Dear reader, if you are one of those who follow me on my blog, you already know that I try to speak only about what I have seen or witnessed, never about something that I do not know, and always respecting the line that separates the boundary between the known and the strictly personal .

That said, the Miami final , without being a game with great history, where the excuse of humidity, I do not consider it enough, basically because it has been there for both weeks, so if they have reached the final, it is that they have known how to live together with her. 

The final that I have witnessed since 4-3 of the first set I summarize it in several points:

  1. The previous RAFA hit the ball with an effect that took a lot of height, making Federe r despair for not wanting to risk looking for some other solution. The Rafa of now, his blows are with less height.
  2. The return of the changing rooms in the break between sets. Rafa Nadal returning very madly, super accelerated and almost having a war with the wristbands, on the other hand Roger Federer , returning slowly, calm, with the feeling of having plenty of time everywhere.
  3. In the second set with 3-3 when Rafa Nadal saves several break balls, which puts risk, faith and some determination, that’s where the energy and determination that Rafa should have put into the game should have gone . 
  4. Closely related to the previous point, the feeling that Rafa Nadal is forgetting his own Island, focusing on who he has in front of him and not on all the potential that he can draw from himself.
  5. Both players, now in reverse, before it was Roger Federer , whom we saw cry at the Australian Open a few years ago, now it is Nadal who suffers, if we also add the anecdote, even from the words of the last months of  Toni Nadal , speaking about emotional intelligence, in practice I do not see it, rather the opposite, the feeling of using somewhat rudimentary thoughts, with a lack of photographic breadth, that is noticeable in various resolutions of blows.

For me this is the summary of today’s final in MIAMI .


On the question that journalists and people were asking on social networks, how do you think Ivan Ljubicic is helping Roger Federer? . First, I am one of those who think that similar energies tend to come together, secondly, the feeling of much more determination, and thirdly simply calm, all with a remarkable balance and emotional and family maturity in their life, making it easier to go out to compete. . Without losing the immense ability that Roger Federer has for this game called TENNIS , without forgetting that without the whole set that forms life, a well-oiled person would not function the same. 

Greetings to all, it is only a personal opinion, open to be added. I’m sorry I can’t talk about the Women’s final, I didn’t see it, however, as I said in my article at the beginning of the year, due to the way she did things and Johana Konta’s attitude, it was a matter of time, when she would pick any fruit. I can’t comment on the doubles, always open.  Let’s enjoy a more human tennis. 


Faithfully with affection,
A lover & respectful of the values ​​and spirits of whatever sport but specially The hidden on tennis .