Although have already left back the Australian Open 2022, but after of the final, indirectly was on my person a little bit to challenge about the subject that will be focusing on that article that you are reading right now, even that have been observing through of different platforms, medias, social networks,…etc.. where again over again and in fact in a straight away direction was contaminanting to the human beings were players or were not (civil people, Actress, Politicians, Musicians, others Athletics…) about their own actions of developing, details are not minimum in an inner impact and its consequences that move roundabout, so the responsability about as are grabbing every detail in is a responsible duty of everyone, however the obsesive seeking of belonging on, make that human being with a voice, doesn’t matter if it is small or big one are absolute accomplice of that tough deceptive situations that go on and on (Rafael Nadal included as well).

Look, through of Youtube in the last days, to be honest I don´t know why but have been able to see different frames of that sickness documentary about the Rafa Nadal Academy, where focusing everything about four teenagers, so that recording, reminded me when studied a GTCE on Still and moving Image (Formacion profesional de Grado Superior en Imagen, fotografía y cámaras de televisión), specially a particular fact, was when visited Telemadrid, were sit down on the floor watching a tv program, inmediately seeked on both sides some of the logic about that was contemplating, remind perfectly felt stunned while in the same time I whispered to a colleague next to me, because felt that was super easy to create a informative field on fire absolutelty subjective through of placing on just the information that you want to tell on but even in according about your psychologic level to watch the things, so pushing down the play’s bottom to in an instant reach out a lot of people without getting that anybody are being aware that on their brain are being addressed to one direction or other one, because you can have seen it many times that if you don’t have a brain development, believe me that you will go down once behind other. 

Remind that moment so well because was in a very advance phase of my psychologic development, but had never believed that would go too far away while quadrupling in levels of exposition to all and everyone of the spectators, although I knew that it could happen on; here I am not just talking about the politician, is also about the way machiavelian that the publicity’s world make about them, as also much more specific is the narrative of the medias to the Sports human beings as addressed to other kind of celebrities and ordinary human beings that grab or try to imitate that as a kind of teaching in, where the level of intensity provide for that brutal influence is as variable as so difficult to take an exact measure about the way that goes down, a very silence narrative that once took its position in your inner is to understand each other like when serve a little of water in a glass while it goes filling up of answers that were never there and will never be there, however the belief was done as if it was transparent. (By the way so it is a common strategic that is done for many companies as well to introduce quickly or just keep us around the the content that involve their slogan or the own cover, NEVER SKID OUT!!!  Nunca Derrapes fuera!).


* A brief inserted as truth, is taking as knowledge and that in the same time will transform in a fake wisdom, means that is in a kind of training ( ” Adiestramiento ” ) as an unique secure fountain of feed in, let ourselves that our essence are at risk and the type of influence that could do in others is as well on. “


I was so afortunated to be inside of two tournaments, a Davis Cup and all a job of preparation to a Master Cup, all through of the Tennis Queen’s Club, so let me to observe from inside others types of perspectives, those that have already commented on the before paragraph, but that have never imagined that to the others side the virulence could be still more dramatic through of level of beliefs (must be used other nomenclature) that are very good allies till whatever injury are coming in and on. (Include coaches, players, rest of the team, but also atp staff, umpairs,…etc…).

Before to get deep on the competitive mind of Rafael Nadal, through of my personal inner and my defence against a healthy psychology (will never reduce to ability to grab whatever type of level) was very important to leave so clear a few details, as graphics as on still as on motions about all the context that involve the figure of Rafael Nadal, of course included his uncle Toni Nadal that walks with the same draw in bucle as the crowded have wanted it like that, although at the end, the whole thing will depend of our predisposition to the understanding that will never be able to cover that, which the set of humans will have to grab all the dangerous consequences that always have all of that distorsions of the reality; evidently if are inside of the education’s world should have a minimum of concept about that have tried to explain here, but if are involved in the psycholgy’s world then mustn’t be need to add words on.

About the hazards of that puzzle that have in front of us without breaks on, that in fact theirselves (Rafael Nadal and cia) have already paid, pay on or will be paying theirs own prices as well, but well, stop by second then make a small exercise, place our minds about our old generations, focusing in the levels of race and honort that develop in, of course with many shortcomings that won’t go now in, where think that type of discipline or teachings have hold on are absolutely different to that have in nowadays around of us, and that it was seen with a clear vision and integration was on the obligated militar service, that in Spain was finished on my generation (1983). I wish dear reader that can understand that try to explain on that point, please don’t take that so literal on context invite you to make your own analysis (lessons, the differences, that could be integrated in or maybe don’t….etc..).


* A reflection just talks or recomends as well whatever thing from the subjectivity through of several mutua interconnections that can be at the end a gesture that tranform the good intention in other fully of a brave igonrance although the good intention is still there on. “


UNPACKING THE COMPETITIVE MIND OF RAFAEL NADAL.  (Please is done from the my affection, respect and psychology wisdom with the only goal to help through of the coherence while place ourself outside of whatever kind of rol model, nobody must copy to anyone, just looking foward to find oneself, thank you very much at advance).

Sentences of Toni Nadal:

  1. Rafael was an obedient boy.
  2. Rafael as a teenager played a match that was losing and that the racket was broken and he didn’t realise ” He was not use to analysis as the exterior came in, everything was his guilt. “
  3. Rafael and some components from the box were all time trying to say anything to change the position on court but never was realise about it, and lost the final.
  4. The Comparation of Rafa with the rest, Rafa grabbed a peak and then get to maintain it, however the guys today grab a high peak but after come down quickly, don’t have the ability to keep in as make my nephew.
  5. …………… sure that forget some sentence more….

Well, it looks like so funny, for sure that on the first instant was, however if look ahead, in a long time, through of the time, that psychologics impacts through of the habits, thoughts, ways of communication that go straight away to a mud of ambiguity between other hazards that can stuck inside and obviously in all of that the body will have that respond to keep its vital balance, so the injuries and the rest of the components are always friends of that emotional blind.

What kind of psychologicts aspects hide all that harmless expressions when are not seen properly and that usually is never stopped on the rigth time and moment?.

1. OCD (TOC in spanish).

2. Compulsion or habits.

3. Hyperactivity.

4. Mess between the field of concentration and the focus of attention (both are totally different).

5. Avoiding Behaviours.

6. High level of Attachments on. (Critical point to whatever context on with several types of attachments).

7. Absence of Self-esteem well hiden that detail through of the attachment about the dominancy on.

8. Total reliance in the confidence and self-confidence that is happening on every context, like that as a tower of control well signed on (a very narrow string that is really dangerous).

9. Low level of introspection. The most of analysis come from outside to inside instead of taking the inverse way.

10. Crisis of identity. Many aspects involve that, between them the level of consciouness about that is involve in a human being ( our communication, our inner, our body positions…..) a way to anticipate to the injuries or create a harmony field from inside that help to the body to regenerate while diversify all kind of information…

…… LEAVE OUT  without naming on many things, but many of them could go involved in one or several points, being the first one a weight that drags to situations that in the real life don’t give us repetitive chances to come back on, but even like that should have an enough conciousness as to that our body in the level of perfomance that are a total harmonic extension where the only demand must be the own volume of the job to make on, that should be all!.

* I can’t get in to analyis every point because would be too long, you will get boring between too much complexity and intensity issues.


Winner mentality of RAFAEL NADAL. 

I guess that many of you on that point of the article after that have read so many negative points about the marketing is developed permanently about his figure, would say so loud, what a hell?, Damm it!!!, then how has Rafael Nadal got to win a lot?.  Before to get in to answer the question and show where I think that he has got the key that mark a big difference with the rest ones, let me to make other question,  must the outcomes (permanents or temporaries) measure the whole process about that is or even must represent a good human-sport development?   Dear reader, there leave you other more job (The second one on that article…) to find the multiples answers in.

The facts that represent his powerful level of competitive inspite of the situations commented above:


1. His unilateral vision, the same guidelines. That I mean, well, on general basis is not something that would recomend because at the end is so harmful while that rest in your inner a lot of visual field, but in sport can play in both directions, so let us to reduce a lot of noise, keep in focus on for more time through of that field of concentration that after will get influence in our ability of attention, but insist please so careful with it.

2. Geographic Enviroment, Mallorca – Barcelona, Barcelona – Mallorca, doesn’t matter, a good climate with a kind of rythm more natural, also with very easy ways to find nature spaces where desconnect in the same day, in the cases who are able to see it can be useful, although in other occassions in according to other aspects nor even works, the dangerous will be in the levels of attachament and self-protection, although on that point that must be more aware is about the rythm of movement and set of factors that usual keep on movement around of us, could get to integrate in practically without any kind on consciousness.

3. The over-protection. Obviously I am agaisnt it, because the freedom most important that could reach a human being is the inner, but if every time is being blocked through of the control then will never go to take your own tools, because there outside on the life, without it in, the fear will not your friend if not that will be your own worst enemy. But well, in that case with Rafael Nadal works because reduced the whatever external pressure that could come in to the Rafael Nadal, is an alley to other aspects but as have been able to see on the own Rafael Nadal is too dangerous as well when looks other lines of job.

4. Obsesive Vision, a Wild horse. That I mean is that visual obsesion to take by way two things, one that don’t have sense of development (although you think you are), go straight away without care about the consequences, pim pam pum, well also here is where have had a tough hindrance is the tremendous effort to hide permanently his vulnerability, so it is coming from many of the details commented up, all of that is very observable in Rafael Nadal. Surely many of you, dear reader would say that is need to be a great fighter, sincerely I am sure that there are other ways as the history and psychology development have told many times with just to take a view for a moment instead of taking the hot point or point of impact (outside).

5. The hard training (Adiestramiento). That I am refering on that point is when you don’t write you sign on that you make, let me explain with two examples, remind the show that happened in the roman circus, well go to the arena absolutely crazy while knock everything down that is coming on your way, so said it in other ways, is a way to be but without being on. Other example very clear, some dog trainer, where his dog follow strictly every order, is able to open the drower and bring to the owner everything that you request on, or make whatever action, everything is bringing to extreme where the guide was exchanged for the training (Adiestramiento).  It is obvious that is working because pull its essence off, its identity, means its natural way to make the things as the manner to get in relation with others in the process that would correspond to its race, in a human being can happen the same thing. Works because have reducted the field of action – thought.

6. The passion for the sports or the feeling temporal of freedom, where the tennis is one of them. When is not transformed in a simple reforce if not that have been using as a scape road where feel oneself alive on, so means that grab our essence to external things that works the time of day that are practicing it, but the rest of the time even during as well, our level of exciting is out of our natural level, a friend of the injuries for sure, but is true that type of passion or feeling temporal of freedom, so push us to live in a level of Scaping that bring stuck a mentality that is repeated as would the wheel of the london eye, an unique exit and always is the same.

7. Absence of Sense.  Here on that point, I mean isn’t just about the own senses as living being that we are, of course as well, but just to focus on the goal, there are not anything around that is matter, when every situation, action should is coming from of our unconscious area to our conscious let that body are much more soft, so help to integral work of the body while gain a vital sense with the situation that is developing on, so will let to anticipate or just take choices that will have a great benefit in all the set.  In Rafael Nadal doesn’t work as conciousness of sense, it means that lost the field of control that create around of him, without in an ocean absents of the basic pillars to be total independent in whatever context.

8. The types of pressures that Rafa have had to manage on.

  1. Personal. Very conditioned to the thoughts and tools that was teached on. Lack of confrontation with situations outsides of the whatever bubble.  On the case of Rafael Nadal through of other points commented works in a concrete level, because always works a remote control, nothing is good o bad, simply facts that create some limits in way that you manage every situation.
  2. Finances. From outside, think that he has never got that pressure or feeling of uncertainty about need as be able to go to play other tournaments or even to be able to move to other phase of the professional development. All the enviroment as on Mallorca as on Barcelona in quotations made easy the access while got to place the whole focus on their competitive development.
  3. Familar. On that point always said that have to make two clear ways, where one is the family that you are coming from and the other one is those you are able to create on.  About Rafael Nadal, the movement of line have been absolute uniform so it is good in the point of competitiveness while hold the thin thread on, but on the real process of the practice and of course about the own life, the peaks raised to both sides (up and down) are a feed don’t just for injuries because the body has to respond, if not that whatever situations where don’t have the control of the situation that practicaly is on most of them, lost all the objective sense where self-manage on balance to independent steps ahead of the life.
  4. Social.  A consequence that is coming from the others three points plus the sum of factors that let our person to be in the condititoned state that have been influence, with the exception that are dissident and develop an ability adaptative on the deepest way; in Rafael Nadal is need to be on control of everything while work on the same cord, as have seen on many sparrings (I was on person and could after talk with them) as other players where even someone are from its own academy, as on interviews as well, create a feeling of intimidation or sometimes simply super high tense moments about the obsesive control of many external things and very poor about himself and the people have in front of him, want to think just outside of his circle, sinceraly is not aware that is is running against him, because although is our matter as the other one must manage his emotions, but if it is our total responsability be conscious about that are transmiting out and if it in some way can be damaging the people with whom on that moment you have met on space and time, some that is noticiable in many moments, and his trainings is brutal feel that disagreeable energy (I was able to contemplate that in the Queen’s Club and his own academy in the indoor court), that at the end he leaves on predjucie as well, in situations on court, take of decisions, on conciosuness to evolution the things in the right moment, about the attention and read in an anticipate way, and the dynamism of the body to avoid troubles that are predectibles. 


” The self-deception through of external messages is a serious problem to see a different reality of the situation or better say all the corners of prisma that have millions, so we talk about the matter that concern us, means about a competitive mind, between players even coaches as well are usually doing very poor help each other in psychologists terms. “


 The key that make Rafael Nadal to be different to the rest of the human beings, is nothing because is a human being, however that robotic training that was diving in from very early age invite to him to get a great power about some abilities that are always surfing on the surface, limited a lot the consciouness and about that informative movement from the unconscious to the concious, all his job are based in the inerce that everything is working on, when it is not happening, the feeling of guilty is moving against him, never put the head up to manage other information of the context, details that are real serious problem in question of mental flexibility, process of adaptability and integration informative independently of the context that address an development full of consistency between the peaks, so for that must never be copied on linearity everything that could perceive by ourselves or even through of marketing that medias sell out, sometimes even on agreement on.


On that article, I am not debating if Rafael Nadal is very good human being or is a very bad human being, nor of course get in on many details that there is just a way to know in 1000% through of a long conversation with him in total transparence and privacity, however that if I am trying to put on context is all that on special his Uncle has got to empower about it, where is the limits and about all, those that in some way have a narrow relation with the psychology or even so far away of a development psychology that must be realised in nature connection with our own essence to grab tools that can be able to use to whatever kind of adversity, instead of those that are a kind of plaster that use on all moment but that at then end could be aten to the own person.

Of course here put on value where was the key competitive of Rafael Nadal, understand that if have read the whole article could be able to catch up in what places Rafael Nadal has a line that marked an difference, on my personal perception, is about the clear kind of Emotional Noise, means reduce in the most of the fields, that he have got through of a behaviour firm, robotic but as said that come from with unbalanced peaks absolutely out the control, where the pain and the injuries is the first alley of that absence of management, plus need to attachement to external things as solutions to reduce the pain  but never to go to the cause that feeding up the trouble as have seen on, is a consequence of place the outcomes over the development, when with a very good natural psychology job practically avoidable.

Also want to add a point, that also have mentioned up and that many times was a debate with my tennis coach, as would say on Spain, ” Corre cabrón corre, espíritu de lucha ¨  ( Run Forest Run, spirit of a fighter), why was it a debate with my tennis coach?, well, simple, because as on everything of life is really important to place every detail on the context and be able to read the millions of points that don’t just a shot could have on the whole trayectory, if not that also the whole emotional context that is roundabout, on the Rafael Nadal’s case is not a context that would recomend on any kind of formation, of course on Rafael Nadal works because are facts very parcticulars and far away of a healthy psychologic way that even his own uncle is not able to understand at all  if not think that have been able to transfer it properly to others human beings.


” The worst that one person can do in, is to keep all time on comparation through of imposistions that as we are watching a case behind other is creating don’t just very dangerous psychals problems if not about all a very seriuous psychologies issues, pushing to a chronic illness that have a very tough solution. ”

” A doctor must be to help in extremes situations or advert about situations that could be avoidable but never should be a fountain of attachement or about reduction of a psychology pain or even to feed their own level egos, their deontological cody demand other way that should know as grab it “


” THE AMBIGUITY to say out without looking the consequences about two popular precepts, Attitude and diary will to want to improve on every moment ” or  ” when your lost a match then must be broken in pain for a while…” is an unresponsability and ingorant behaviour when we don’t know to place on context every situation that is happening on, although the stage can be the same, the situation will always be different “.


In conclusion, have a lot examples of athletics are tennis players or that come from other sports, some have already paid consequences on the own life, others as we are watching will find that in other status of their life as many problems, because all that which was their trunk that keep live theirs feelings of the belong to that life are over or almost close to be over, then sincerely they are absolutelty losing through of their egos and conditioned built from a ego that have gone mutating between all that human beings that seek some kind of interest between them, but the main actor/actress have been left in the mercy of their own narrow way signed vey soon on age, for it always will say from Rafael Nadal, a 97% never could be copied, and the rest 3% must have very clear the context to request that need on, simple and easy.


* Remind that have had to Rafael Nadal with me on the Queen’s Club with multiple situations that were really interesting, that offered me a lot of indirect information through of psychology knowledge, my human sense and my common sense (coherence), but I am not absolute truth, because a human always have to fall down and get up in the same moment while learn a lot of all that process. Thank you very much.





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