Dear reader, this time I am not going to get involved, I am going to get to the point and I will be brief, these days while I listened and observed every detail of the interview from CAÑIZARES to CASILLAS, what was observed during the champions league matches, the injury in Monaco of Davidovich, but being the trigger for this article, two details the withdrawal of Muguruza, and what happened during Villarreal vs Arsenal, with two players about what I observed and psychologically-emotionally appreciated was coming, this is where in the breaks or rest of a match the coach can really smooth and prevent events that are sounding between “the invisible” apparently.

Continuing with my frankness, below I leave you 5 links to different articles of mine where I explain a lot more things in correlation, some older and others more recent, without forgetting also to turn to the various articles that I have written about PSYCHOLOGICAL NOISE that you can also find here in my Web.

Highlighting a recent one, because they come like a glove, is about what I observed of Muguruza in MIAMI, anticipating what happened in Charleston and is still happening right now, I insist my intention, my being, is not to give me the raft, nor to get chest, and very much to generate some fata of consideration, is to show or rather give you a little more of the PSYCHOLOGICAL content that is inside me.

Look, I’m on my way to 38 years, with more than 15 years having executed a much more direct work in this regard, but before and after, that is, currently, because of my phobia, or other really intense and interesting details that you can hear in the videos or read in the articles that I have shared below, as well as in the last one I shared on Linkedin, THE DIMENSIONAL CUBE, one of the great roots of my phobia, as lonely as it is difficult to understand, is much more than thoughts and philosophy, although I I need to put a scientific signature that gives me more credibility and helps everyone.

I only know, and it is becoming more and more clear, that injuries and psychology go hand in hand, tolls on both sides are paid, at times necessary in others that are clearly anticipatory; The emotions that we are transmitting to our body through habits turned into thoughts – beliefs, in turn incorporated as PSYCHOLOGICAL NOISE, pushes us to tie ourselves as a yoke and carry ourselves on the back, deriving where necessary to “balance” some weights silent that are not bearable, taking the body to a limit that in some way must respond.

It is not a question of communication, or of the sale of securities, walking around is going the opposite way to where we should go, that leads us to PSYCHOLOGICAL NOISE , to play what I call the PLACEBO GAME , long term, they are bombs worth exploding at any time; but where we must direct ourselves is the reactions, the actions of the movements in the rhythm of our three main systems, the respiratory, the circulatory and the nervous system, through there at the muscular and articular level a really beneficial breakdown notice is produced.

“Values ​​are an exhibition gallery, they are not art to work on”

“Emotions at their pyramidal peak, that is, emotional intelligence, cannot be taught, it is learned with the marking of dynamic and psychological rhythms”

So let’s not play the vain game, if something makes me angry, or even impotence, it is not the fact that I feel, or interpret it in this way, that I have been treated with indifference or directly as a buffoon, total I will continue to share my wisdom and insist like a stubborn person, I will have my hole in tennis sooner or later ; It is to observe atrocities, colleagues that for a town party, it seems perfect if you wish, but in places with national circulation or with international influence, reading simplicities that are inconceivable or other human beings because of flatterers (next article ), they get into topics that are popular but do not really have a minimum depth of content of what they are saying, the result of dying states of which they are not guided by honest maps to an internal work really requested almost loudly.

The solutions are much simpler, but much more than we think, without setting times or detours through the immense field of the Ego, searching the trunk of psychological ignorance, which affects the execution of our techniques in a natural way as simple, however the justification of the title on inappropriate occasions raises the fear of facing one’s own deficiencies, creating a great high risk of injury to others, without even knowing how to decipher where the problem could begin, because the body is a whole, really very intelligent, more than ourselves.

“The insistence on the word expert or experience does not place you in the truth box, in psychology they generate basic techniques, but without content, access to an internal channel not easily observable as recognizable by others is not feasible for me to confront him, his real self in the whole set himself “

“Breaking the rhythms of one’s own Ego and that of others is the fundamental key in the free process of growth without placebos”

The minute details, magnifying glass, which may be unimportant, short or very short in time, of high but ephemeral intensities, … etc … are trigger keys, which should never be overlooked or considered insignificant, because they are already creating information in our brain, an association towards gestures in specific actions or situations, deriving habits, patterns, “novel” “initiation” or “recognition” that will derive in facts considered good through our subconscious, thus creating an accommodation in those specific points, because as human beings we always need to surround ourselves with the “comfortable and usual”, the danger of the matter, is the chronification and encystment within the bases of our both hemispheres,which will lead to our subconscious being our conscious, avoiding any critical thinking, which all that rigging game will lead us to generate all kinds of psychological and physiological problems depending on other external factors that surround us.

“The situations are absolutely unimportant, the thoughts too, they are the facts, the actions of what we do about it”

“The human being is free by nature, he is earth by nature, condemning him to positions outside of it without centrifugal emotional information is piece by piece, silently taking him away from his status as a human being” * The latter with children takes on even more weight .. ..

I am not going to wrap myself up with what has been said now, and what you can read in the articles that I have shared below, without forgetting to investigate the others about Psychological Noise ..etc. there is more than enough information. I will only say one thing to those who continue to doubt me, laugh at me or want to manipulate an entire group against them, they are wrong, they play against them, my case is very easy to contrast because I know what I know …. oh by the way At Villarreal there is a player who unites me in common with one of the most important people in my life and one of the four who can give faith to all this.

“The professional who is able to use the THERAPEUTIC APPROACH , another of the keys in all this, leads him to learn a lot from his patients, students, employees or players, anticipation and facilitator in both directions, creating the reciprocal game that will minimize any risk of injury, deriving in great notes to the collective “


Faithfully with affection,
A lover & respectful of the values ​​and spirits of whatever sport but specially The hidden on tennis .