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Andy Murray loses in the first round with Vasek Pospisil , okay, tennis is a sport of circumstances, the regularity in terms of the definition of success is not very constant, let’s say in this sport, called Tennis , most will not even know who Vasek Pospisil is In my case, it is not only that I know who he is, but also due to a specific experience lived in 2014 , curiously 3 years ago, which experience unites us through a super “Miraculous Machine” .

Looking back, that March 2014 , in the Madrid Tennis Federation , a machine is presented, you lie down, you plug in, they leave you alone in the room, and by magic, when you return to the court, the change An equivocal technician will already be corrected with a series of guidelines, the curious thing about the case that I saw is that the kid could not even stand for 5 minutes lying down, something that greatly surprised those present and especially those who offered us this machine. In this event, a report was made for a tennis program on  canal + , and even with me in front of it, an attempt was made to take to a well-known nighttime “prime time” program on Antena3, the host’s response, I don’t know how to fit into the program. Why am I telling this story?

Very simple, because just a little before that summer of 2014 , Vasek Pospisil , began to work with them, when he was among the top 40 in the world ranking, it was noticeable at least from television, full of illusions, of climbing up, looking so close and wanting to accelerate steps. Well, since these people took him, he began to notice annoyed, confused, disoriented, all his gestures guided me towards that impression, he began to fall in the ranking, but the worst thing was not that, but the human sensations of being lost.

I do not remember exactly when, but in mid- 2015 , I was no longer with those people, but the damage was already done, his gesture that prompted me when I asked him about it, during Queen’s 2015 , where I worked for 2 years, he said it everything. Even more so when at Wimbledon in the middle of a game, I don’t know if precisely against Andy , in the breaks he constantly took out a notebook. When something like this happens, if other personal things also come together, the recovery is at least one year, exactly what was appreciated, not only today, I imagine long ago, because all evolution does not happen in a day.

Regardless of the ranking, at least he, as he said in the post-match interview, has been finding himself a different self. My note, he has already found something of himself, I say something because there are always many more aspects to work on, I am very happy for him, because as a result of that common experience, I have always been following him in a live match if I could , but above all through the results and ranking position. 

Another thing that should be very clear to us, at least in SPAIN , are we really so blind and so manipulable? Is sheepskin so much blinding than what we have in front of us? . Now that in these days there was talk of self-censorship by the Political group PODEMOS  towards journalists, that if freedom of expression and others. The truth will each have their arguments, and both will be valid, then they would have to be joined, seeking balance and from there it would be possible to find common points from which to add together, as long as there is a predisposition for it.

Now, I ask you the following:  Doesn’t the same thing happen in Tennis? Is there not a tennis portal that generates the same, not letting in more than its absolute tax opinion? Aren’t there professionals who live off that power taken through experience, but contribute little? Why do we generate so much noise-smoke and less effective work, where in the end the most affected are the people behind that labor label called tennis player, regardless of how old they are? (More painful is with kids who are starting or who have reached the top without expecting it or human-emotional preparation of what that means). 

What happened with Vasek Pospisil , which would be great to be able to listen to his story, his experience and his experiences, or at least for me it would be great to listen to him, although it is very intelligent on his part not to throw firewood from the fallen tree, because everything is learned, without That, surely would not have that given human-emotional change , but that if for the rest of the tennis world , and especially because “the invention of the famous machine” began here , it should serve as an example to the people of the world of Spanish Tennis and its international branches, of how things should NOT be done and to see where the initial roots of a good human-emotional-labor job are .

The saying of “Time at the end shows the shame of each one” is also fulfilled  There is no better wisdom than not to enter into discussions and let time act alone, because our own nature has more power than we do, although man specifically believes himself to be too master on a planet where he lacks control of almost everything. . If we lived without interfering with each other, we would be better off.

The truth seems very important to me, the need to do a complete cleaning of our internal area, start with quotation marks of “zero” , where after seeing how their true wisdom appears, because I know they have it inside, there is a lot, however they do not share it, they are afraid and personal insecurity and they cover it with “smoke and shit” to avoid supposedly nobody gets on their beards and passes over them, at least in my opinion.  Isn’t the contradiction curious? , job success is not equal to human-emotional development.

I am a dreamer and optimist, let me remain so, so hopefully, the situation with Vasek Pospisil will serve to change many of the aspects described in this article.

Faithfully with affection,
A lover & respectful of the values ​​and spirits of whatever sport but specially The hidden on tennis .