I briefly wanted to tell a wonderful history that have lived today on my job, because it was a lesson for everybody and in some way to put on context my own tools and as could help over there.

I was working on my position as Spa Attendant, on that days till that new spa is opening, I am working in other hotels of the company, that also will have new spa in short time, so in that hotel where was working today, the spa is the 4 floor but the pool is on the roof, till here nothing interesting, well once that are you located, we can go to the wondeful lesson, saw for the camera people that was going to the pool, so went to upstairs and then arrived on:

I found over it that there is two mums and their respective kids (two boys), here start to develop everything that I am:

  1. Listening, that is happening in front of all my senses, don’t let that my sight take a sense that goes over the rest, so let myself soaked all the information up, with that first action already can let me to act.
  2. Observe, here again through of that all the senses are in the same level of action. That let oneself that clean all excess of weight that could be happening on.
  3.  Develop, here is create an emotional extension that is not beginning nor even finishing in oneself, if not that is justly to get in beyond of the own emotions about the humans beings that one have in front of you, so let that all context never is on interference so then would create some kind of damage in the health of the other humans beings, means that in some way let that rythm and sound development in never is on doubt.

Focusing now in the context:

     1. I have a flexible behaviour, super enjoyable and full of calm, one of woman start to feel it, connected face to face we never lost the contact of our eyes…. The woman said: Apologise for that, we don’t want to disturb too much, don’t think that it is goint to be more than 20 mins…,… But you know when are the kind whom are in the water, you know that have their own rythm, so it was clear that wouldn’t be 20 mins, it was almost 1h, doesn’t matter that outside was freezen, the water is warmth, anyway I was with simple shirt, as have always said everything is on our brain’s information.

So, said to the woman, don’t worry it is to be there to be used on, take your time and enjoy, after that I took out all the weight from them, asked them if wanted to have anything, so yes, they resquested for two glasses of champagne, as don’t usually work here, called to my colleage, because also didn’t have champagne over there….

few minutes….can listening, obvserve and develop on my inner a few reflections without lost the space…

2. As the children had their mind on white, absolutely on freedom, without thoughts or over loading in exposuring, while played on the pool with views to the Hyde Park, it was a magnificient gift,… but in the middle an interruption came up from one of the mother, when the children are throwing away too much water, sinceraly was the logic, nothing was wrong, however the mother in a very nice and friendly way throw out a coulple of sentences to them, the played stopped for a pair of instants, one of the children practically didn’t perturb at all, guess because wasn’t his mum, but the other one for three seconds was stack, a little disoriented and after was thinking rellexively it was barely seconds, however are details that a time don’t too much long will have some kind of affection in the personality of the boys, obviusly that information wasn’t reading for any of the mums, it is true that is not easy because is happening so fast, just in thoudsanth of seconds..  (FIRST LESSON).

3. My colleague came up, honestly he was wearing a muzzle on while was without it on, but it wasn’t the point, although he made a great job, so grateful about him, so appreciate a lot, there was a point that was missing, the mum that had the leadership of the situation to talk in some way, although my colleague was there and she was talking with him, all time her gazing was addressed on me, maybe felt through of my trust or whatever other reason that I would be justly able to know much better if got in her mind, anyway a feeling of peace was there as also was obvious that my previous behaviour, being an ordinary human while that her intentions (their kids) never was seeing on dangerous, have had some influence on, but also shouldn’t forget that the influence to get out from the correct or strictly classic process to go straight away to the inner of the person makes a change in the same moment, so makes her journey…. is a step more than make your job well….. that fact then push me to next point.. (SECOND LESSON)

4. The glasses the champagne, once it is in, that realise as must be deliveried on, means which is our gesture in function as the others human beings are positioned on, makes much more for the all sides, so I was there, then put my both knews down, while placed my view on the same level of them, while never lost my own happiness, enthusiam and generosity, so all of that is notifiable so fast, but all of that lost its total value if there are not an inner rythm that know identify all the signs in and on. (THIRD LESSON)

5. Again I am alone with all of them, never lost my position even placed on any kind of interferences, in fact was completely the opposite, let that everything was going on this own nature way, the women felt that energy and were responding in that same way, was with words or simple a facial gestures that were much more sharping on, with all that we arrive to the end, the woman were super grateful, won’t stop to say me thank you, even apologise again about that they took more time that they thought, or even empathized with me, you have to be freezing as well, said not, that I am perfectly, that I am grateful that have had a time fun, then the woman wanted give me some tips, because said me you have been SO KINDLY, thank you very much,  but as have always done in other jobs, said her, don’t need to do that, but she insisted and had to take it, as in other moments of that amazing situation said her that are human we are here for that. Then both mums again gave me the thanks, even the kid as well, here the mums gave a great example o them.

6….. Later on, came up a group of the french friends, even could joke a little bit each other, was already dark and more freezen, but the fact was amazing to get the chance were able to swim like that, I would do it on the same way, after gave me thanks and were to their room with a ear to ear smile, a small gesture that is not difficult to get out.



That situation is not knew for me, even few days ago in a group session also that 15 people move together on saying loud the same value about my person, HUMBLE, I am just a human, that is all, but with a great conscious about everything and a great job behind of me, as said in other situations like many similar lived on the Queen’s Club, a funny story as a day my tennis bag were completely empty at the end, because have lent eveything, balls, shoes, rackets, shirts, shorts, socks, the beauty that was to different kind of members or guest of the members, as sometimes forgot their items, other situations is treat with tough clients of a business as are the banks, had the chance to be present on meetings or lunch….etcetera… all that can add in our inner if you know as see the things far away of the surface.

I am not a perfect human, but if something I can say loud that I am is that as said me a very good friend, Carlos very few people are able to know theirselves in the way that have done with yourself, you already know as manage whatever sitution, as use all the tools that you have in, even that kind of level use that when it is need to bring out, must be confidence because the way will come in.

On that point, also want to leave clear that I am not more than anyone as in the same way I am not less than anyone, I am simply a different human being or as the few people whom have let that my person was in usually say out, you are a weird guy, very untypical in nowdays, but deserve a lot, you are brave, strong and rejected to be a privelige guy to follow your own way.  I want to finish that while repeat something that have said a lot, also a small news, between personal characteristics and a job that took several years with their variety of the process, let me to get something in, that as in the industry of the music, where you must have it emotional thing that let that your music cross bordelines in a very honest and clean way that make to keep in about that new heart of the land.

Well then on Psychology must happen exactly the same, we have to have that issue that let us to a certain reading through of place on all our senses in the same level of balance, but furthermore in a spacial extension that avoid the skyline can be a hindrance in our analysis, it is something that have learnt through of living with my phobia as the job done about the circunstances that there were around of it, anyway if you still have doubt about my person, then in a few time won’t have any excuses as in next dates will start my degree on Psychology (will explain it in other article), it will give tools, but there is an unique way to get that natural content coming in, is jut through of a specific level of exposuring on.

* The BOOK, that you can see on the picture, I don’t know if there are a version on english language, but although I don’t like recomend books in a genaral way about all if have relation with the Psychology, that one is very simple and is writting for asshole, so mustn’t be so inteligence to understand it.

Could we imagine all extense field of information that through of a simple situation we can arrive to get in around of it?

Could we also imagine that if in a kid that are authentics, clean, transparent as a drop of water where nothing can be hiden, as is the level of volumen that can arrive to get in around of us about an adult that usually charge a lot of weight while pretend to hide all behind of his habits and with responds from the ego?

Sincerely just thinking about it could be scary but on my own opinion is thrilling, an authentic inner aventure where can take a lot with little clicks in.




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