness or vision of what happens around you, focused on the ME, ME, AND ME , in that NOISE , ignoring the most beautiful melody that makes us walk with sense of Being , the combination of  SOUND and SILENCE. It is easy to appear or do many good things apparently from the outside, but in the day to day, wherever we walk, it is the best place to set an example. I have the feeling that the search for Being, that disconnection from our melody, is making more and more people (Players) go to the hands of spiritual gurus, future stars, and psychologists called “sports”, then, a Mental chaos and life we ​​leave in the background, pretending to understand what cannot be understood. Let’s break the bubble and open our eyes, let’s be truly aware! 


Faithfully with affection,
A lover & respectful of the values ​​and spirits of whatever sport but specially The hidden on tennis .