The truth is that I love tennis so much, since I was a child, although for a long period I left it aside for different reasons that are not relevant, that I could spend long hours watching tennis of all levels and classes (competition, social, ..) that I would never get bored, as it was during this recently completed MUTUA OPEN MADRID past .

In recent years, secretly with a mobile phone, with the help of the Notes application, I wrote down things, details, information as you dear reader want to call it, sometimes I ended up deleting everything, sometimes I kept it, and sometimes I didn’t write anything down, thinking more about others. than in myself. That changed a long time ago, if you follow my blog, you know that lately I come directly here to my blog, I write what I consider is my appreciation without any lock, because to learn I had to let others join me, listen to them if they allow me , something that unfortunately not many have let me listen to them and listen to me for a long time.

In this MUTUA OPEN MADRID I decided to write down everything in my notebook (the one in the photo, as you can see), many will be stupid, but many others I know 100% that they are and would be very valid and useful, because I consider that everything done or walked from the heart, knowledge and honest life experience, it always has a special value so as not to be underestimated. In my notebook I have a lot written down, but moving it all here, probably, your dear reader, from the beginning I don’t think you spent a lot of time reading it and it would take me months to move it here, the amount of thoughts, insights, techniques, tactics and psychological-emotional aspects experienced, shown and felt in each of the moments in which I was present (through TV as well) in theMUTUA OPEN OF MADRID .

In order not to make this eternal, and you end up clicking on the window of this article to close it, let me leave you some of the impressions so a little above everything I have written. 


The tennis environment that we say is not entirely, rather it is a show business tournament, a very football atmosphere, and a fanaticism not qualified as healthy for those who experience this idolatry, as well as complex for the players in the management of that avalanche of people with a lack of need to love and value themselves as their own person really deserves. 

If one were ignorant in tennis and / or psychology-emotions, they would probably see all that environment as something very ordinary and normal, however if your knowledge of tennis and psychology-emotions is quite high, there are many moments that due to that high level, you allow yourself the “luxury” of using empathy towards people out of respect for one human being to another human being, regardless of my knowledge, because each one is at the level they have desired, and that should not make anyone better or worse, simply If you can help or contribute some knowledge from your step, do it. That is what I tried to do reciprocally. 

Regarding the installation, it must be recognized that they are very good facilities, that if surrounded by stagnant water, its smell and its consequent bugs, my legs and arms ended up, full of red spots due to bites, apart from that and the environment already mentioned , an elite and sub16 tennis tournament with all that this entails, its holes and its improvements. 


Time passes so fast, that while some were finishing in Madrid , others were already starting their tournament in Rome , without any truce, some already losing, ending their participation in both Madrid and Rome . This is tennis, its hardness, its double face, its need to channel it, in this the way of channeling it and transmitting it on the court by the coach has a lot of repetition in their player.

Returning to Madrid and recognizing two things, one that I only entered the center to see a game, one for girls and two that unfortunately I did not get to see several players. I will leave you the name of some of the writings in my notebook, some of that appreciation.


Kiki Bertens:  Inadvertently, I saw this player several times in both singles and doubles, for me the change with the passage of the week was incredible, the first day very fast legs, super activated, agile mind-legs, I don’t know if the fatigue or the one that, day by day, was costing her more. Always playing doubles and singles is not always the best choice, depending on which one is your goal.

Lara Arruabarrena:  I saw her both in doubles and singles, you can see that she is a very well-made player, very tanned, what is lacking is to go up that level, that is work, work and more work, without forgetting the complementation of the very important inner part, that faith, belief and leadership. 

Carla Suarez:  I still don’t understand why so much interference between the player-coach, the lack of her own space on the court, the independence of growing up alone on the court, and deciding for herself whether or not she wants coaching, the player is The one that must decide is that the best thing for her at each moment of the game, the one that must fall alone and get up alone. She has a lot of merit that at the ranking level she has reached where she has arrived, she has my total tennis respect, something that she has earned on the track, without further sinking, out of education and respect for the work of a professional, who has already put a cross on me at the time, in something that you do not ask me to understand because it is very difficult for me. Always open to conversation while two people have an orange juice.  

Sara Sorribes:  I loved her attitude in a clinic with the children, her sympathy, her empathy and her way of connecting with them, really wonderful, I suppose she can be a very good coach. Seeing her in the games, apart from all the technical things to improve, that great impetus that she puts on her, that it seems she is going to lose her voice, all that Spanish fury should channel more balanced, without losing her personal identity. 

Anastasija Sevastova: A  player who distributes a lot of tennis throughout the court, very solid, confident, firm in every movement on the court, convincing, and with very good temperance, however in my opinion I miss aggressiveness, faith, power and belief, in short, an extra push. That is easy to say, doing it I know it costs a lot. 


……….. of girls up to here I tell you, I could talk many more than what I have seen and written down in my notebook …



Guillermo Garcia López:  He scored a great game against Marius Copil , he has to feel proud of what he gave and offered, if it is true that he should calm down much more, enjoy playing, forget about rivals and focus on himself, on his tennis , in the years that he wants to continue playing, in an internal introspection with himself seeking tranquility, breathing and focus. The same could practically be true for David Ferrer , given what I saw of him. 

Alexander Zverev:  The truth is he is a very good player, it is true that there are technical details to improve, support, body, etc …, emotionally the guy looks so sure of himself, with disgusting arrogance, he even allows himself to luxury of playing with the chain held by the mouth, so calm, it goes very well. This has its double reading, on the one hand it is good, on the other hand your reality can be distorted basically because our nature is much more powerful. It is clear that together with Nick Kyrgios , for football lovers here they have a vein, which both should measure a lot certain things because they are examples for many ignorant people who do not know how to value the tennis of both and if the “funny”.

Grigor Dimitrov:  In his game against Thiem he had a great game, he had it quite well managed in each of the aspects, however the lack of calm, patience, breathing in key moments, made him pay dearly for his situation in the game, when to “you don’t kill a tiger in time it eats you.” So it happened, certain situations are not new to Dimitrov , in that channeling and vision key, it is what will open the door to the desired objective.

Dominic Thiem: He  has many technical aspects to improve, but it is clear that his professionalism, discipline, work, is shown in his game, in goals achieved and in the attitude of an almost unbreakable rocky warrior, that preparation allows him to have a lot of confidence in his body. , legs and blows, adding aside from the technical needs (it happens to all), certain internal aspects of channeling and patience, will make you reap greater rewards.

Rafael Nadal: He  is playing much calmer than several months ago, much more solid, with clear ideas, with really intelligent decisions or anticipations, not easy execution, he is really showing a level and enjoyment on the court, he thanks him first and then the spectator, in the sense of not feeling an absurd burden within a simple sport. If I consider that in moments of certain tension, he still does not have the calm of previous years, internally a deep introspective work to manage those nerves, which at very high levels usually come from other psychological variants. We will see in the following tournaments and in 5 sets how everything is working, for now we must admit that seeing him play like this is more than interesting after the journalistic lynching that he had to endure.


…….. of boys up to here I tell you, I could talk many more than what I have seen and written down in my notebook ..


Dear reader, let me end by writing two apologies with my hand on my heart:

1. For any text written in this article or others that may offend any of the names mentioned or taken for granted. My opinion is not at all to generate offense in anyone, just share a little my knowledge and be able to have the opportunity to listen to other knowledge and learn from them, to be a better person every day, which is the most important thing in life.


2. Sorry for not moving here, everything written in my notebook …. there to each tournament of whatever category, whoever can attend, I will always go from now on with my notebook, hopefully with some nice and solid project in to help, or with a player.

Oh, and I hope that in the near future I can put videos on my blog, I also recorded many during the Mutua Open Madrid,  basically as technical guidance and various details.

Thank you very much from the heart.

A Salute to the World of Tennis .


Faithfully with affection,
A lover & respectful of the values ​​and spirits of whatever sport but specially The hidden on tennis .