Dear Reader, the truth is not the same to watch a game on television than Live, where you can perceive practically every detail of what happens on the field. Allow me to leave you my opinion about it.

The 65th edition of Godó with the final between Dominic Thiem vs Rafa Nadal, something like his possible heir on this surface for many against the king of the earth fighting to get his 10 title in his own home at least at a professional level as it was. .

This is what I perceived from each one of them, having skipped the initial prolegomena. 

DOMINIC THIEM:  In the first bars, especially in the second game of the match, I already support both hands on his knee with a head lift in front, as if to say who is in front of me, apart from something that I already appreciated in the first game and in later games. , in his way of breathing, not seeking inner strength-calm, but in the form of a snort and something accelerated.

As Roberto Carretero said , in a matter of time everything will be played upside down, as it was, however I think that practically the entire match was already like that, for with all due respect it seemed like a version of Horacio Ceballos improved yesterday, with more perseverance and much more confidence in each of his strokes. Playing like this, that’s not tennis, is not looking for solutions within yourself, leaving everything to something external that without your help is difficult, very difficult for it to work.

One more detail that caught my attention was his coach, his crooked posture in his box, his facial gestures, and the last message he transmits to the player, especially in the small paron between the first set and the second, when Thiem something eager to start he was already on his side of the court, right where his coach was, waiting to start, while Nadal still calmly took his time, for about 30 seconds he had some comments with his coach, simply because of what was mentioned a few lines before, it is not at all encouraging in the mindset of the player with such levels of thoughts received verbally, sensory and facially.

From there, the heads and tails commented by Roberto Carretero went up much more.


RAFAEL NADAL:  Both yesterday and today, not only his aggressiveness, playing more aggressive, more on the court, more determination, desire, conviction, intention, … etc … for me the most remarkable thing was seeing a great emotional level, much calmer, less revolutionized, calmer in breaks, between point and point, in every gesture when walking, when moving, even at the end of the game and the moments afterwards. Having that better emotional situation allows you a greater clarity of the track and therefore better decision making. 

If you allow me a but, both at the beginning of the second set, in those first games and later at the end of the match, in those last games, they made appearances, those moments of acceleration, nerves, body madness, tics at much higher speed, As long as he does not impose himself on the normal management of emotions, everything will go well on his way to enjoy playing much more years, for some also achieving that 10 Roland Garros, although for me the most important thing is not the titles, but to see him enjoy how he does it , and he also does it to others, I think that is the greatest gift that he can take at the end of the day when he goes to sleep in his bed.


I am left with a phrase that Rafael Nadal said in his speech, allowing me to decorate it a little because, I also feel it from my heart ” The Count of Godó , as he developed in a totally tennis enclave, at Real Tenis de Barcelona , is Probably the tournament where you feel more tennis “ . It is true that I have not been in much of the tournaments, Madrid, Queens, Wimbledon and Barcelona , but following it on TV, and from what I have lived there, I really feel a lot of tennis and a lot of respect for each player, that for people who are catching a large number of planes a year, should give that profession or this wonderful sport a point of meaning in life. 

Although I know that I am nobody, that probably neither exists for most of the people in the world of tennis, I am nobody to give advice or write articles like those on my blog, I am human, I have certain knowledge of certain subjects, and I feel that Nadal should not go to Madrid , playing everything would not be very convenient, not so much for physical, but for rest and mental relief from all the burden of day to day, because we are human beings, and with the psychological noise so increasing today in day, it is a necessary good, but hey, there is no one who knows himself better than oneself if one’s own listening is honest. 

Oh and now that all those who destroyed him a couple of years ago, both humanly and tennisically, come out, exorbitant criticism, with he has left, he has returned, he will return or he will not return ….. he was very cruel towards his person, and the in silence he has inadvertently silenced voices, which right now will be hypocritically drooling with him. Said it remains.

Let’s continue with Tennis …

Faithfully with affection,
A lover & respectful of the values ​​and spirits of whatever sport but specially The hidden on tennis .