Hi dear reader, the title is very clear however before to tell you which is my bet for that ATP FINALS, let me to throw a bouquet of flowers to the female tennis (“algo asi como hacer un guiño al tenis femenino”) they deserve that down my point of view, because few weeks ago was the WTA FINALS, here in England for example no one media have talked about that, even for example in my country it was practically unnoticed as well.


Honestly, I can´t understand why pushing too much to the female tennis in a constantly comparation with the male tennis, is hard and unreasonable that our eyes look the tennis’ skyline since a blur picture. Listen, today for example the life have given me a present really wonderful, a training session of Donna Vekic, forgetting her beauty, of course she is so beautiful, however if you forgot some moments her beauty and put on the focus in the small details, perfectly watched a hidden tennis really very good, but obviusly phisically very different than the male tennis, so if you really love tennis, open your mind, open your eyes, don’t label the tennis just because there are women on court, no make judges without the four senses in the right place.

Thank you very much Donna, and medias hope to turn around the way that you treat to the female tennis with goal to change the way which people still looking at the female tennis with comments like nothing interesting to watch, it is so bad or even, to me tennis female absolutely don’t care, the tennis is tennis, if you like tennis you like all that tennis is as a whole.

It starts to see women on the player’s teams as on male tennis as on female tennis, the perpective, the deep on concepts that a women could give a player (man or woman) really is something just need to feel, we must let it, that is the first step to change the mind respect to female tennis, stop stereotypes and prejudices. Thank you since my hand on my heart. Vamos se puede!.

AH! by the way, that year the players who competed on the WTA Finals were lucky that Petra kvitova didn’t get on time to get the qualification to the WTA Finals, the last 3-4 months she brought a rhythm very high between other things, in fact she won the consolation tournament for the top-20.


Well, already talking about the players who will compete from today in the O2 of London in the Finals, listen dear reader, thanks to my job on Queen’s Club, have been able to watched some practices of many players with the exception of Andy Murray, Novak Djokovic, Stan Wawrinka and Dominic`s trainings on singles, and the couples Mahut / Herbert, Kontinen / Peers and Marc Lopez`s on doubles (Watched to Feliciano training with his coach). Although sounds arrogant can show on some points aobut my vsion on that.



1. Gael Monfils: He is an authentic holding a Power of the humor really brutal, gave a life’s lesson to a Junior Guy, brilliant if the his coach and him are able to realise about that they lived another day on deep. The junior was Ulises Blanch, Spanish-American guy, so would recomend to the RFET(Real Federación Española de Tennis) try to move if the guy want and still there is any option to play for Spain (his father is from Spain), this guy for me has much more that the rest of names that spanish medias usually name.

A point negative on Giles Monfils, if that power of humor doesn’t have a balance can turn against him, lost the sense, patient, focus, concentration, like usually happen, the humor is one the best weapon the human being have, however can be a great enemy as well.

2. Kei Nishikori, I think he keeps in the same circle, but nothing change, can’t understand the sad and too serious energy of their training sessions, think the tennis is a game doesnt a funeral. Have to change the focus if he want to get a jump in his career.

3. Milos Raonic, wow his energy from the Queen’s Club tournament to now have changed a lot, mentality I have seen him down with less joy, why?, I don’t know the reasons.

4. Marin Cilic, I liked a lot of things that have been able to watch on this training, but about all the understanding and great combination between Jonas Bjorkman and the other coach (sorry, I don’t know the name) really fantastic, the dynamic since the beginning to the end. Waching like was Cilic, for me that is MY BET FOR THE ATP TOUR FINALS!

It is true dear reader, what happen with Andy, Stan, Novak and Dominic?, well with the Andy’s PermissionCilic is my Bet without doubts, Stan depends of the day, Dominic is unknown (“es una incógnita) althouhg watching like the young people is, aparte from the experince and something more miss on court and Novak is in a period to find to himself, a personal evolution where breath and able to see who is him outside of everything that turn around of his world and that he moves as well, brings time and need to put a real balance between both fields.

So Dear reader, on singles PAY ATTENTION TO MARIN CILIC!. (curiosly is the one most hidden in the picture).


Curiosly the life have place in the same group to the best teams of the moment with the permision of Jamie Murray and Bruno Soares.  Obviusly, That three Partners are: Nicolas Mahut / Pierre Hugues Herbert, Feliciano Lopez / Marc Lopez and Henri Kontinen / Jhon Peers, for me the latters are my favorites, something more far away from a very good connection or good communication, are a lot things, when have that are really dangerous. However with the two first can happen exactly the same situation, Mahut and Feliciano depends of the attitudes, pattient and predisposition, and in the opposite are Herbert and Marc, both interesting to watch how manage the pressure, both wil have the balance of their partner.

Dear reader about the Bryan Brothers, I don’t see that they are with the same connection and manage of  the priority of the things than before, and about Raven Klassen / Rajev Ram, Treat Huey / Max Mirnyi and Ivan Dodig / Marcelo Melo, miss some details to show on that puntch so makes the difference, maybe the latter Dodig / Melo have to follow as well.



Faithfully with affection,
A lover & respectful of the values and spirits of whatever sport but specially The hidden on tennis.