Dear reader, following the same way that made about the women´s final so you already can read that article, will start doing a general analysis of the match and after will target (” Abordaré ” ) the hidden details about every player as on the court as inside of them.


From the first instanct and during a large period of the match have been able to watch over there, a Rafa with an absolute obession and hiperactivity totally outside the control, it is a excess of the speed that will never work on favour except the circunstances or facts are coming up in the way that one wish or feel that should be, so in an unconscious way will do that by itself is going down and more close to the job to bring out, but is a mirrow with comings and goings without that the inner coordination is on you; but as in the life on itself that basic is to take a scale to place the items or issues in one side or other and then can see with a sharp and wide that dimensional field that have around of us through of every corner, although you aren’t able to understand everything that are gazing on, but get to arrive there is just the first and the most important to step on.

Once are on that point, is where can reach a little bit of coherence and honestity along of a movie that is coming from long ago, but that in the last 8 – 10 years have gone get more and more intensity, even being more dark on every chapter, because always have been looking for getting a reduced level of pesonal thought as place everyone on against a position or other, in that case in favour from a player or other, in an individual sport, where the sport in their own terms haven’t grown at all however their social flock of sheep mass have exploded without limits, justly one can elevate his consciousness about it, just analysing the behaviour of the crowed that there were tonight even other days in the Rod Laver Arena, image that leaves in a great evidence as is so easy to manipulate to a whole group to that can move in unison listening the same harmony without being any conscious at all while go create punishments to a side or other or even worst between them as well.

Of course is going so far away about the words that Rafa said on the press conference few days ago ” Nobody or anything is most important that our sport, everyone past and others will come later on “…  because at the end in a sport like tennis shouldn’t exist any kind of colors, all that situation is really awful because is like if we were rowing to a theater or Cinema while the review is done for us, a way where already chose that position to take once are sitting down in our seat, so means that from the begining to the end our visual panoramic is never going to change although we think that any detail is on, all of that someone with a minimun of psychology will understand or should at least that have tried to explain out.

Well, why have I done that a little bit introduction?, Look, because is not going to be in according about winning or losing, or that the crowded might have treated to Medvedev, or even about the Djokovic’case must have able to validate him to play on, much more when the reasons written on the official documents were ridiculous that after when someone start to investigate, read much more information can built a theory that till where reach to be truth or a lie,…etc……….. I am not going to get involved about politician, that eveyone must be responsible of itself and everything that all of that weight bring stuck on,… or while continue with other arguments if it should be black or white,…and like that could go on; well that pretend with that small frame, is to invite you to make a depth and sincere self-reflection, to place the psychology and the formation (tennis on that case) in the place that should be on, and about all, that are able to understand that power of the mind is far away about everything that pushing to sell on with instanteous way to buy it without thinking at all, when all that is fake in many CONTEXTS so are a base that is supported to many external factors, when really our own brain-mind on my point of view through of long and tough exposure about it, must always be in an independent way, is there where the true soldier or warrior will have his action about circunstances or overcomes so are opposite about that are boxing our thinking about “MENTAL FORCE”.

Please, there is nothing against Rafa, that have been so lucky human to have him on person for long hours, although can’t be on agree about everything that says or acts on or even can miss a action or proteccion for his side,…, all of us are human beings, but even I am not perfect too, but if can be able to recognise it on, it is not make me weak, such will be the opposite to detect whatever thing soon and bring it up in a short time of period, but a detail that I am so sorry for everyone, is that every human being should be able to live outside of its comfort that won’t have any chance to grap on to walk on to whatever kind of situations,……here could come back to talk about the brain…etc…and many things….etc…already excedeed on the first part of the analysis, say that because already from that first instanct that the match was over, will be able to see one more time as the MEDIAS or better said the journalists hidden behind of that medias, will start to sell us an amaunt the headlines was the place on, means that will address us in a total disproportion to a distorted reality that at the ends, although you don’t believe on my inner right now, everyone will leave damaged on, included the own Rafa, the self-decpetion between all is the hot dish for the whole social group, is where first is noticiable is on the formation, the psychology chaos is already there and that if there are not any coherence at all that is going up more of the level on, whoever that understand a little of the psychology even use a little of common sense and of course isn’t a stupid and even a freeloading “guru” or “mental coach” is able to recognise properly that have tried to explain on that text, before to go more direct to the match’s anaylisis. 

As have begun that analysis, have that energy absolutely outside of the control, on the three first sets, while Mevedev was pattience with some of calm, but with a excess of reflexion that knew that could it play against him, so finally it was at the end, basically the match was on his hands all first three sets, Rafa was really horrible, just worked his backhand that fired it in a more natural way, however the serve was poor, the forehand too over the ball so couldn’t make the movement that he usually does, means that all the ball were going longest from the line, that excess of hyperactivity pushing him to a rush that almost cost him the match, if it wasn’t like that for two clear reasons that marked the match on both sides:

1. Medvedev, his bad choices (vision) and place of his mind on uncontable external things, the ball boys, umpires, the crowded, even excess nutritional I think, so all small distractions was to cost him all together a game, a set and the aire that Rafa need.

2. The pride of Rafa. As on that first three sets, unforced mistakes behind the others so centuplicating to Medvedev so far away, but he didn’t lost the face up, then Medvedev in he made on himself a cord and was taken for Rafa, then from that fourth while was increasing the speed of his shoots as so means that with a Medvedev alway too much over the ball lost the enough space to place the head of the racket on, so started to make a lot unforced mistakes.

*Down on the individual analysis, you will understand some detaills a little bit more.

In some way could say that it was the the two basic keys, but if we go set by set in just one sentence will be clear:

FIRST SET. Worked the backhand and slice of Rafa that damaged a lot to Medvedev, but not enough on that movement. Medeved moved back to Rafa once behind once leave out from his attack space…his served was working well and was nice to see the movement as toss the ball up, so for that way come in that first set.

SECOND SET. The Script was going to be the same of the first set, although started to see small details that at the end of the set that Medvedev got to fill up through of his mind, but kept himself firm but would he able to realise about it and change the rythm of his mind?. 

THIRD SET.  Once more time the script kept the pattern from the begining but with warnings that could place on a dangerous situation in a side or other, if were able to realise of that small issues, Medvedev started to distract his mind (ball boys, public, nutritional…etc..), but even observed during the before sets as well that were always taking many wrong choices when had plenty space to choice what shot to make on and to where to send it, at the end everything work on the same set. Rafa was in his inconsistency position but was clever that come never down with his inconsistency, so kept him live to catch the moment up.

FOUR SET. No one of them want to run at all, the first six games lost the count as each other cut the their rythms through the hit drop shots, where who had everything to lost on was Medvedev because have already been the before part all the match taking too bad choices once behind of other, all that with the emotional noise in his mind, converted in Physical Fatigue, “believe me that very often is coming from your mind ”  was a combination that Rafa would leave winner, even fact Rafa put his ball faster than before, so Medvedev or move properly or would find on himself in a big trouble, like it happened later on, because his unforced mistakes starte to fire on without control. 

FITH SET.  The pattern keep going with the same line that watched on the four set, where the bad and good that both have development during the match was appearing with more clearity, then to that party were added the pressure and the nervous, Medvedev tried to pull out much more with race and even anger as well instead of using an linea of a self-widing integration between the head and the heart that place back his central focus, so it was going to place him away from his goal, and Rafa never was up or down about his line of working on, but if have a small changed when the things start to go on his favour, that excess of hiperactivity was a little bit down, so let your feel a little bit calm, and place your arm a little bit soft, but even like that if you don’t reduce that properly will keep limited in many aspect that could cost a lot, maybe if some other player with better way to take choices had been in front of him.


” The conscioness and the vision are not the same thing, but well united with a solid team through of doing a great job around of both, will be decisives in the way that the match is going to finish on; and strange is that a match is not finishing through of showing us a lesson realtioned with it if we know read the informative context that happen on”



DANIIL MEDVEDEV.  Let me to talk first about his psychological terms, he has a clear consciouness about his field of action, but it was a so narrow field that if are able to bring it widely then get lost soon, so origine that the vision are being repetitive so means as well be poor, it will cost points, games, matches or have to play an excess of shots on the same point between other things. Daniil was on that point so blind even think that many moments arrive to put the focus on the opponent instead of his owns weapons as also in other moments was a feeling of desorientation so pay with whatever external factor, that create need and noises, an excess of reflection through of high grade of inner contaiment, so all of the set will never play on your favour.  About technique terms.. was so wonderful to see once behind other his complete gesture on the serve where on general was effective, on the forehand as bring the ball up so easy while obviously use so well the force that is coming from the core, the backhand is that has more natural today when get out better the elbow made it dangerous, obviously on the crosscourt was his damaged today, with the volley and drop shop felt the same issue, felt that didn’t accompany the ball on, those is known as “the timing” string-ball at all, to hide quickly the racket lost many points or even attaccks on dominancy in couple of times made it well.


RAFAEL NADAL. Let me to talk about his psychological terms, he was so accelerated that means like usually can happen that the obsession and the hyperactivity is coming from the hands on, so honestly if we make memory to remind that kind of energy that is being watching on Rafa was so different than that was watching now on, think that although sometimes he got to win because is great fighter full of race on court, if we are honeset while look the things with a good level of perspecive is not something that have helped him or even can be at the end so useful as inside as outside of the court, means about the real circunstances of the life to manage on, apart as I have insisted many times the message that is sold out from him is so dangerous for both sides, about on those living beings that are able to get a real critical and healthy thoughts to grab those that is on line to a relailty close as to the real situation as in the life on itself. Rafa started on that crazy emotional way, but when he got to reduce just a little that emotional energy, is able to give out a lot, and think that still could do much more times, but whom more will feel so grateful to redirect that energy will be his own body and obviously his mind as well, because is not taking that way at the end, right you win but what is the point?,where is the message? where is the balance on the whole travel of it?, the image where he is giving the speech while the trophy is on the furniture, he in the same time hold it with a hand without leaving it alone, everyone take his conclusions. About technique terms, the serve was poor almost was unregular till the last set when he was soft and there were more dangerous with aces inclusived, the slice was his better weapon today, punished a lot to the opponent, the drop shot was so good even when chose it, the backhand was many times a hammer that broken a lot in keys moments, the drive was so irregular all time, specially on active ball that lost a lot points to go too over it without getting the space for his own body movement,… but as on the serve as on the forehand are the shots where your emotional state more infuence will get on, because all kind of mental accelaration, emotional nosie at the end, have its effects on our brain but after on our body and as can wide our choices through of our actions.



” The excess of emotional noise will punish you in some way, so let that there is not anything from outside that is coming in to blind our development is basic, so will keep free and strong in the all senses of the own life on itself, making that it work in our integration and execution of our tools far away about that thought that could plan out ”

” The tennis and the human being are not so important in nowadays, just the ego, the reputation, the lies while built some kind of unreal dramas or heros, that deserve all the recognition on the world in many human aspects but is not in the whole set and at lot less about an image that nor they want to load on their back even nor surely are ready at all to bring it on, apart to convert it in a great distortion of the reality specially if we talk about psychologic terms “.

” The Physio and Medvedev, as is the important and as it make easy the job of everyone when have a minimum of empathy that get in a therapeutic way to open a channel of movement where all the sides will benefit on the development of itself through of the task need to bring on or even inside of the another living being, doing it soft and clear to go well to the hot point to work on. “




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