Dear reader, of these first three initial days, I have been able to go to yesterday’s Saturday, where I spent the whole day from start to finish of the competition on all external tracks, not today due Sunday, that I did not go anymore that he was supposed to attend a family event. During this week, everything that I can see live or through television, I will try to express what I see, feel and perceive, surely I can be wrong or fall short, I will simply try to contribute my grain of sand from my life experience. 

Entering the task of what happened yesterday, I will start with the first game that I was able to see, and that had to do for a personal reason and common friendship, it was the game between the Frenchman Adrian Manarino against Jaume Munar.

Adrian Manarino:  Player of lights and shadows, there are moments when it seems that he does not play or that he is not, but when he must move the ball, he does it with great discretion, there were moments today that he seemed to have problems in his knee, something rough, perhaps the aggressiveness that his rival put him today in the first set especially, thinking about the rival not knowing him much, from what I have observed other times in Manarino , if he distracts too much with the opponent in front of him forgetting himself. 

Jaume MUNAR:  If I compare him with the player who played his previous match at the Godó center 15 days ago, with the one seen yesterday, he is in the scenic situation, playing on a court adjacent to the center and not on it, released pressure, playing much more aggressive, very fast legs reaching all, more self-confidence and courage, great fighter. In my honest opinion, he lacks a fictitious mental pause in half court shots, patience in the work of the points, improve the impact of the forehand and especially with the backhand, find better the space with the ball, hit it later that allows him not lose the management of the point, time and again he had a hole in that area, very solid with the serve, which by the way spectacular if it is firm, the final feeling of everything, is the internal question in the psychological-emotional aspect that allows it bring out your personality, 

The next game that he wanted to see, being aware of the results, although he had never seen it live until yesterday, which does not say much about him to the detriment of other names, better for him, without noise things are always better , was the one that faced Ivan Dodig against Ernesto Escobedo .

Ivan Dodig:  32-year veteran player, the truth is that he did not even know where they were coming from, because he did not seek risks to the detriment of losing some track, it was a fight but without faith or emotional order. One want and one I can’t.

Ernesto Escobedo:  He has been wanting to see him live for a long time, of all the young people who are being named, he is the one with whom I would be most recorded, yes, you played them all, no patience or work on the points, that transferred a Palpable body tension, a basically unnecessary stress, for me the adjustment between determination and objective is important, carrying with the consequences of the decision made, it is not worth regrets later. We will see with the time that marks us.

Next match I watched, not complete but much of it, until I took the necessary information for granted, was Shuai Zhang vs. Anastaslja Sevastova.

Shuai Zhang,  would be the living example of what I have been defending for a long time, where some have wanted to take advantage of a gap where there is none, because the state of the brain is for life. Without a doubt, competing there tennis is clear, but I lack all the necessary security to transfer it to the court, in strokes, handling and walking. 

Anastaslja Sevastova , a player with a lot of intention in everything she does, who comes from a complicated stage with almost defensive retirement, has known how to move the ball very well full of determination and character. That if 2 or 3 errors in a row are heavy, it affects you in periods of time. Less complaint and better channeling of the different situations within a track.

After this match I watched Kiki Bertens vs Ekatarina Makarova  from here I watched the entire match except the first three games.

Kiki Bertens:  Super solid, very fast legs, super electric movements and in focus, balanced in each of the facets and situations that occurred on the track, with great clarity and power. For me its negative point is mental fatigue, small short circuits for not looking for a point of tranquility and mental relief, to stay in a constancy that with other players is vital, so as not to block and get slow on your legs at certain times. Interaction with oneself is basic in tennis and in life.

Ekatarina Makarova:  Player with a lot of tennis, warrior, fighter, fighting everything to the maximum, but a pity that she is always faced with herself and with everything, that she is looking outside what she must work inside, as for example with 3-4 in the Second set, he orders a racket to be strung, plus other details on fair balls, in complaints with the judge, without forgetting that his coach went down between sets, it only generated a lot more tension.

Later I have seen pieces of some games and other details. 

Andreas Seppi vs Carlos Taberner , for me it was like silence against noise, both are gamers, but without balance in each of their areas, danger in sight. Silence is and will always be more powerful than noise. Seppi was at his thing, to tran tran, moving him, touching him where it could hurt the most, in your weak areas. Taberner, on the other hand, still with a good attitude, game and desire, those moments of noise make you disconnect, fall, and a mental heaviness that does not allow you to advance as you wish, defocusing the horizon.

Oceane Odín vs Silvia Soler Espinosa , said a man who was next to him, elegance against the rough, I would say that the soul against the squared, in these cases the soul will always win, it is our purest part of our being, it is necessary to It shows in every facet, it requires not being afraid and letting yourself be carried away, which will provoke courage, and that your weaknesses, even if they are there, are more difficult to recognize. Soler-thorny, fight, fight, claw, surrender, that is indisputable, but too squared, it has to let the soul be without a collar, loose and with handling of the emotions in the most natural way possible.

Maria Sakkari vs Andrea Petkovic, they are two players who never disappoint you, very nice, who wake you up if you are bored, they generate emotion inside you by what they put on the court in a way that constitutes the romantic side of tennis, which does that one love it. Sakkari , reminds me a lot of Sara Sorribes, they have a very similar energy, they put everything on it, including a voice with an intensity, a claw, a body alteration, a tear, all that in an extreme that if there is no emotional balance it will cost them a lot to fight with the teachers from above. Petkovic, it puts much more pause, temper and better channeling, I need to raise my head more for the sharper horizon to make timely decisions at the corresponding time.

Lara Arruabarrena vs Christina Mchael , I saw this for a good while on television, this would be the typical paritdo that nobody on the court wins or loses it, but what one coach gains over the other, the details: 

Nicolas Massu:  His talks were never in front of the player, or looking into her eyes, a very serious mistake, he would put things aside and sit on the bench, which the message will never arrive, the communication is not enantigible either turning into noise for our brain, something really annoying, somewhat unconscious at first. Without forgetting of course the content of the words that she used in the message, I pushed her to the beginning without remedy. 

Alejo Mancisidor:  Something that I already had the opportunity to see at Wimbledon when he was with Garbiñe,  a hearty and super natural attitude, yesterday he stood in front of her, with a super relaxed body position, subtracting iron from everything, with a clear and silent message, but above all a transmission of the intangible to his player, who later showed her in her body, that led her to the top. The danger of a dependency on the shoulder. 

So far the games seen today.

Regarding the training sessions witnessed, as Bruno Soares vs. Jamie Murray , Jamie always hard-working, serious, somewhat imperative, a bit of calm would benefit his game. I also saw a little of Goffin , the Brian brothers , Albert Ramos , the Galo Blanco with Kachanov in which by the way I really liked the way Galo did things , how he stopped at the right moments and communicated with the player, something that I consider fundamental although there are always details and details. That of Andy Murray with Feliciano Lopez , saw a little bit too and the final show, little training because of Stan Wawrinka with Novak Djokovic, in which there was one of the team that wore the AMOR Y PAZ jersey 

Rafa Nadal should also be there, because I saw Carlos Moyá cross , but I did not see the training session, it would coincide with the game I was watching from Munar. Because in the area below, in the access door of the players between the cars and the tracks, God’s one was mounted to take a signature or photo of Nadal , the same in Andy, Stan and Nole’s training , really in certain moments for me Dantesque, and in others using my empathy, to try to understand the psychological capacity to withstand such absurd pressure in the search for a fictional Idol taken to empty extremes inside one, where the only possible Idol is ourselves. 

Highlight an emotional situation, very beautiful, where we hope it does not break down later, but it is not usually typical to see such fluid interaction in a clinic with children that Sara Sorribes developed together with another player, I could not recognize who it was. The comonicación, interaction, friendliness and attitude of Sara , was really wonderful to where I could transladarte, the truth is that it has wood Coachfor your future future as a coach. Now in his career, a struggle with external wear and tear, it is a very heavy slab when it comes to competing, playing and even walking through life as well, he has to find balance at that point, which allows him a dose of calm and breathing necessary to Get your potential or inner strength, which will make you feel transparently comfortable on the track. Otherwise it will happen like today Sunday.


Apart from the already known Wilcards , I also did not understand at all, in how some players were exposed, where they had to play 2 games the same day, rain was in the previous day, something not usable as an excuse as happened to Maria Sakkara, Pauline Parmentier or the most surprising case of Sara Errani, since the day before she had played the semifinals in Rabat, Morocco . It really is demonstrated once again that whoever is there, their level of thought is so limited without any kind of balance, something quite dirty, in favor of the usual and against what every sport world should include.

One last reflection on the Mutua Open de Madrid , it is clear that infrastructure is quite good, in terms of direction and regrettable power, in terms of culture and attitude of the regrettable sovereign public, among slobs who only want to see the ass of the aunts, case of the Kiki Bertens game, with comments better to ignore, vacilon support, false and an absolute lack of respect in most of the games but unconscious for the players and players, in general an environment very far from what it is a tennis crowd, having been to Wimbledon, Queen’s and Conde Godó. 

Another of the points that should be taken into account, in this case the ATP, WTA and ITF , would also say that the players and coaches who have so much power to change things and break some rules is the maximum requirement in the use of comfortable uniforms For both the chair judges, linesmen and ball pickers , do not forget that the latter are boys and girls . It makes no sense to spend 12 hours a day in which you do 3-4 games a day more or less, within a court, that is to say a sport, some with shoes, jacket, shirt, … etc and the ball boys with shirts flat without cushioning or shape, where you see how the children themselves suffer and in fact you listen to comments unintentionally about it. 

We should stop walking the fucking time, like damn selfish people, doing incoherent things, physically and even morally harmful for an image towards something unreal only present in those who lead from their level of poor and empty thinking, seriously harming the rest including children. Why are they unscrupulous? You should start to change things now, starting by thinking a little more about others.


Faithfully with affection,
A lover & respectful of the values ​​and spirits of whatever sport but specially The hidden on tennis .