Well, dear reader, all people have four factors with a super influences, so an athlete person is no less about that: familiar surrounding, the coach & the rest of the team, the medias and so lately are taking more presence in clubs, academies,…etc and therefore in many players (remember they are people first), the psychologists-psychiatrists ( I place together these fields because for me they are like sisters).

In this article, dear reader, I will start to the end (the psychologists-psychiatrists), because for their influence every time more intense and disproportionate, maybe in this factor could I add to “the Gurus” as well, couldn’t I?, is a question that do to you, dear reader, and myself, because my feeling is maybe in many situations they walk hand in hand practically, because “the Gurus” feel theirselves like psychologists-psychiatrists, the worlds saviours, in both cases is very sad because they have a rich and amazing wisdom where everyone could learn a lot of things of great value, much more that the fucking reputation or even the fucking money and vice versa as well.

However, you know, dear reader, in this point go to worth the effort to remember you the words of two big athletes personalities from Spain, Sergio García (Golf) and Rafael Nadal (Tennis), said on each interviews:

Sergio García said: “There are many players rely on the psychologists, today more than ever, about all the youngest do that, but I have never had faith on that; have never believed that a psychologist can say me something different so can say myself. I don’t believe in the psychologist, believe in myself, have faith in my possibilities.

Rafa Nadal said: “I understand to play tennis shouldn’t need psychologists. They are for issues more important in life itself. Don’t be to play a sport that are going to stop being simply a sport and have to take it like that. Don’t have to do of the sport a thing more dramatic or more special of that it is. I understand the help of the psychologist for the tennis player, but no for the tennis if no to the live outside of the tennis”.

The words of the both examples athletes people are to read between lines and understand much better their thoughts without necessity to fall over a psychoanalysis disproportioned. Although both words have a little bit of Ego or even maybe a lot, I can understand theirs points of view and of course I am compliantly agree with both athletes in an 90% of theirs words. Where is the difference in this 10% so I differ?.

Dear reader, very easy, look, from my own experience that whom you are outside of the sport, you are inside of the sport as well, in other words how is your life outside of the court is that you transmit inside, a guide if is only that a guide and think that in some stage are useful, they must have recorded very big in their head “a psychology-psychiatrists is only a guide” and will repeat it all times that be required, however the problem more dangerous, in addition, is when the psychologist-psychiatrist stop to be a guide to convert in a specie of saviour with the better solution in his/her power, probably with it shows that is in a worst situation that the own patient.

And if it were not enough, there are many patients who finish submissive with total dependency constantly to be assisted for these professional creating in the person more confusion, doubts,…etc, and the necessity to come back again, again and again; you know that happen when they stop to be a natural guide, then finally in sports I am compliantly agree with Sergio Garcia and Rafa Nadal about isn’t necessity of psychologist, about all if there are no a balance about that guide who the professional is, because the athletes like musicians, actor/actress,…etc cross emotional levels very high in comparison with practically 99% the rest of ordinary people in the street, included psychologists-psychiatrists.

However a small detail no less important, how many celebrities (sports,musicians, actor/actress,….etc), after have a successful career before the mature age (where definitively stop ever to be young to convert in adult) have had many problems to live a dignity life or even in some cases finishing with theirs owns lives. Because the human being have two matures, the human mature and the emotional mature (will talk about that in others articles, like advance the human mature is the age, the experience, the emotional mature is a combination of many factors, intrinsic and indiscernible between other things), so I am sure dear reader that you already got some name about celebrities or private people that have happened the disorganisation between both matures, (some more frequently and up in our days) in your heart/mind.

So dear reader, like well you know, right now, the four factors that I have mentioned above are very important and where many times the last option “to save a life” is the psychologist-psychiatrist, for all that I would say the same that Rafael Nadal and Sergio Garcia, but adding that if you aren’t able to be a natural guide, better no come into the sport (In this way destroy the show, already is happening it, honestly), because like they said: “No Need psychologists-psychiatrists in the sport, there are other issues more important in the life that a simply sport, although maybe in my opinion, neither are not prepared for the another ones and add as well that in these others issues you need be a natural guide as well but with more patience because haven’t crossed the levels of life of a celebrity to understand better the shift” (in theory).

Ah! a thing more, although the human beings can seem be very similar to the “Robots”, really there are three things which mark the difference: the capacity of Comunication, the capacity of reasoning and the capacity to feel inside of us. For last remind to Rafael Nadal, Sergio Garcia, coaches & rest of the teams and others athletes, because maybe many times they forgot, all of you are big examples and indirects teachers of many of the ordinary people, because if there is something that unite a huge crowd in peace that is the sport.

Faithfully with affection,
A lover & respectful of the values and spirits of whatever sport but specially The hidden on tennis.