Dear reader, as you well know, if you follow me, I am not a person who bites my tongue, nor leave things as they are, just to fit into a group, or for fear that project doors will be closed for you (I recognize long ago that I did, nice mistake), or especially for many people that terrifying fear that they have to face the beautiful loneliness . Seeing bosses wandering around offices or clubs who don’t even know half of what is happening, always full of anger, gray clouds, in which nobody dares to speak, that is terrifying, not facing loneliness, because loneliness is beautiful, entrenched habits, not to mention, produce an uninhabitable cancer.

Let us not be afraid to say things, nor to be mediators in the fight of defensive EGOS,  let us not let habits encroach many places at the expense of our own physical and mental health, without forgetting that it will splash new ones, because people They move, places remain,  so I am not afraid to speak out, say things as I think, and in those places where I have worked I have tried to bring some change when doing things, never thinking of my own benefit, but in those who are around and in those who will come after me.

“There is no satisfaction more made than knowing that you have done everything that you should have done without saving anything for the Ego.” 

One more tournament, my notebook and your notes along with videos to observe the techniques, at least to be able to learn by myself everything that they encompass, that is, if the videos during the games I will stop doing them, except if one day I have players / as in my charge, where then if I would see the obligation to consider doing them or not. This decision does not influence the fact that I was given a warning about the issue of gambling, but the fact that the moment is enjoyed much more without distractions around me, in which my memory is very high, almost like the protagonist of the series “unforgettable” (Imborrable in Spain) , and the focus is sharper, just with my notebook, for reference brands it is and will be more than enough.

Going into the matter of what lived in the VILLA DEL ESPINAR de SEGOVIA,  I was from Wednesday to Sunday, round of 16, quarter-finals, semifinals and finals. These are exactly all the matches I witnessed:

Wednesday August 2

Paula Badosa vs Quinn Gleasom (2R)

Rocio de la Torre vs Aleksandrina Naydenova (2R)

Gerard Granollers / Marcel Granollers vs Albano Olivetti / Benjamin Bonzi (QF)

Olga Sáez Larra vs Ainhoa ​​Atucha Gomez (2R)

Thursday, August 3

Marina Bassols Ribera vs Ayla Aksu (QF)

Jaume Munar vs Cem Ilkel (2R)

Paula Badosa vs Tan (QF)

Aleix de Minaur vs Karim-Mohamed Maamoun (2R)

Rocio de la Torre vs Renata Zarazua (QF)

Marcel Granollers vs Carlos Taberner (2R)

Friday, August 4

Paula Badosa vs Ainhoa ​​Atucha Gomez (SF)

Rocio de la Torre vs Ayla Aksu (SF)

Jaume Munar vs Marcel Granollers (QF)

Aleix de Minaur vs Tallón Griekspoor (QF)

Mateo Berretini vs Aldin Setkic (QF)

Gerard Granollers / Marcel Granollers vs Roberto Ortega Olmedo / David Vega Hernández (SF)

Ayla Aksu / Bibiane Schoofs vs Quinn Gleasom / Luisa Stefani (F)

Saturday August 5

Aleix de Minaur vs Matteo Berretini (SF)

Adrian Menendez Maceiras / Sergiy Stakhovsky vs Roberto Ortega Olmedo / David Vega Hernández (F)

Jaume Munar vs Gerard Granollers (SF)

Paula Badosa vs Ayla Aksun (F)

Sunday August 6

Jaume Munar vs Aleix de Minaur (F)

At this point to avoid misunderstandings, prejudices, and other details that may arise around, I will evolve my way of doing things, having said that, clarify, one thing is to judge or prejudge the personality of a person and another very different development from his work in a public profession exposed to what it means in this case to be an athlete. If you are a minimum intelligent, you read me and you have been following me for a while, that I try to avoid the use of the verb to be and the pronoun you , because they are two areas of our language that can have the most negative impact on people, with apparently difficult consequences to imagine because in public they will hide it and in solitude they will exploit against such use of those words showing in real impact that if it does not open, it will go away. consuming inside, appearance is easy to carry, because for most mortals it is the only thing they are capable of seeing.

What I want to say, dear reader, is to the different situations experienced in Villa del Espinar, some situations without me being in the middle, just observing, from the most beautiful and lonely corner, the internal silence, together with the beauty that the emotions express; Others splashed directly, it inevitably made two things escape me: the first, the occasional tear, heteroxesual men can also express our emotions, something highly recommended, and another flash of something that happened to me almost a year ago, which is just this week for a news that came out, going almost unnoticed by the media, it refreshed me, especially because there is an anecdote that since their coach decided to block me, they have gone downhill and without brake, with a serious injury in between, precipitation in the back, with known mountain without ascent.

Exactly, dear reader, the same thing I have experienced this week, some in between others without being in the middle, they all follow the same path, prejudging, leaving no space for argument and mutual listening, a round table of constructive debates, all for absurd and ignorant, called Hidden Personal Insecurity , which leads to making something so simple a wall full of rocks, difficult to break, within us,  THE NON-ACCEPTANCE , we cannot accept evolution, the need for inner work or that another can bring you good and fresh ideas, neither from children to parents, nor from players to coaches, since we consider, our AUTHORITY , our REPUTATION, as sacred, so if we see possible real fissures of losing it, we choose to run away, we flee like cowards, we are no longer so brave, giving ourselves the same that this has consequences for people we love, leaving them “with ass in the air.” 

Now dear reader, about Jaume Munar, Paula Badosa, Aleix de Minaur, Rocio de la Torre, Gerard Granollers, Tellón Grieskpoor, Ayla Akson, David Vega Hernández, Ainhoa ​​Atucha, Olga Sáez, … etc … and the rest of Other players that I forget to name, could I tell you about the different details noted in my notebook regarding everything that I have been observing, both the good and the bad, in relation to all the tennis, technical, tactical and psychological-emotional aspects, other engravings In my mind, as I mentioned above, I have a privileged memory, possibly due to the 360º panorama that my phobia has necessarily generated in me pleasantly and it will continue to generate me by living with it until the end of my days, something positive had to bemy phobia .

So why am I going to get into swampy gardens? Why get dirty or make enemies? If someone in the world of tennis wants to have an orange juice while a harmonious and constructive conversation arises, it will be more productive than mere talk, you know where I am, otherwise absolutely nothing happens because I have the best travel companion, who has taught the hard and the beautiful of life, oh and it continues and will continue to do, The beautiful LONELINESS.

I leave two reflections and two improvements for EL VILLA DEL ESPINAR for next year:

Are we turning the competition into a fucking lie?

Are we taking work identities from a very early age to the limit of the psychological-emotional support of people with a path to develop until we reach the click point of the evolutionary change that every person with the passage of time, our own nature forces us to do yes or yes? .


1. The lines: Not only have the feeling that they are more motivated, also although it seems an absurd detail, I think that congnitively if it can have a small impact on them, on the players, on the environment, the color they used this year, tone dark gray, sad, almost hidden, you could say to head that for next year he will use a more cheerful, more charismatic color.

2. The issue of allowing smoking or not, I had three cases with people smoking in the stands, you tell them that please do not smoke, very well they do not respond, in a last case during the final, even a possible joint, it is true that in That moment I had it off, but in an area with sports work, with intense heat, the least you want is to drown by putting up with people with a low level of respect.

Regarding the rest, and to finish the article, I have to tell you, dear reader, that EL VILLA DEL ESPINAR is a cozy tournament, very familiar, in a wonderful enclave, where with a minimum of intelligence, you can get a wonderful, energetic juice , spiritual, harmonious, full of peace and balance, generating uncreated situations, out of all control that many “professionals” of psychology want to impose on us (field that I dominate),

Anecdote from yesterday:

“I arrived three hours before the start of the final, there was no one, when I decided to go outside the municipal club, the first thing I ran into with Vivi Ruano, she greeted me with a” hello “, something simple, I did not react, how did I I present? Is it Vivi or was it her sister? , I stop at the sides to remember old times, eating natural blackberries, with their rich flavor for being natural, how I collected them whole afternoons, to later make jam at home with my grandmother.

But above all there was silence, pure silence, peace, only interrupted by the cowbells of the sheep or by some punctual car, I walked upwards, I did not want to go very far so as not to be late for the game later, to which I was walking, inevitably I made the following reflections, which I posted with a video on facebook,

Are the players and their entire technical team really aware of where they are when they come to work in this type of enclaves?  

Are they capable of taking out all the play that our nature gives us when we walk, live temporarily or permanently in places like this?

Are you aware that true success is not so much raising titles, the thousands of “so-called friends-contacts” and if getting all the juice inside you is only possible through places like this?

Immediately afterwards, I sat on a side street, remembering those moments, daily in the ages and nights in my village, lying in the middle of the road, without thinking about anything, other than enjoying the breeze and how wonderful it was to contemplate a sky clean, full of stars, with the illusion of seeing a shooting star pass by and make a wish for it, in those years when my story was not exactly a fairy tale. 

The time of the game is approaching, a while before I get up, I go in a total state of peace, and happiness with myself, I start walking down the street, just leaving a plot, a grandmother, her granddaughter of about 7 years and a newborn puppy in the hands of the girl. Conversation:

ME: I say good afternoon to you,

Grandmother and girl: Hello good.

After a few meters my perdition brambles with blackberries, between half nettles, the grandmother and the very nice girl,

Grandmother and girl: Is there?

ME: Yes, before the climb I also made a stop to eat them, I said, I don’t let the nettles stop my desire to eat the blackberries already developed.

Grandmother and girl: With that about nettles in between, I don’t think about it, but then the nettles leave your circulation …

then the three of us continue walking down the street,

Grandmother and girl:  She tells me that in the river there are some brambles that usually give bigger blackberries and that they are delicious,

ME: I  said it then one day I’ll have to go up to go there. I asked them why they did not put the puppy

Grandmother and girl:  they told me that they were afraid to let him go because they could not vaccinate him up to two months and they did not want to take risks that he would eat anything that infected him. …. After they went down to their relatives’ house, a little below where I saw them leave, they spent the summer there and so on, they also asked me about tennis.

I continued down the road, already in my beautiful solitude, the first thing you see two young people, with their car, leaning against the wall, with their music, then they accelerate towards the tournament, five other occupants who come in a car, with windows down , music at full blast, two others smoking their own, up the stairs of the church door, …… then it is where you realize the difference, the rupture that we have been making for generations older than those Young generations, so progressively, where is it worth ? Am I cool? Do I have many friends, although when push comes to shove, none of them will respond? How many are there that you can sit with on a terrace or on a park bench, or any other situation, to have really deep and important conversations, even if they may sting a bit initially?(For something psychologists exist, almost always worse than the patient). “

As you can see, dear reader,  the little magic of life is not in THE NOISE that we generate and that we generate, but the balance between SOUND and SILENCE, its way together with the way of learning to play it and listen to it harmoniously, thus transmitting it freely. of defenses allowing our nature to do its function cleanly.


Faithfully with affection,
A lover & respectful of the values ​​and spirits of whatever sport but specially The hidden on tennis .