Dear Reader, there is something never anybody or whatever situation should steal you, the Emotional Freedom, then when feel that is starting to go far away from you, and then must appear the next question, is worth all of that to get a dream?,  is a question much more deep than it seems, I think to answer properly that question, must have done a honest personal job.  In my case, it was tough but in the same time simple,  tennis is my real passion and believe in the benefits in a healthy way can have for our whole life and obviusly, my intention wasn’t be stuck in a dressing room and a laundry room, when have the own feeling that can offer a lot of things to other.

To be honest, I feel a lot of respect for the all people who have worked, work and even will be working for the Queen’s Club, although think there is a narrow line between Culture and Emotional Condition of everyone. It is very easy to say all time, is culture!, but not all is culture from the country where you are in that moment, think that there is a language completely universal usually come from all enviroments that we have moved during our chilchood, so find the point’s balance between that two corners is fundamental in order to avoid judging someone ahead of time. In other words, to be honest I must feel very grateful for every situation lived and for everyone have met around there. Thank you very much to everybody (members and staff).

Other of the reason which feel a lot of respect for the staff of the Queen’s Club, is because in a world with the actual system where clubs as The Queen’s Club as many other clubs in tennis and other sports like football, are always playing to a game called the CHESS (El Ajedrez in Spanish) where would have to use all pieces, the pawns, the rooks, the knights, the bishops the King and the Queen, although I am afraid that in this case the Queen wouldn’t exist (the healthy women have still a lot job to do).

In a game of strategy like the chess is, the most important in the game is that the the King and the Queen still alive, so don’t care how the pawns are walking, if any rook is eaten, if any knights miss some spaces and even if any bishop is eaten as well, and the worst if someone from outside try to help you with other type of strategy and some advices from different point of views. is not important to understand how the pawns walk? or how the knights jump? or how the rooks move? or how the bishops manage the situation?, the answers for the three questions is the same, communication, empathy, action and respect. Let me to define the three concepts:


  1. COMMUNICATION: That is no go to the centre court to give any wonderful speech, appear in some pictures, written notes in a notebook, or even put adverts on the wall. Communicaction is talk face to face, are willing to listen things that our ears maybe don’t like to listen that, but sometimes need of that advices to react in relation with something. About all communication is to share in a very happy way without ego our ideas, thoughts each other with acceptation and respect to the other opinion and character, open our mind and our eyes, read that we have in front of us,…etc all of that demand to us use the concept of the empathy.
  2. EMPATHY: Is before we go to talk to put ourself in the place of the another person or people, reach to understand what kind of situation that person or people are going through and what are their needs. That concept demand to us, two things, a poor Ego, so don’t believe ourself that are universal Gods. Think that is very difficult that there is a good job of communicaction if the empathy is no used. As well demand to us remember where are come from and how we start our labour way.
  3. ACTION: Is the sum of a good communication plus the empathy, also is to cross the turist’s line, for example: “That good does it to get opinion of a person who cames to London from Braighton every day, but he doesn’t live here day to day, his ideas will be just turists opinions, doesn’t really useful, because to give a deep opinion about anything we have to live in”. 
  4. RESPECT: Is accept the actual situation happening, also is accept to the people that you meet during the day (your job, tube, street,….etc.), some people will want to progress but in the same way others won’t, if there is a very good respect, there will be good habits, good limits in the right moment and about mutual peace.  Remeber to have respect, first we need a very good communication, after a dose of empathy and at the end a full action.


If we take that example to bring the chess game that I used before, the pawns, the rooks, the bishops and the knights shouldn’t have their emotions and potential repressed. On thing is true, every pieces of the chess have a movement totally diferent, the melody is far away between each other, for that simple reason is so important the coordination in the music, the respect, although we have the King and the Queen with a lot of power, where their blunt, blind and fast movements could make us to feel intimidated as well, shouldn’t forget that also they are chess tokens, in other words that all well-worked pieces have their level of influence in that game.

I mean if in the chess´game pay just attention to King and the Queen, and don’t take any value for the rest of pieces, with the time the King and the Queen will find at each other and then realise that are lonely in a game that need of all group to survive. The chess demand us to open the mind, observe very carefully all the options that we can find in the chess-board, in definitive our eyes on focus like the lens of a camera’s photographic.

In conclusion, the first point, if we put the drawing communication-empathy-action-respect then stop a few seconds to look at there, have to be able to see that is close-loop where we can have communicaction but wihout empathyaction and respect won’t be good, in the same way we can respect each other but if there aren’t actionempathy and communication (here understand will be good because have also action and empathy), that respect would be fake, full of appearences.

The second point, at reference to the issues raised prior to the definition of concepts, how we can give any answer to that, if ours eyes are closed, don’t know read that have in front of us, neither work wih the empathy to see how the rest of pieces of the chess board are feeling in that moment, how are the movements and mental development of every piece and even that they (pawns, rooks, knights, bishops) could need to improve their personal fulfillment in the same way that would improve the job to rest of the components and even for the own chess’ gamehow can we teach to other from abroad to play the chess’ game as well?. We must have integrityhumility (I understand that already the transgression was done) for  after make between us much more easiest and full of motivation the things.

I wouldn’t like to finish that article without saying, thank you very much to the Queens`Club, to the staff and the members that I have met in the two years that I have been working there. I feel completely grateful with the life, God, the people that have done it possible and with myself to have thrown to the pool at the right moment and place.

In the last months I have been able to feel more affection than had never imagined, receiving many nice words  aren’t just commented about my job identity but to my human condition. However the most important for me is have made the day easier for others, change their mood and even the judgement to my person. Anyway, all the displays of affection, did me and still does to me feel moved in my deep inner, honestly once more time, thank you very much indeed.

You know, in the same way, I want to apologize to everyone from the Queens’s Club, to the staff and the members, because many times still ask myself, Do Carlos really deserve all the affection that you are getting for?, think that I haven’t been perfect, could say that in many occasions was selfish, reserved, sometimes running so fast and also not as friendly as would like me, not brave enough to keep a chat with somebody. My voice and my accent is mine, many times have thought if had right now a strong job indentity like some lawyer, singer, football coach,…etc.. someone have taken me more seriously, my better answer was,  is and will be, take that with humor, don’t never lost my smile and keep going on.

Honestly, I wish to the Queen’s Club, all staff and members than have met there all the best for the future, and especially for the tennis fundamental base of that Prestigious Private Club, reminding to them that whatever is your piece in the chess’ game, you will know your space, your movements properly, however although you are in the same chess’ game, if you don’t open the eyes, nor don’t clean your ears, nor neither use the communication, empathy, action and respect, won’t be able to know the whole chess’ game, in the  same line that a tourist will never know a city properly for many times that he/her comes there if you don’t live here for long period and show interest to move around of city (common sense down my point of view).


GREAT EXPERIENCE, SO GREATFUL WITH EVERYBODY for everything that I have lived there, two Queen’s club ATP TOUR TorunamentsNational tournaments in Queens’ Club, a Davis cup ( Great Bretain vs France), three periods of TOP practices with faces to the ATP TOUR FINALS at the O2 of London, coaching to two tennis players and the treatment day to day with different members bringing Egos in level never imagined, breaking that wall many times, changing the day to them and taking my person to extrems too high allowing me know my human person mucho more deeply.


Curious Story: My last day at Queens’ Club was the same day than DONALD TRUMP was sworn as 45th President of the EEUU, curious doesn’t it?… That date I am going to remember forever!, hopefully bring me new wonderful projects!. 

Faithfully with affection,
A lover & respectful of the values and spirits of whatever sport but specially The hidden on tennis.