Following the dynamics of the last two weeks and the sense of why I started, 6 years ago with this page that you are on right now, we continue to analyze players.

The case of Felix Auger-Aliassime stands out as sports, human and formative teaching, because psychology is very complex, becoming very devilish, that includes technical and tactical aspects, because they are always accompanied by various personal components in this regard. Playing the puzzle can be very dangerous, it is beginning to remind me of another case that I lived in person, also a compatriot of his, Canadian, Vasek Pospisil, where another Guru, a player of a specific success, almost not only takes the player’s career ahead but also even the human being himself, because athletes are so stuck in such an unreal bubble, that by ambition and goals, they are capable of wrinkling themselves, entering into coerced unconscious states that are convincing that such a path will lead them to a definition of success,

In Psychology there are two fundamental maxims:

1. If you have a wound, you have to know how to close them, when you start to. touch things you have to be very careful.

2. Guiding, not ordering or saying what it is, as well as what to do or say, it is oneself who must realize by himself through a good psychological guide, that he is SICK, or in other cases, This or that, situations or beings is being toxic (even if you know it) for the human being, nothing convenient and needed to break them with enough time to do the complete management, because the time we believe is not always enough, it takes more dynamics and time to the desired transformation.

* Below in the case of Felix you have my brief analysis on the matter … … the boy does not deserve that disjointed movement …

  1. Alejando Davidovich vs Alex de Minaur. (rainy conditions, 5h delay and return). (Monaco)
  2. Lorenzo Musseti vs Aslan Karatsev. (rainy conditions, 5h delay and return). (Monaco)
  3. Felix Auger-Aliassime vs Christian Garin. (Suspended for rain until the next day). (Monaco)
  4. Taylor Fritz vs Roberto Bautista Agut. (Monaco)
  5. Stefanos Tsitsipas vs Aslan Karatsev. (Monaco)
  6. Karen Khachanov vs Laslo Djere. (Monaco)
  7. Alejandro Davidovich Fokina vs Mateo Berrettini. (Monaco)
  8. Pablo Carreño Busta vs Stefano Travaglia. (Monaco).
  9. Grigor Dimitrov vs Jan-Lennard Struff. (Monaco)

Alejandro Davidovich. I feel psychologically with certain doubts, “off”, with the defeat of last week in Marbella, creating more instability, losing confidence and self-confidence, nomenclature absence of a root that roots all his backbone philosophically and psychologically speaking, it was worth today and perhaps tomorrow but not for a line of regularity always in crescendo. Technically those psychological doubts that prevent playing with joy, putting out his arm, made him sometimes play with left-handers, true that some following the pattern of play, but many others due to a resource that was being more than efficient due to the territorial disconnection of the rival, but I feel that he has much more to give himself, that offering himself shows what he hides when he decides to hit, to mark leadership that he can deliver and surprise himself even more.”Adopt do not buy” the final message of his party with Berretini. “Mentally days ago was so creazy now I am more stable …” words after his match against with Berretini.

Alex de Minaur. Psychologically it can be called overconfidence or lack of connectivity with the party, when he wanted to react it was too late, it is a feeling of lack of concentration camp with obviously lack of attention focus, which hides a well-hidden emotional understanding, but various gestures at the end, well showed eloquently. Technically, excess leg mobility, three or four jumps and when you want to react you are already late to the ball, apart from excess opening with the size of your hips, is what I have been explaining in recent weeks with many players regarding the split.

Lorenzo Musseti.Psychologically, I already commented on several details in the previous article, after his participation in Sardegna, accelerated with lack of control, which leads to a denial of realities, dynamic retentions that if they become habits can be counterproductive. Technically I am left with two details: his mobility of the legs and their position, in rest and split, they do not help him at all, well above his hip size, they make him lose control of the body, in turn reaction-action, and the other detail is his right, we already see the stocking he wears, although I do not know it, but after seeing him last week and this one, he does not generate good exits with his foot all of a sudden, he generates like a circle with his arm, abusing-burning said articulation, which makes it arrive with the point of impact open,

Aslan Karatsev. Psychologically it is in that upward aura where everything is walking in the desired direction, an excessively fine thread, which creates pronounced peaks during matches, moments of madness with decompensations and compensations, but they will not always walk like that, having behind a base that makes sense to the actions-reactions, to have the capacities to counteract the internal blows, for the moment it is working, but I would add tools that give consistency to that dish, to avoid a trail of precipitation. Technically, especially with the short balls, the impact is too high, which as they say in tennis slang “from top to bottom the ball to hell”Besides accompanied by the psychologically mentioned, do not see simpler and more effective spaces or actions to perform, technically looking for unnecessary brute force options, with more than one avoidable scare along the way.

Felix Auger-Aliassime. Piscologically distrustful, head lowered, excessive thinking with emotional retardation limiting all mental agility, in short, he has a brutal mental disorder, dislodged, blocked, which even questions his own human essence even in tennis, the essence should never be touched. Technically, I have seen him in general excessively from the front, which means either that you take the hips well or hit late or open very open, you lose all kinds of consistency and dynamics in being consistent, everything has a great influence on how you are internally.

* “experts” when you touch someone, if something opens you have to know how to close it, leave it open, it is very serious, things like today happen, I have never seen Felix play so Pale, this game is an example for all coaches and trainers of what never to do !.

Christian Garin. Psychologically stunned, implication of excess psychological noise, spatial displacement of the place, faster breathing, which dislodges the body but can also give more determination, positive detail of course, but it is necessary to seek to balance that area, to take regular advantage without turns against oneself, as it would in the long run. Technically especially in forehand and backhand, especially in movement, I see him with coordination problems of weight balance, weighing to maintain balance in a natural forward balance, not only for tennis, but for health as well.

Taylor Fritz. Psychologically impulsive, leading to excess rainfall, blurring, and emotional charge. Technically, I am going to stay with the subject of supports, because he loses them too often, which makes him not make the necessary lever in the blows and uncoordinate them, losing consistency, and consistent load, in turn with the issue of split and movements posterior, they are well above the hip size, as well as inconsistent in height and execution process, which obviously has a huge and constant impact on the subject of support.

Roberto Bautista Agut. I always say that it is difficult for me to talk about him, because of the feeling of gratitude, and separating subjectivism. Psychologically it is on its narrow but solid path, sometimes it can produce a certain squatting with more respiratory intensity than normal, everything that is in essence should never be touched, that with long-term health affectation always. Technically at this point there is little to say, there are always little details to improve, weight balances, leg balance, … following that characteristic rigidity of him, what is said at this point is a daring to put down details.

Stefanos Tsitsipas. Psychologically very firm and clear, with determination, however, at the same time with an excess of noise or stress, with sharp breaths, according to games he will stretch more playing against him and in others he will stretch less, being more an observer than an obstacle. Technically the body position to the rest does not help much either tennis or healthily, nothing effective or efficient, in addition to gaining in mental agility, I would also say that in movement plays, I not only include the split, but a whole, that body awareness will help you to get the body much more, that is, to hit the ball with more consistency, while being much more consistent. “Wistness the Game” his signature after the game .. great reflection that leaves us.

Karen Khachanov. Psychologically nervous, “one-sip” , that is to say without time measurement, which leads to electrically overload, creating internal and bodily decompensations. Technically especially in the split and movements, very square and nailed, which in relation to his height and weight, I consider it a certain lack of coordination that leads to imbalances and loss of consistency, as well as a consistent focus and as well as a bit of waiting in the strokes, to get the racket out even more and create more danger in weight and speed.

Laslo Djere. Piscologically I already commented on details last week where he became a finalist for Sardegna, that braking with the possibility of retention leads him to plunge emotionally into a rest driven by mental agility. Technically I have already mentioned it as well and it will not change in a week, especially on the somewhat stiff and straight backhand, and excessive ball entry right, which makes it not hit clean, losing consistency and naturalness.

Mateo Berretini. Psychologically unplugged, which leads to emotional and bodily imbalance, patched adjustments, disoriented senses, which also leads to absent consciousness, breathing in relief and being very thoughtful. (Final detail that shows that unplug when he had to lift the bench with the help of some boys because of something that fell in between .. ” Is it a consequence of the worrying psychomatization when leaving an injury? The danger of it on the way …. Technically, the first and most striking thing, with what I am left with is the excessive weight that their entire lower body must bear, to have somewhat abrupt movements and fall a lot on them, in addition to waiting for others with the right, it that makes you lose all dynamics.

Pablo Carreño Busta. Last week I already mentioned several details. Psychologically it has that reflective point, sometimes in excess, which limits the usefulness of resources and options, much larger maps, which allow you to increase quality and resources. Technically, also a consequence of what is indicated, in the short balls it loses some resolution, when entering them too far below, which makes them lose consistency, and on the backhand it remains somewhat nailed, not giving it all the consistency to get the whole arm well, He waits much more than with the right, in both improving those spaces will give him a greater leap in quality, consistency and consistent emotional effect and leadership.

Stefano Travaglia. Psychologically electrical, which prevents lifting the head and gaining vision, that leads to permanent emotional decompensation, which leads to being very hot on the inside with everything internal and external. Technically, both on the forehand and backhand, the ball fits a lot, which only allows you to place it, that is, quite well, but hardly without giving it output, speed, depth and weight, in addition to consistency, not having to go to tow without leadership, In terms of split and movements somewhat open for the hip size, which prevents creating good supports or body exits.

Grigor Dimitrov. Psychologically in acceleration without time stamping, stress as a bubble habit, with no way out, which leads to weight imbalances in unconscious consciousness, other interior issues I do not introduce because it would be a lack of education. Technically, especially in short or close-up balls, it stays very far from the ball with zero body roll, which leads to losing a lot of consistency with it, in position to the rest and split, an excess of opening which affects reaction-action Apart from going somewhat above the hip without a solid natural base, which is very counterproductive in terms of health, plus what is psychologically mentioned, which makes the serve lose consistency.

Jan-lennard Struff. Psychologically in a certain revolutionized state with deviant or clueless consciousness, which leads him to delay in reactions-actions as well as to become clouded in the use of the senses before any external factor. Technically I stay with the issue of the feet and supports, because it opens too much for the size of your hip and above all it bends the ankles excessively inwards, it is not just a matter of the fact that it is super pronation, it is the consciousness at the time of moving, movements and impact when falling, creating an excess of support, dislocation when taking the body out for the blows and also because of that electricism with a certain blockage in the wrists for the arm exit, in the right he waits a lot, taking the impact a little at the high point, and on the reverse, too much body balance, the whole set makes it lose a great consistency.

* There is something generalized, it is the little use of human intelligence, which is not even about the emotional intelligence that would be to start the house on the roof, in addition to what has been said about FELIX AUGER-ALIASSIME, something very serious at a sports level, human and formative, careful with what is played and how it is played.

Faithfully with affection,
A lover & respectful of the values ​​and spirits of whatever sport but specially The hidden on tennis .