Continuing with the second part of the analysis of this week, where to remember you already have the article with the first part, exclusively Monte-Carlo, with the reference of Felix Auger-Alissime , of great specific weight, because to go smart for the Ego and play things that are not due in psychology have consequences that can be devilish.

* By the way, I would like to be able to analyze ITF matches, Nationals, lower categories as well as variabilities such as chair tennis, or ultimately help players, coaches and vice versa, mutual learning, at the moment the only thing that I access via channels of internet (not legal) with delay, only WTA and ATP.


  1. Tereza Martincova vs Emma Navarro. (Charleston 2)
  2. Christina McHale vs Maria Camila Osorio Serrano. (Charleston 2)
  3. Ons Jabeur vs Alycia Parks. (Charleston 2)
  4. Madison Bengle vs Astra Sharma. (Charleston 2)


  1. Alexander Zverev vs David Goffin. (Monaco)
  2. Novak Djokovic vs Daniel Evans. (Monaco)
  3. Grigor Dimitrov vs Rafael Nadal. (Monaco
  4. Andrei Rublev vs Roberto Bautista Agut. (Monaco)
  5. Casper Ruud vs Pablo Carreño Busta. (Monaco)

Tereza Martincova. Psychologically brutally broken, to the point that at the first break in serve, she burst into tears, not being able to emotionally bear the entire load for other reasons that even escape me, although I can perfectly intuit where they may come from, but other details are not known. , but she has been seeing it coming for a while, she honestly decided not to keep exploiting them when she faced the first complex situation of the party, as I say there are internal factors that are only known through extensive communication with varied maps of perspectives with her . Technically, the mobility of the legs more agility (if I write it before, the physio appears first to look at the right ankle …), coordination, fewer steps, on the backhand excessively close to the body, which loads that left elbow dangerously and the right one too much waits for the ball with which it has to pull the whole body, unorthodox, dangerous, in addition to losing everything speed, depth, weight and handling.

Emma Navarro. Psychologically with excessive gait, which leads to a lot of precipitation and restlessness of movements, which leads you to not interact adequately with all the desired optimal development regularity. Technically, because at the body level the rest are brilliantly healthy, but I would not open the supports a little excessively above the hip which makes it uncoordinated, the rest of the blows I really like what has both back and forehand, a lot of power, depth, direction and quality, on the reverse a little less curvature and more naturalness, on the right, especially with the open position, it stays too open, not turning the core well to remove the hips, which leaves it a little sold out, as well as in others catch the ball a little earlier, in addition to more leg mobility. Has bumps,

Christina McHale. Psychologically overwhelmed and disorderly, which generates emotional braking and opaque visualizations. Technically, with the right it does not accompany well with the arm, making an ugly gesture with the elbow, apart from lifting the ball, without time to give it speed and depth, as well as a natural handling, also in the serve all the gesture, no just how much it goes down in the preparation, the whole body position, it is a brutal pump for the hip and for health, at least even if it works I do not like it or advise it at all.

Maria Camila Osorio Serrano. Psychologically entangled, those of purebreds with too many exteriors to dive into, with triggered breaths or the creation of comfortable spaces that connect the whole body and mind with their essence with clear and clean information, which also leads to acceleration and precipitation, as well as a bodily tension where the body ultimately has a response limit. Technically, especially to point out your body positions and movements, both from rest and during the game, at the body level you must correct those body positions, not only to have a balanced body posture, but to avoid unnecessary curvatures, loads and weights, a degree of high risk of injuries, even more so being so young, to have a career and life outside, totally healthy, for me it is one of the most important things to work on, apart from the right,

Ons Jabeur. Two weeks ago, during the Miami Open, I commented on some details, in this case the hardly and insufficient time of evolution, what I keep seeing is that he enters the game with too much emotional charge, an unnecessary extra stress, as I said at the time, With dispersed concentration camps, any focus of mindfulness is damaged, which still carries more tension and stress, that mandibular distortion reflects it even more. Technically time-reaction, mental agility is somewhat slow, then in groundstrokes, forehand, he waits too long, which does not give the whole set up enough time, nor does he get the hips well, losing depth, speed, consequently consistency.

Alycia Parks. Psychologically very hypertensive, which leads to carry a brutal and intense psychic noise, not to breathe, to be the body as a party in various areas, which generates many distortions, sudden stops, with a lot of danger in action – reaction. Technically, she is simply a true athlete, with brutal musculature, however not used in all its potential, in movements and splits, with excess rhythm, in addition to going somewhat above the hip, which carries the risk of injury, and generate better support “comfort”, following the blows, in the kickoff, it has a preparatory posture, which for me does not take advantage of its full potential, although later it is thrown well up also due to its height, then in supports in the background, it stays a bit nailed, in front, not getting the ball well,

Madison Bengle. Psychologically agitated, with haste, which leads to misconfigurations and apathy for not achieving it immediately, which leads to a lot of uncoordination and seizure of the body. Technically the serve surprises me since it does not use the lower body at all and rises directly with the upper trunk, with very good positioning but losing power, in terms of movements and split, opening a little less in addition to more speed and intensity of the legs, it that gives him something fair to take the shots well, but when he does, he accompanies the ball very well, which gives him direction and handling, although not as much speed even depth if he put his arm out a little more and leaned more on the lower body to use all the strength the chorus and dorsal, even so for me it gives me game to see it.

Astra Sharma. Psychologically critical, which creates an accelerated intensity, however that creates important cognitive unevenness, closing perspectives in a great amplitude, even requiring the body to do some work with the cable that is too tight, which will lead to a certain price that is totally avoidable, apart from slow action-reaction in mental agility. Technically, with the serve he makes a very bad gesture with the supporting leg, which leads to an excess of support, therefore the injury that he had fully bandaged, at the level of movements and split, too much opening above the hip size, which That prevents good positioning, with the backhand arriving a little later and making it less natural, the right wait a little less and swing more forward with the core, without moving the whole body so much, which would do even more damage and gain consistency.


Alexander Zverev. Psychologically, unlike what I explained to you in another article about his participation in Acapulco, here I see him disoriented, without marking of rhythms or psychological or dynamic times, without anchors and inwardly upset, which avoids all kinds of fluidity and a lot of apprehensive noise. , looking for questions without finding present solutions. Technically, apart from looking for a better body fit of the body, which will limit injuries, the backhand could be brought out much more by the tip by pulling more of the dorsal lever and leveraging forward a little more, to gain more speed and depth.

David Goffin. Psychologically upset as internally noisy, which generates discomfort, agonies and zero enjoyment, which also leads to certain degrees, although not elevated, psychomatic states from all that noise, creators of tension and spatial contempt, with short breaths and ephemeral reliefs, slow and contrary body movements like the shape of a robot, a consequence of all the aforementioned. Technically, at this point, but where there are more problems on the right, it tends to move the body too much, not to extend the hips or use all the strength of the core, an excess of waiting, something that in the end for the knees and ankles, is counterproductive, losing enough consistency in said blow.

* 4 Match balls in the tie break for Goffin, 6-2, went to 6-7 ball set for Zverev not exploited, losing 9-7 in the tie break, throwing the racket against the ground and then against the go. Both players reflected with more intensity at the end what I was mentioning.

Novak Djokovic. Psychologically, I observe him in a state of apprehension and disconnection in significant elevation on himself to one side and to the other, which in any extremely contrary situation does not manage the possible reactions at all well, accumulating a lot of agonization inside, with his head always lowered without legs sustainability or obviously the mobility of the whole that we are. Technically about Djokovic, it always seemed to me that the right wing waits a little longer, a consequence of a lack of reaction-mental agility that leads him not to lose so much initiative with sometimes orthodox gestures to move forward …

Daniel Evans. Psychologically, I already mentioned to him in an article about his participation in Sardegna, in a state of certain hyperactivity, an acceleration with order and disorder, that is to say, of comings and goings, which leads him to haste and become unbalanced. Technically, where I already mentioned it and it has more problems are in the supports, it has an excess of openings as well as variables what they generate, important mismatches to get much more of the blows that it really possesses.

Grigor Dimitrov. I already mentioned it all in the first article of this saga of two of this week’s tournaments. Stepping with a certain acceleration, without markings of natural times, which leads to precipitations and pronounced imbalances in certain unconsciousness. Technically I also mentioned it in the first this series of two, certain bad snacks in short or close-up balls, split in excess of opening, affecting reaction-action.

* Curious gesture by Dimitrov, resting the racket on the ground, the ground, and jumping with a limp over the string, was he looking to reduce the tension of the racket? ….. in the second set he embedded it against the ground and broke it with the knees.

Rafael Nadal. Psychologically super accelerated, an excessive hyperactivity, taking everything in front of him, bordering on the uncivil and a feeling of overwhelm that is very unpleasant to witness, it is clear more by unconsciousness than by intention, regardless of this current situation, where he is seen with a somewhat sad look I also say it with all humility, although he can much more information than the rest of mortals, he is not seen with the necessary tools to manage situations that are outside the four structured columns, that is, to integrate a free emotional independence . Technically it is absurd to say anything, those of us who really know about tennis, those who are fans or poor coaches will take it to the field they want, but core and hips always well active and served, despite the fact that in this case it is not biomechanically the healthiest,

* If I want to mention a detail for Nadal, he was seen in the Australian open when he was on the bench animated in the hopman cup, it is seen when he sits on the benches, or when he appeared in the interviews of the programs that he attended between September and October of last year, more as we saw with the back complaint that I mention in Austria, something that is also seen in their positions on the track, the body sensation when always sitting in positions that imprisonthe low vertebrae, that is to say the lumbar, in addition to the curvature of the back and pressure on the psoas, which has a serious impact on the whole health of the whole, are little details, which repeated repetitively as habits have consequences because in some way or another the body has to compensate. (It is one thing to be intelligent and a very good boy, or another is the inclusion of emotional intelligence where the psychology is devilish and complex).

Andrei Rublev. Psychologically I already told you some details two weeks ago, during the MIAMI tournament, where it puts an excess of revolutions that alters any conscious mobility, leading to more muscular uses, precipitation and decompensation in the whole set, leaving everything to those intuitive impulses, a inertia that if it is automatic and free, but it will not impose it will walk in favor, but will have the opposite effect, especially in the most critical moments. Technically, the issue of supports that goes more to the size of your hip, that I include in rest and movements, as I also mentioned at the time, a more fluid backhand not so stiff, that gives it more consistency and leadership, that is to say, a more powerful and risky initiative.

Roberto Bautista Agut. I already mentioned details about it, in the previous article, in the first saga of these two this week, as I always say, it is difficult for me to talk about it, for reasons and grateful experimentation, as well as separating all subjectivism. Regarding yesterday to today, perhaps something more thoughtful, which takes anchoring a little more, intensifying said crouching, agony and more respiratory intensity than normal, I always say that what is in essence should not be touched, except for health, that narrow path But Solid has respected him well in almost every way. Technically I also mentioned in the article before yesterday, at this point there is little to say, there are always little details to improve, weight balances, leg balance, … following that characteristic stiffness of him, what was said at this point is a daring to put on to drop details.

Casper Rudd. Last week about his participation in Marbella, I already touched on brushstrokes, some differences from the previous tournament, if we speak psychologically, although I continued with a certain focal disorder, if he added certain details of intention that lead him to generate acts of determination, something that it works in the short term, but in the long term for a certain regularity it is highly complex, because external factors will not always walk on the same path. Technically from one week to the next you are not going to see big changes either, with the right, I already mentioned that it goes into excess, which prevents it from taking a clean hit, which gives it more initiative and perseverance, as well as on the split theme somewhat exaggerated and very important. above the hip size, a detail that apart from losing a lot of initiatives regularly for health is not beneficial either.

Pablo Carreño Busta. but as a human being as well. Technically, another consequence of the above is something stuck, trapped, not being able to get the whole shot well with much more space, losing a lot of initiative.

Summary with a certain slap.

Especially focused on everything that has to be happening in the back room of Monaco and the circuit, we are seeing an angered tournament, very, very cold, not so much because of the weather or public attendance or because of the current situation, the excursions external to me I have plenty, it seems that most of the players are stunned, exhausted or mentally dizzy in general computation, the truth is that like footballers it is surreal that everyone is playing, with injuries everywhere, due to very bad emotional management , great psychological ignorance, and because of the bubble in which they have lived, much more tennis players.

A photo as well as a video, you can get a lot of psychoanalysis too, dear reader there are many details for all of you, especially more some that may be “normal” gestures or decisions but that hides behind a whole PSYCHOLOGICAL NOISE (you have videos and articles at about it here on my website and on my YouTube channel) … here comes my question:

Now that with this pandemic or pandemic policy, it has been shown that uncertainty does not save your one, two, three or there are numbers of pillars that keep you standing, how many of all these tennis players, including THE BIG3, if If you remove some of the pillars or all of them, they would be able to stand up emotionally without any. type of rasbuño, that is, EMOTIONALLY INDEPENDENT AND INTERIOR FREE?

* They have already shown it in many other phases of previous years, that when some pillar of the stipulated fails, they get out of adjustment with serious peaks, although the press and the sheep mass normalize and normalize psychological situations that in psychology should never be normalized.

And my cheek is for a player who in some media, regardless of whether he vaccinates yes or no vaccinates, sometimes we forget the potential of our immune system, but above all the potential of our Psychological-cerebral system, for a wide public that follows it, accompanying the vaccine saying “it is the only way to end this nightmare”, is a phrase that apart from reflecting certain emotional deficiencies of the human being who mentioned it, for the social mass that follows it, that an arrow full of blood and fear of the heart, of an absolute unconsciousness as irresponsibility, of course it was not intentional, but Mr. Rafael Nadal, these things thrown at the human being and possibly more amplified by the ghoulish journalists of the media, is an unnecessary and avoidable cocktail for citizens standing, although the interpretation or management of others does not depend on one, a bit of good sense , intelligence and civil responsibility are necessary so as not to put people further into the mud.

* They really should not be playing, just as it is cruel and ridiculous that the linesmen are with the muzzle, depending on the tournament or not, even the children, in cases like Miami, Charleston and what terrifies me we can see in this next summer with him muzzle put on at high temperatures. In winter we forget how our ancestors used to heat up naturally (fireplace, embers, hot glasses-soups, some mantines if anything), now with heating systems where in many places the radiator systems are painful, increasing the inhalation of CO2. , according to the ignition time that always comes from how our psychological state is and the excdente PSYCHOLOGICAL NOISE that accumulates (this is what our politicians are playing with), in Summer, the same but in reverse (with air systems conditioned … ) In short, WE NEVER LEAVE THE BODY TO THE NATURAL RHYTHM OF THE AMBIENT TEMPERATURE, WE ALTER IT. For this reason of COMMON sense I do not see in my case absolutely necessary access to any vaccine, all this is not sustainable from the point of view of the BEING.

Faithfully with affection,
A lover & respectful of the values ​​and spirits of whatever sport but specially The hidden on tennis .