This story dear reader, I will tell you in the form of an anecdote, and it is that yesterday through Facebook, Maria De Manuel , asked me the following question   Who is your favorite and why? .

Well my answer was the following: if Pliskova  was able to manage her nerves, emotions in high moments of the game, without any doubts or fissures, Pliskova .

Well … he enters the game and takes a flan which supposed an initial 2-0 against, from here and with his strong character, especially he took out what I call “THE BAD MILK” , a personality situation that does not I had seen it in other previous games. What does that “BAD MILK” mean ?

Well, get very good points, some really spectacular, because you hit with ALMA and RABIA , that is not usually good travel companions together, I think that Wawrinka can speak very well of it, so overall, it will not translate neither in advance nor in victory, it turns against us. So was the first set 3-6 Kerber , without recovery from initial break.

Well then, get good points, some really spectacular, because you hit with SOUL AND RAGE, however overall it will not translate into progress or victory, it turns against us. This was the first set 6-3 . No initial Break recovery.


The first set ends and Pliskova uses the rule to go to the bathroom, because Kerber was not going to be less, he does exactly the same, why not ?, coincidence or not, I do not know or we will know, however at least I do not limit myself to make war against herself or against others, in case the other takes a minute more up or down, taking the risk of taking you out of the game, and the worst of yourself, as we saw not long ago in a men’s game.

Well, dear reader, the way to get back on track from one to the other was very different, while Pliskova came back calm, with poise, sure of possibilities, Kerber came back a little more nervous and uneasy, details on how to go to the bank, In the few minutes on the bench before going to his corresponding side of the court, this translated into the court, with a more steamy Pliskova, without losing his nerves, catching the set before any unnecessary complications, making Kerber a nervous wreck and complaining movements with the racket. It resulted in a second set for Pliskova 6-4 .

So we get to the final sleeve, seeing and knowing about Pliskova’s previous situations of high emotional intensity , not only during the course of this match, but seen during the tournament, where she suddenly comes as a kind of pájara, With pallor included and stagnation, the game was yet to be seen, if when that situation came, Pliskova would be able to handle it to close the game without letting it slip away, for me there was the key to this game.

Well, the final set was good with a 3-1 , until there she stayed very well both in play, and emotionally except for the initial bars of the game, but there came what I have been seeing from her throughout the tournament, a surge in tension, some may popularly call it “panic to win” or even “how difficult to close a match”,  for me that would be to do an analysis of basic emotional philosophy, there is something else, so that suddenly, first, nerves appear , and then a state of blockage, paleness, … that is even noticeable in her face, in the movement of her arm when striking, and other bodily gestures, that more that there is only she knows, the rest would be to make disrespectful conjectures .

It is true Kerber defends himself so frankly well, he has the capacity to suffer, only one but that was what led him to lose in the Olympic Games in RIO de Janeiro , his arrogance and certain arrogant gestures, because he is very beautiful when he wins, but also It is beautiful how you lose, both are part of the game, if you are really more grateful to your rivals, you will gain consistency, and you will be able to retain that brand new position obtained for many more weeks, as a new WTA World Number 1 , obtained with all merit . 

Women’s tennis is very alive, but very alive, honestly who does not see it, it is because they only pay attention to the media and their own dark and dark ego, to see only what they are interested in, not what they really have in front of their eyes . Oh and as I can see in my pre-match analysis I did not fail or move away from what happened afterwards.

I do not want to forget to mention the Spanish participation,  Lara Arruabarrena , I consider that you need to calm down more and believe, Garbiñe Muguruza , in this case something similar to Kerber , more humility and less diva airs, more calm and above all patience, happy patience, and Finally, from Carla Suarez , the pure consistency in her level, but she has been in the same Russian roulette for some time within that level, without breaking the wall or climbing that rung of the ladder to obtain that Grand Slam or those Premiers , even so we must feel proud of she.

Women’s tennis in its pure essence, thank you Karolina Pliskova and Angelique Kerber for this beautiful final, full of good tennis … a luxury to enjoy it.

Faithfully with affection,
A lover & respectful of the values ​​and spirits of whatever sport but specially The hidden on tennis .