Dear reader, no-one are exempt to have the soul-heart broken or have suffered it in some moment of the ours life, doesn’t matter that level labour you have achieved, a thing is the human mature and other one the emotional mature, in the end if there are no balance between both you are death or walking death for the life, hard to say but it is the reality, will deep about it in other articles.

Look, dear reader, everything start in the childhood, well maybe before since second one you get out the womb of your mother. After all your stage emotional begin to create depending of situations, experiences and moments (impacts), a mask which will be your imaginary level, super positive (arrogance), positive (realistic with force but without faith), negative (conformist, without confidence) and destructive (close to die, or even the death before the time and why not during to whole life), in other words your real identity keep hidden till that you want to break the mask.

When a few months ago, I could watch on TV (Spanish) a big bear playing the trumpet and dancing with a hula-hoop (obvious he is fully broken), ohhh!! many people put their heads their hands, the situation called me to the most absolute hypocrisy, why? I asked to myself, aren’t there around of us a massive percentage of living beings completely broken in soul or at least with any fissure?. You know animals (first years of life) and children are super similar (in other article will talk about that).

The most weak are the children and the old, the first because they don’t know nothing about the life in what have appeared and need many answers, in other words, communication, patient and reflexion. About the second one, because when become to be adults, the 99% of the people their personality have already been contaminated to the Egos and Servilities, so believing teachers or even mentors of everything happen around of us, no listen advices, wonderful philosophies that they always have to us, treating to the old of a way awful and denigrating, even to our nature that round us, what is a great fountain of wisdom as well, always happen things, just look around, observe, listen, and enjoy on.

I have to recognise that life surprise me a little bit, about all because our system educative have a career where the destiny, goal, finish line,..etc, like you, dear reader want to call that, so its job is to create very good professionals to clean the soul of people with it broken, however really they prefer lost in fighting of reputation between science and spirituality, thoughts about the money instead of thinking that in front of them there is a person sick (independently of the level), needed of help, apart of maybe as well, that surely many of them are no in condition to have between their hands a powerful tool that no even understand in their depth yet, like I have mentioned in a before article, from my point of view and experience they have to be aware about that are simply guides of a career that have to be very grateful practically in every moment.

Remind you, that the children have their rhythm, constantly give us a lot of information, there are two cases who give us information with corporal signs (eyes, face, hands,…) and making questions constantly, both cases have just the intention to know their environment where they have to live in and even to see your reaction, maybe copy it. Please, never cut the children when they are trying to give you information of a huge value for their future, let to them to teach you, dialogue, adapt to them (never to the inverse), reach an agreement, and about all pay a lot attention in the smallest details, and then will never break the soul to them.

In base on my own experience, observing like people with who I have shared some piece of my life, or even people that you find in the street, job, school,…etc, that at least once in their life or have been in a psychologist-psychiatrist or have considered about go visit one, evidently no because they are healthy (remember never a healthy person to visit a psychologist-psychiatrist), no obviously, they have suffered traumas, bullying, ill- treatment,……etc. At least if feel anger when you see like many people have done a small fake tried to heal theirs injuries, but nobody listening, so is finishing with depressions, violences, aggressiveness, self-deception or in the worst of the cases with desertions and suicides.

In conclusion, the parents, the coaches (sports), the teachers (school), issues that I will tell in other articles have a function much more important even that the always and last option of the psychologist-psychiatrist, have to listen to the children, adapt to them and use a lot the reason, the reflexion, in definitive a good communication where everyone can explain and expose their thoughts, that “problems” there are inside of a small child, let to them teaching you all the wisdom that they have inside, that is a huge gift for you, for all people that round to them (rest the family, colleagues of school, of the sport club,..etc….), and probably in this way the new generation respect more to the old and show off their real essence (limits unknown).

Listen and let that they talk before you cut them, then you will see how the child do everything with a lot the motivation, energy and looking forward to come back again, again, and again without wanting to stop to do that. Remember are only children full love and happiness no break down to put your interest before than them. They have to enjoy while are learning!, and in the same time you will be learning more and more if you really want to learn. Open your eyes and look who they are really!!!. They are human being pure and authentic without have still their soul broken for Egos or Servilities, they are as clean as a drop of water!!!.

Faithfully with affection,
A lover & respectful of the values and spirits of whatever sport but specially The hidden on tennis.