Dear reader firstly will do general analysis of the match and after will target (” Abordaré ” ) the hidden details about every player as on the court as inside of them.

General Analysis.

Really, the match wasn’t a great show with barelly found rallies on a long of that, just one in second set in a game that let to Collins placed 0-3 on the score, practically all the match was about hits and misses without any kind of consistency, so cut the rythm of the game the whole time, so was too much tactical without reactions of adaptation between other issues, so means also that in both sides the management of the emotions was going up and down to levels of peaks that obviously had affection in the performance; ok. Right, probably you dear reader, will think that I am not saying nothing new, but go a little bit far, means win or lost but through of the essence of tennis but of course keeping your own human an emotional nature (won’t explain that here for not make long the article) but  must never be on peaks outside of a line of regularity that will make sooner or later on, all its incontable effects in.

That match in many moments recorded me to the match that played Barty against Badosa at Charleston the last year, where the good manner of the opponents get any effect in the other side, however also many environment circunstances make that innerly keep freezen, blocked even going down or up about the circunstances but never is beginning from yourself, so a situation like that if is carried outside of the court will mean that is sold to whatever event where you never get the control and even nor won’t walk in the steps or rythms that pretend in some way to influence in, so that point if are able to go a little bit far about that I am trying to explain, is a risk  as unnecesary as dangerously ” unpredictable “, that is going for both players. 

The story ( “Anécdota¨)  of the match while keep talking abut the emotional area is that justly changed when Evonne Goolagong was up to the stage, she got to move the head of the players to other point, just observing little details was able to see it when usually happen on the bench while wait to go up to the stage, in conclusion of that general analysis the emotions were hold back for too much time where of course always there are tecniques things that should be improvement.


Personal Analysis, first part the emotional and second one the small tecniques details.

Ashleigh Barty. The good side of Barty is although she want to hide her emotions or feelings, her biological context doesn´t let to do it on her, so can notify everything faster, even during the ceremony of trophies was seen still more clear, the change of her pupils between other gesture can cheat anyone. She was all the match too content in, so doesn´t let to play with any kind of flow, freezen and overthinking, so in fact, on the second set was losing 1 – 5 on the score, of course that the opponent had relation on it, but  is never in a 100%, so it was resolutive on her favour was the pattience and about all of tha line of peaks was able to keep a same line of action, just letting that the facts was comming up throuhg of basic actions from her side, “the emotional fatigue” (fatigue that usually brought to the psyhical or any specific point of the physical, often focusing in the opponent as well, but all is as address our mind, in an individual sport is easy to see that point.), or better said, that know how must manage it properly, so was close to cost her the final outcome, without forgetting that it create as in present as in the future.
If we talk about her tecnical aspects, her preparation on the serve in relation to her height doesn’t convice me at all because that is a great benefit on physical terms as about the own serve lost power, although is something to bring to a debate with others professionals to see the differents points in; about the forehand that important is that the size of space between both legs are in correspondence with your biological corporal composition that sees little in the rest of the players when those with huge regularity usually have it, say that because Barty is one of that much better player who use the force and movement of her core to transfer and get to move the ball with the consistency she wants through of her own body space, that is something you can see clear on her positions to the rest, here is where was the KEY today for sure, lost the count about how many winners that made with that shot.
Also if we put the focus in other point to improve on her, apart about the detail that commented in relation to the serve, as also on her forehands, backhands, volleys and even on own the serve, waits a little bit to the ball instead of going up for it, obviously that on volleys and backhand is where the punishment is bigger with less time of reaction, so make curious that without hardly is playing with backhands because is always using the slices ones or faster forehand in side out (so that didn’t work today) is able to bring her matches ahead; finish with Barty that in relation on that last thing said on, that today wasn’t well on reaction-action, wait too much and got a slow reactions of the legs, here should have on mind that there is multiple factors that play on it and not all them with the circunstances of the day on.
Danielle Rose Collins. She was like an earthquake, up and down for herself without focus nor kind of concentration in obviously, so made that emotionally was lost and urgently about external needs to bring it up, so I am not usually advice it, because few times it will go to work on your way; in opposite to Barty, as I said before, her doesn’t express out her emotions but her genetic can’t hide it, while Danielle express all her emotions out, so must place it on balance to understand it, in both cases are corners that must never have in, but keeping the focus on Danielle, it brings stuck a lot of precipitation so means zero patience, point of impact so opening or even action-reactions too later on, in other words all the field of vision starts to get too much reduced in relation to the reality. That are focusing in ourselves without depending of the external things to address our brain-mind is a vital key to our health in and after to a performance without limits on.    

If tak a little about her tecnical issues, think that on the serve of the Collins was a high porcentage about the resolution that match got today, because barely had force and it left everything at the mercy of Barty, because in relation as her serve is right now, as is emotionally in a outside position of game or just in a abrupt reactions will always play opposite to her, when intial her movements with the arms spend a lot of energy, after the ball is toss up without go in down properly, then so after have to go faster up and when have to hit the ball is already falling down a little which means lost the control and the power, even she finish it, her reactions to the next probably shots were slow because didn’t react in the act but kept stuck on few thousandths and then moved on. Already that started with some “negative” points, finish with them, well in their baseline shots wait too much the ball come in so made impossible to take the ball out over herself, it is not just about keeping a position most ahead and close to the line, is going through of her technique and the way to throw to the way up, with that go to about the rest, miss more intensity there, a better body position (healthy and faster), and a placement on the court that let her catch up the ball or just at least to take a little of dominance on.

In conclusion consistency would be the word that would be able to resume her game, but when refer to consistency don’t keep myself on the surface but go far away through of several factors that there are around of it, anyway let to comment now few strong positives points that she has in or at least that can appreciate, basically is something that when developed it, Barty suffered a lot, is that Collins has a great and natural movements of the ball so is able to move it easy in different places but about all without repeations of that, so can do it more unpredictable, and all that wihout catching up the ball as think that should and could do it, so would gain on consistency and being a great hazard, a hammer in all her extension; and other point that she has is her race full of sensibility so let me keep herself to feel grateful on the fight, so think is something really important for the life and also to get to be a great athletic at the end (performance in whateve areas on) but also all the balance and the center point where can find it, is so basic as have a honest will to get it in.

* In some way there are other details that a servant can’t know in depth if there are not communication with the person in as about issues in relation to the psychology as those hold on the development of the subjects in realtion of it, and also remind something, the tactical has a 100% of relation with the psychology-emotional states that have in every instant, at least from my point of view, like that considere it through the time goes over.



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