NEVER DROP MY HEAD (Sincere intentions and positioning next to the athletes).

It’s 35 minutes of video. On board in a pleasant, close and loving tone everything related to sports, psychology, mental health, ignorance about it, selfishness in the face of silence, the feeling of abandonment of athletes, the dislocation of the institutions, the naivety of ex-athletes or coaches, the lack of demand and leadership, the value or not of the power of science, as well as my personal issues, because I want to help, what implication or influence it has within me since I was a child Jesús Rollán (Water polo), as well as the psychological ease with which I can give myself the luxury of speaking, with the importance of knowing how to anticipate and understand that we have in front of us to transfer the information from them and not from us, it seems easy but not it is so much,

Free to help immediately, I continue to look for my hole, and it is time to act with honesty, transparency and stop judgments and prejudices, for the benefit of the group, growing mutually, so I invite you to speak and listen to us first-hand everything that the union can achieve. FEELING FREE….

* Soon also a new website.

Thank you.

#StopPlayWithTheMind #ParemosDeJugarConLaMente
#TherapeuticApproach # FocusTherapeutic
#BeBenevolent #SeBenevolent
#NeverGiveUp #NuncaTeRindas

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