Dammed Hierarchy!!, how much damage have caused and still cause in the tennis world, and why not in other many more fields as well with the unique result of a lot of the wisdom save inside or even much worse lost it in the nowhere far away of any construction. The famous hierarchy, also called vicious circle include different figures, “the gurus”, the coaches, the family, the medical components (phisioterapist, personal trainer,….), the stringers, the federations, the associations and of course the some players (ex-players).

You know, dear reader, when a kid arrive to an academy or club to play tennis, problably like an extracurricular activity, maybe will keep there or to the opposite they will go to practice another activity. However when really kid’s tennis starting up to be a decent player and maybe a future very good player, then his/her first coach to see at him a very good abilities for that (I hate use the word “talent”), simply to cheers up to him/her to join in the federation just like an entreteinment, however the good intention of that first coach can be a weapon of double edge. Why?

Well, dear reader, for one side maybe are the people who help to that player to improve of an altruistic way in where the field of the hidden emotions have a construction unknown in that moment, and in fact, usually with a good balance to develop. However for the another side is where appear “the gurus”, when supposedly come a player (kid) with a wonderful talent (word that hate a lot to listen, I want to be able to cover up forever, to me only exist people with different abilities, where all are workable), they change their face, the way of looking and of course already anticipate a new legend of the history of the tennis, evidently the field of the hidden emotions is null at construction, so as there aren’t any balance as cost to built the goal. Both sides can be able to get successes however the way to manage that success is very diferent, while one will keep progressing step to step, the another one will jump many steps that will drive to a destruction presaged, the worst no only as player if no as person as well.

In this point, dear reader, there was to make a difference between the “tennis player” and “the person”, obviusly during the way there will be a point where arrive to work jointly, remember absolutely nothing is one without the other. Because in base to my own experience without the emotional field we would be nothing, maybe running like a headless chicken (“como pollos sin cabeza” in spanish), so will bring with our all type of personal illness, depression, no acceptation of the reality, anxiety,….and a whole lot of other things besides, both personalities must be an unique person, where complement each other, together like a horse and carriage, is neccesary to work properly in the fields of a human being.

If I talk about the “tennis player” evidently, dear reader, there two that have a full influence in the development of the player, I mean, in his/her ways of thinking, manage of emotions, states of minds, in others words in the way that they look at the things with his/hes differnt states of mood, so in a “tennis player” could be just a 5% of, however it has more weight that the rest 95%, without that 5% the player would be nothing. Let me to gift a proverb that have been able to read not long ago of a number one and so always I have defended it many times during years “Who you are outside of the court is who you are inside of the court” and I add as well “Your inner connection is your better ally”. (Always record in your head),

Those two who I named before are the family and the coach, let me to remind you that I am talking about the stage before to be an full independent adult (about 25-27 years old in base of my opinion, if you have read my article The Ages). Said that, when the family stop to see their son/daughter to start to see as a real tennis player, it is the worst mistake possible. Then it brings to an obssesion of the family, forget theirs owns emotions and those of their owns son/daughter as well.

The surrealistic situation makes the player or love it or even hate it, but with a common point, will play with a pressure all his/her career that will have an effect on his/her life very detrimental with the time and of course more dongerous his/her hidden emotions won’t know where to search them. Evidently the consequence is that the family complentely lost, well because don’t know the sport world or maybe the answers and right questions of those hidden emotions, together with the ignorance, innocence and lack of vision, trust in “the gurus”, “the coaches” and maybe ex-players who are who calls the shots (“Quien manejan el cotarro” in Spanish) to his/her taste, full of pigheadedness, that will happen after, dear reader, leave that to your imagination.

Whereas, dear reader, if I talk about “the person”, althouhg obviusly with a little bit of influence through the commented before, that happen at home has a lot of importance, doesn’t matter that happen in the school, in the academy, all of bad things are isolated incidents, provided that at home the environment is structured, some very important to keep and progress to a field of emotions rich in wisdom, calm and inner peace, so fundamental base to find yourself and your own happiness. In this case, “the tennis”, sometimes the family are the owns “gurus” or even “obsessives families” to see reflected in others relatives the success, apart also the lack of love in theirselves and that weren’t able to work at them for their own lifes, so is worst that be a damn “guru”, simply because with “obsessives families” the player, the kid, the person, aren’t able to distinguish when have a “guru” in front of, apart of the inner damage created in them and theirs consequences.

In this point is where the hierarchy begin!, dear reader, hold on tightly to anywhere to don’t fall down!.

For me with three important factors:

1. “The gurus”, they don’t want to learn anything else from anybody, know everything very well, are the authority without them nothing can change, their vision is the only with value. They are “the super Gods”, the unique solution, but the most important never share his/her wonderful experiences and knowledges, in others words, the real wisdom that they must have got during the predecessores years of working or at least should have been like that, because field of emotions is infinite in wealth. In the case of the tennis a “guru” included many different positions inside of tennis world, journalists, coaches (even ex-coaches), players, psychologists,….etc. their circle is closed, dirty and blocked, practically impossible a way where be able to look fowards to.

2.”The coaches”, honestly many of them could be included in “the gurus” for theirs attitudes, however there isn’t to mix up to be a fucking arrogant, stubburn, the no acceptation of theirs new role like tennis coach, principally because don’t absolutely accept the unsuccessful tennis career like an ATP or WTA tennis player; where all that produce in theirselves a feeling of rivarly, looks over their shoulders,… in defenitily a field of fears, walls between them and the rest of people, where they are getting stuck with the time in a deep depression, although try to don’t show that out, seeming inner healthy people and sadly the people neither could be able to learn of them, of all their experiences and the wisdom that have in.

Maybe those coaches are just useful for sunday drivers (“domingueros” in spanish) because with very few they are happy and don’t realised absolutely of any emotions happen around of them, so is easy to keep cheated them, really the sunday drivers don’t need much more, do they?, well, for me there are something more important, “the conscience”, think that independently of the person that you have in front of you, like human being that you are, you must teach for equal, looking in the unknown limits of everyone. Please, let me to remind you, that I am talking about tennis of competition, I don’t have nothing against the sunday drivers, so should be treated with the same respect.

Dear reader, although still I haven’t talked of them, also woud include to the coaches from professional players (considered like TOP), where apparently they must have a good balance, and others in where the success of his/her player change to them a lot, “gurus”?, maybe yes, but one thing is very clear, they enjoy too much are in front of a camera, microphone or even in front of a big crowded, always with the need to grant a prominent role overwhelm themselves, even living of that success the rest of theirs lifes, although after obtain failure after failure with some of light in between, that however they will never appreciate that because are “gods” beyond that light. And then?.

Well, they will come back again to failure and follow seeing to the world since the success that a day got in an incedent punctual, trying to take any adventage about that, stupidity, the only thing that they get is that bit by bit go digging one’s own grave (“cavando su propia tumba” in spanish), maybe if it is to take the pressure off from theirs players, great!!!. if no, you know, dear reader, the worst evil that they can continue to receive are the praises and the worships, where will continue cheated to others, making a lot of damage to the tennis and to the sport.

Of course there are very nice coaches, academies, clubs so I am sure, simply am talking about who create the damn “hierarchy”, to be honest, hopefully players, ex-players, and some coaches from professional players to get to stop a little bit more in those who really since the heart are trying to move the tennis and the sport in a right way, no to change the world if no to put their seed in the world, is the unique way to get to improve the world, all of the rest wouldn’t be more that waffling and smoke and mirrors ( chorradas y”vende humos” in spanish), like “the gurus” do.

And 3. the players and ex-players, these the players are who more impact have in the society through of theirs respectives sports that they are playing. I also understand that is a way of gain the life and bring a plate of food a theirs homes to eat, but like in all, there are many ways to do that, clean and dirty, with examples for or without examples for, with values or without values. The money move many things, but no move your healthy and neither the help to people with more necesities about in developed countries, think that those players and ex-players really need a change of thoughts.

I don’t think to name any player (WTA and ATP), just will say that many times in the last 10 years all is permit to get a great economic legacy, agree a certain contract just to play independently which round they fall out, contract with exhibition matches, contracts to wear a watch at the wrists, photos to bands nothing related with the tennis world, the worst for me to sign contracts with bookies and casinos, …etc. and that many players (WTA and ATP), honestly and some for their relevance, do that all of that take a weight very dangerous for the socierty, because the people literally copy too much things from theirs idols or even heroes created for the medias, other matter with many deepth in question, so well, you aren’t hipocrite!! If really is of the relative importance for you, the values to the money change your fucking thoughts and no be a bad joke!!.

One thing, dear reader, is clear and contradictory in the same time, of course that there will be nice and honest players, others maybe they also are but their image which sell to the rest of world no represent who really are, and it is their fault; for me don’t have any disccusion that many of them come selling theirs wondeful foundations, alleged aids to the more poors, and even can listen wonderful words during a speech or interview,…etc, in others words gain money in whatever prize, athough means sweep away the sport that they play (“llevarse por delante el deporte que ellos juegan”, in spanish), really awful and sad, because no only the sport also to the people. Maybe the players don’t have 100% of the blame, their surrounding wil have to say something, but when a is already adult think that must have the enouthg capacity to say “NO” to many things, or maybe they no can’t stop the name of their figure at the medias in detriment of their real true name. (The same thing for every club/academy that hold a tournament).

Basically, dear reader, at least in tennis couldn’t be more hipocrites with actual situation of tennis, its bets, fixing matches,…etc, when think there were many players that have contributed to that it appears up more intense and professionalized, that they put our hands on ours head now, honestly pathetic and terrible. First many players and coaches must be do a self-criticism more depth and honest, because the only thing that I know, right now, is that the tennis is destroyed, that only exist a dangerous fanatism for three or four players (principally ATP), adding also that in the last years sports like Rugby, Paddle, Golf, Swimming,….etc..have gone to through of the tennis for the left and for the right, leaving the tennis with one’s pants down (“con el culo al aire” in spanish).

Dear reader, to conclude I will say that all that “hierarchy” is no other thing that a high level of the fucking ego, vanity, arrogance, mixed with a big lack of self-criticism leave the tennis in a situation complicate, where the medias must start to give example to treat for equeal female like the male, the players and coaches start to listen more, stop more in all details that happen around of a tournament that are infinites and constructives, with looks furthest of the launge players room or antoher temporary areas, only in use during the tournament (matter will talk in other article), maybe then in that way their lessons will be more credibles, the work in the tournaments more efficient and respectful to all staff level, relation with the players, begining for a treatment person to person, no player to coach, or even player to executive, also in the time to mark the priorities and the way in as you want to gain that, anyway a money dirty and corrupt (no talk just about the bets), no think that it is agreeable.

The tennis need a change of thoughts and a way to work with a gaze more far away than until now, there are a lot of hidden and workable small details. The question is ¿Who really can change the way that the tennis is taking actually, in this case ATP, WTA, ITF, players, ex-players, coaches,….and the rest one…. will want honestly make the effort to change the actual dynamics or to the contrary will they prefer to keep the tennis like that in favour of dirty benefits?. Everyone do their reflexion and if you want are welcome to leave your opinion below.

Open that hierarchy!! No one is worst or better than anyone, we are human being with our own abilities. The tennis need relive, without any depth and an important change, would be tricky, but we can do it!. Accept to the reality is the first step!.

Faithfully with affection,
A lover & respectful of the values and spirits of whatever sport but specially The hidden on tennis.


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