Dear reader, the truth is that I have barely followed the final of the Australia Open , I have really seen the end of the second set and the beginning of the third. However, enough to make a good reading, or at least under my judgment and personal work, about what we were seeing on the court, because the base, what is the true base, not only tennis but emotionally, does not change in a few hours, all truly deep work, accompanied by experience, falls and rises, usually takes a minimum of six months.

Really, and before continuing with the analysis, I do not like at all that tennis, especially on the part of the media who are really the ones that encourage this idiotic phenomenon, is happening something similar to Messi vs Ronaldo in football. Because not even in football does a single person win if behind there is no team that wraps around and leaves you freedom of movement, to let yourself be carried away by your heart and developed abilities, nor in tennis , a certain individual sport, which is usually a sport. of “selfish” development , but also of contribution of a teambehind, where at a certain tennis level, apart from sharpening or improving, details or bad habits, emotional development is a fundamental differentiating part of those who achieve or do not exceed their own goals for the day set (marking them in the long term, it can reach to be a dangerous obesity).

I want to acknowledge all of you, because I must be honest too, in that I had a very similar thought to Mats Wilander , for tennis it was very harmful to see these two colossi in a final again, perhaps because of the forms and manners, plus one that other. Let me explain, because I did not want this final, look very simple in percentages, 10% of people who are inside this closed tennis cake, another 20% of people who love tennis and are usually assiduous to practice it, and a 70 % neither play nor habitually follow this wonderful sport called TENNIS, the latter with a final like this, where if you take them out of the first 3, they don’t know more about tennis, there was a risk of increasing and making it more soiido to the most dangerous percentage of this sport, idolization-fanaticism, not only harmful For those who strive every day for this sport, I would say even for the players themselves, for their physical and moral integrity, that if the clothing brands together with the sponsors would rub many hands, when between eyebrows, you only have the money symbol.

Talking about the final I will separate it by names:

RAFAEL NADAL: It would be a lack of respect on my part, and for the rest of us who love this sport, work on it or try to work on it to bring new concepts and fresh ways of doing things, criticize it in terms of peserverancia, fight , dedication, sacrifice, work and more work, honor, insistence, but above all his best virtue, patience , a detail for me that has led him to this final, above the rest named and the tennis level that every elite player already knows. it presupposes that they have plenty. 

Of course, there is a concept, that I must put in doubt and with capital letters Humility , a qualifier used too lightly, and that I will soon dedicate a comprehensive article, about what I understand about what Humility is. I will only ask several questions: Is wearing a watch on your wrist (even with a recent injury) worth around 600,000 euros to be humble ?; In each long break, he did it with Nishikori , he did it the other day in the semifinals against Dimitrov , something much worse because he came for someone from the public, who had given a collapse, where even the organization of the Australia Open , took advantage of a young boy cleaned a certain stain that was on the track with 6-5 with a Nadal serveTo stay on set, he began to discuss with one of the curators, Where is the use of empathy and emotional intelligence? Was that also a detail of humility? Not to mention his reaction today at the end of the game. 

I repeat, values ​​such as perserverance, work, sacrifice, struggle, work and more work, insistence, perseverance, patience, … etc .. S ON INDISCUTIBLE AND INCREDIBLE , humility is a very big doubt I will define it, as well as what is mental strength, because one thing is the Competitive Spirit and another very different is mental strength, for me Rafa Nadal has an admirable competitive spirit, however on many occasions it turns against him , precisely because of the true lack of mental strength (empathy, assertiveness, simplicity, Real capacity for suffering, vision). 

Really, Don Rafael Nadal , thank you very much for so many things that you teach us, because nobody is perfect, you are admirable in many things, in others your Ego, advice and the media have helped rather little, also reciprocated by always keeping good marketing , quite, but quite understandable, anyway really, just one word, thank you.


ROGER FEDERER: Whoever follows me on my blog, in my inaugural article this year, talking about what I expected for this year, I expected very big things from Federer , basically not only because we already know first-hand, what ability he has with this sport, making the difficult easy, and making the easy difficult, but because of the way in which he disconnected from the human and tennis NOISE (I will deal with it very soon in another article), as I could well verify through his networks, and even his way of pre- preparation. -Australia , when you know how to disconnect emotionally so frankly well, I consider reaping its fruits, it was a matter of time. 

In a world in general of a lot of stress, really absurd and extra stress that we add to a task already in itself, and in tennis between what we experienced live, talks with some players, observations and comments also from a physiotherapist, I know and much, that the level of stress, the tension is very high, but very high. Much noise to be a simple sport, there should never be stress beyond the one that the task itself generates, and much less in a sport, called tennis, handball, swimming, … etc.   One thing is not to generate stress and another like We say in my land is “not having blood”, both should coexist in harmony, along with many other emotional-psychological facets that every human being has within our reach . 

Therefore, as soon as I could get to know small brushstrokes of how Roger Federer was disconnecting from all this noise , which we usually generate at work, on a day-to-day basis, both for his mind and for his injury it was the best possible tool with a totally clear focus. and concise of where to walk accordingly to the port to arrive. He shortened all the deadlines that I could imagine, I do not believe in coincidences, everything has its reason for being, that it was here at the Australia Open and against Rafael Nadal , with whom he suffered one of his most painful defeats there in 2009, There is no better way to remove a thorn, where time and our own nature have much more power than we do. 

Regarding points to criticize Roger Federer , his impatience, I feel is constantly falling into the same thing, being more patient, without losing his personality, nobody’s personality should never be touched, if you seek that point of balance between speed and speed. patience, because they almost cost him dearly again, however that emotional cleanliness, his confidence, taking him to his tennis, have given him that fundamental plus today to finish the job on his side.



I end up saying that neither of them left, nor did either of them return, also animically destroying someone through journalistic sensationalism is inadmissible, they have both taught us many tennis and life lessons. They still have the capacity to endure and enjoy their profession for many more years.

Roger Federer with that emotional release, that ability to be grateful even in moments of tension, his nature so clean, so pure to express himself without hiding, ….. etc is enormously admirable and will give him many more years of career, depending on the patience you develop. Rafael Nadal , is read in forums, social networks, … etc as he no longer has the physique of when he was a teenager, that his body does not give for more, and he will not earn more, it is a wrong analysis, emotionally limiting , sectarian and full of envy.

Let me explain, if we go a few steps further, to finish the job, if I used emotional intelligence, several more points of physical recovery can be recovered with a good emotional balance, I think that if Rafael Nadal worked on that human-psychological development- emotionally , if he used it, he would stop deceiving himself, blocking himself emotionally, destroying that wonderful competitive spirit that is currently something obsessive-compulsive, it will really give him more work in quality than in quantity, and he would feel much better about himself; apart from all the wonderful values ​​that he already carries with him and that are INCREDIBLE .


Tennis goes on, life goes on, nothing and no one should overlap with us, because there is no better Idol than our own BEING. Love yourself, love yourself and love, want your sport above names. There is no better way to fully enjoy your sport, when your betting box is yourself. 

They are not legends, they are humans who do the best they think is appropriate for their sport, their profession, their craft. (Another thing is the habit of Señorismo, far from a more human reality, of which many players have made them very bad). Let’s enjoy, let’s not pigeonhole.

Faithfully with affection,
A lover & respectful of the values ​​and spirits of whatever sport but specially The hidden on tennis .