Dear reader, having seen the final part of the Andy Murray vs Dominic Thiem match and the semifinal between Rafa Nadal vs Horacio Ceballos for a long time , allow me to leave a little my appreciation about it.

Here is my opinion of what was seen in each of the players:

ANDY MURRAY: It is true that the earth is not your best friend within the surfaces available in professional tennis, today also something heavy on the legs, being outside for a while and then coming back is not always easy, apart from all the technical details always improvable, something common for everyone, there is a small one, at least that is how I perceive it, because it is not the first time, it has also cost him important games, and even always being in tow of those three brave bulls always above of him in the Ranking, not so much in the game always even, the detail I am referring to is the lack of vision, of turning around him, taking him to tennis for example, at a certain point, being very forced deep down, with Thiem,he strikes a desperate blow against the net, without seeing other resources, such as a balloon, a crusader. When he dominates, he sees the entire open field, when he does not dominate, his vision is clouded, something that has cost him dearly on many occasions throughout his career. I repeat personal objection.

DOMINIC THIEM:  As I said in the previous article, he looks very good in his training, he is growing a lot in terms of safety, he plants on the track, he still lacks that extra maturity through experience and knowledge, without However, his aggressiveness, his self-confidence, he has a criterion of mobility, a sense of play in parallel to success, that of taking out everything you have been dying on the shore with a mentality worthy of respect.

HORACIO CEBALLOS:  In my opinion, what is offered by Ceballos  cannot be considered playing aggressive, and if playing crazy, roughly, because from the beginning you enter with the mental thought that you are inferior to the one in front of you, that is, you forget about your own island, to search your island for a sense of walking and playing, because if with madness, you are capable of putting those inconsistent points, what would you not be able to do with another type of mentality? The reflection of the mentality he had today was in the detail of the end of the game, when before going to the locker room, he stopped on Nadal’s bench and asked for a Selfie. All said.

RAFAEL NADAL:  It is the first game I have seen him in a few months, now that they are in Europe it is a little easier to follow tennis. Today is one of the times that I have seen the best in recent times, with determination, biting, with clear ideas, and especially with several points less than that kind of struggle-extra acceleration that he used to have with himself, worthy of admire his spirit, his hunger and his motivation to continue in the ointment in his own personal improvement.

Tomorrow’s final will be very interesting, and as Roberto Carretero said , in which I agree, I do not know if in taking him to the level of heir to Nadal on land, I do not like to use those terms, but if in considering him as one of the young that best adapts to this surface. Time will speak …

Let’s enjoy the present and that is tomorrow’s final, a beautiful final in a good tennis enclave due to its geographical location and its true tennis atmosphere.

Faithfully with affection,
A lover & respectful of the values ​​and spirits of whatever sport but specially The hidden on tennis .