Hi Dear reader, I have taken a few days to give a answer about the happened at the O2 of London during the last ATP TOUR WORLDS FINALS, becasue my intention was to write with calm and depth reflexion without stopping in the first layer, all the opposite walking more far away to offer you a honest and closest reflexion to my point of view, my reality where probably is different from yours, however the most important is the common point and don’t fall down with myself in a self-deception.

Once explained it, dear reader, I am sure that behind of my back, there were many readers rubbing the hands in glee, yes, yes, yes, at the end I could see you down, really?. Do you think that my mind was so far away about what was happening on the courts?. My answer, yes I did if you just want to look the first layer, however like when you use a camera, there are a lot details blur that usually pass over them, just in that point would start the empathy.

Well, that is moment where I start to take the whole responsability about my bet, let me start for the DOUBLES ATP TOUR FINALS, in this case my bet was right in 80%, said Henri Kontinen / John Peers would win, they did it!, I was very aware that they were the strongest partner of the year, the ranking usually are fakes, usually are 40% your skills, but in a 60% are mistakes of the opponent, there are not much better ranking that you own personal growth.

About that 20% that made a mistake, the other partner in the final, Raven Klaasen / Rajeev Ram, but things of life, have two stories, one on court, other one in the dressing room, both of them with the same end, nobody took too much care about them, on court all people prefered to watch to the man’s singles, and on the dressing room I had to them in front, during few minutes looked to them.

I didn’t have to much information about them and even have forgotten their names, but knew who partner were because to the rest are very known, in principle they didn’t, even members after asked who were. So they had to compete in the group with the three strongest partner of the year, didn’t give any vote, and even though had in front a lot of information that didn’t take seriously, neithger gave the value that it deserved. Let me to finish with the sentence that Ram said during the tournament and sums up it very well: “We have a pretty good understanding of that it’s not that end of the world if we win or lose a match.” 

¿What happenend in the INDIVIDUALS ATP TOUR FINALS? 

I bet without doubts on Marin Cilic with permision of the Andy Murray, and would come back to do the same thing if he hadn’t had the Davis Cup on the skyline, small detail that I overlooked when wrote that article. However have to say that the Marin who watched on the practices courts about all in the first match against Andy wasn’t the Marin that have seen there, and not because Andy was right there, in fact during the first set they broke the serve each other many times, because also wasn’t the best match of Andy, however Andy Murray was the lowest to hightest.

About Novak Djokovic, were in an attitude very angry, completely different to the last year, believe I can compare it because have videos from that year and the last year as well, in fact, I was checking both, the difference is notable with respect the attitude, although he is still one of the guy most close to the ordinary people, just for that is a number one.

In conclusion if you look the group, finally Marin Cilic was to a set and a few games to go to next round, that match against Wawrinka 7-6 7-6 was decisived. If you makes a real analysis, you will be able to see that my bet had many points of true and wasn’t so far away to work on my line, however small details, Davis Cup on the skyline, focus of concentration,….etc, and of course to looking foward to launch an article so fast about my point of view with respect what would happen during the ATP TOURS FINALS didn’t work on my favor.

Look, dear reader, on doubles I was right with my bet but don`t on singles, of course, I accept whole responsability about my bet, recognized my mistakes, without forgotting the others layers of analysis, really there a lot, the unique progress to keep on growth is through the breath of the all layers, once you feel them is matter of time that you are able to see them and their lessons.

Andy Murray deserved it completely, my  honest Congratulations for him, thanks to my job, I have been conscious how is before to an important much and his habits before and after of the matches, and his total discipline with them, a very good lesson… ….next article explain that about him, Novak, and the number ones.

Faithfully with affection,
A lover & respectful of the values and spirits of whatever sport but specially The hidden on tennis.