In the last two months, I’ve felt a lot of people start to wonder what’s wrong with Novak Djokovic? , even journalists writing about it, even in some case like in a Spanish tennis medium, with bad taste and confusing him and his readers, always in my opinion, the concept of Mental Force , in the sense of whether you are in search of your inner most agitated point, that different maturity you stop being a tiger ( Mental Force according to the Journalist), and when it is just the opposite, because one situation does not take away from the other.

At least, from my point of view, my current knowledge and how much I still have to learn and develop, I feel it very different from many situations that I have read. However, before going deeper, first of all, dear reader, I want to invite you to remember, about the country of origin of Novak Djokovic , and the conflicts, sufferings that that country and its people lived, along with the different situations that have happened to him. Novak Djokovic until he gets to where he is right now, regardless of the fact that from today Monday he will be the second in the world. 

Once we have recalled, both you, dear reader, as I, each drawing their conclusion on the matter, we can then get closer to understanding the emotional-mental situation that Novak Djokovic is going through, I repeat from my humble judgment. When you have been in a dark well without wanting it or looking for it where you suddenly come out suddenly, that light will have a double impact within you, for one strength, for another mist, which the identifying imbalance is a matter of time that comes into conflict. 

It is understood, the less painful resulting from the slow falls as well as the slow exits, that is to say to move in high and low peaks, it is not advisable, in my personal judgment, however curiously many people have gone through situations between linked, recoveries They are marked by the circumstances developed throughout that real process of blind predisposition towards what you do not know, but that only has one owner, You .

This is like a newly born living being, until little by little, it opens its eyes, then also little by little, it takes its first steps, a whole process of a lot of patience and observation, when that light is transmitted more calmly. born, the better it responds and the more benefits it will have in the following stages, the same can be said of the natural solar process of sunset and dusk, which both cases call us to Balance , the importance of my following personal scheme:

Spiritual-Emotional) –  POINT OF UNION (COMMON SENSE)  – (Human-Scientific) I  consider it vitally important not to jump towards any of the extremes, because without the other there would be no healthy-structured coexistence that is worth, both in life as in any profession, including sport where the spikes on both sides are usually the bread and butter. 

You know it is usually attached to you, on many occasions you will not perceive it, but I know that you can feel it, the question is the predisposition to stop thinking (defeat of the Ego) and let yourself go, that hidden thing comes out, the knock knock of the door, that every heart wants to open, that is the music to play, without a controller clock, only the rhythm that you know how to set, and thus obtain the only key capable of opening your trunk.

Do you know what it means to be able to have the key to open that trunk? , open parts “a priori” blocked by many, because you do not judge, you put Love, and with time, patience, without knowing why, you say to yourself, what about this change? Obviously looking good with everything is non-existent and hypocritical, because it depends on the predisposition of the person in front of you, and that is not always generated by you. A routine example: Because with a person, what does everyone say if that is complicated, or that with yourself I was an ogre, last winter, because the following winter is the opposite, with you, while others continue to think the same as always? . Basic, following my scheme mentioned above, two powers: Love and Empathy , but I repeatE-QUI-LI-BRA-DO .

If your dear reader, you are one of those who has been following this blog or not, it is good to remind you and invite you to take a look at my article in the Variety section of The Ages and Theirs Mental Condition. is in english) , you will get a little closer to understanding the inevitable processes that every human being, whether you like it or not, we have or we have to go through, with all the light, strength and meaning of life that these processes can permeate In us, it is basically the situations that we are seeing in many celebrities (athletes, Actors, … etc ..) and not so famous, but equally successful, seeing how they end up with each other; It is where Novak Djokovic is traveling, you can include Victor Valdés and to many others, I summarize the matter with four questions that I ask you, my readers: 

1. How is each one approaching it? 

2. How would you answer that question, dear reader?

3. Do you consider that looking for that essential point of maturity without being corrupted by that material, that if it disappears, you are as empty and “weak” as a blank page, is not to be a “tiger” like some who call themselves journalists? Do you consider, or on the contrary, will you be a Lion, a Tiger, a beast much further than that first monetary and labor identification layer from which you live towards the rest?


4. Is success being number 1 or surpassing yourself without stepping on anyone or anything above rankings, verbiage (criticism and praise), rather than personal transgression that takes you collaterally to where your work, attitude and respect In each step that you walk through life, it deserves to be placed, without leaving that position overwhelming you, although sometimes it involves knowing how to say NO to different situations and even to collect certain personal awards according to true humility, principles and dignity.

Caduno make your reflections and get your own-neutral answers.

Following a bit, with this process that Novak Djokovic, is doing with a professional, although he may or may not agree on aspects, approaches and more, the same thing happens with psychologists, who by the way I have worked with them, or as some like to say finely, therapist . Look, dear reader, I want to make clear once again, the great affection, love and appreciation that I have for you because without all the complete scheme mentioned above, it is understood that the psychologist, family and others are inside, in my case also included my phobia (for life, I am afraid, if it were not for her (my phobia), I would not have fallen to the bottom of the well either, explanation mentioned above), it would not be who I am today on a personal level, that also includes the spiritual (God , Muhammad, Buddha, FAITH … as everyone wants to call it), today converted into meditation, Yoga and others ..

So if you are a priest, you should not stay locked in your habit-comfort box and if you are a Psychologist, exactly the same, without the neutral point it is non-existent, it is more a very curious example and more and more frequent, as we speak of sports, on the Spa area, that is to say Turkish bath (Steam Room), Sauna and even typical baths in ice-frozen water, although the latter does not exist in my current club, the other two do, and they are the well-known HOT POINTS (Hot Points) of the club, because when either of the two does not work, as is currently the case, the impatience on the part of the members is great, due to the corporal and mental importance that it has on them.

The Sauna and the Turkish Bath , Sauna that comes from Finland and the Turkish bath of the Greeks, Romans and Greek Peoples, which until the end of the 1800s did not begin to spread throughout the world, however it also has its scientific research and their contributions, the sensations are unbeatable, such as the use of the pool, something that humanly, we continue to have the concept of a place of bathing and leisure, instead of a place of emotional, physical and mental recovery, the sensations when finishing using both the Spa Area like the pool are similar, and if you do it together and in a balanced way, unbeatable.

Curiously in both places, the most important advantage, which helps a lot to that balance, is the impossibility of getting inside with any digital device or newspaper or magazine, it is only you with your breath, your connection, and the silence and peace of the corner, In the case of the swimming pool too, if you have respectful people next to you swimming or if you know how to handle the inconveniences to avoid unwanted internal penetrations, this seems fundamental to me, it is true in the pool there are already “aquatic” helmets, bad business, that is already each one who wants to search, but I do not advise it. Where do I want to go? .

Well, dear reader, everything is a sum, Novak Djokovic is in that process in which those Spa areas of the gimaniso, even there are already exclusively Spa sites, known as spa hotels, add much more depth to this whole process, the topic It is ooh, I do a sauna or Turkish bath or I have gone to Pilates or Yoga class, and to which I go out, I am already whatsapping, fiddling with the cell phone, … etc … What is the use of doing it or going to those classes , if I do not see or value the real depth? , oh and by the way! If you are an extremist psychologist (scientific or spiritual, I don’t care) and when you go to the gym or a hotel of these characteristics and use any of these tools, in your teaching process you are falling into contradictions with yourself, that you know, at least from my humble judgment. 

In summary, like a camera, there are many angles, which seems perfect to me that Novak Djokovic , seek sharpness from all angles, is the essential and necessary thing, which we should all do, it will allow you a different approach to each situation, to value what is truly important and necessary that a human being needs, to use that little bit of empathy necessary, to at least put a grain of sand in the world different from the rest, always full of honesty, heart and humility, mainly with yourself, without appearances, but above all it gives you the strength and sociability of a Lion , and of course also, the loneliness, territoriality and sharp, feline gaze of a Tiger, without losing the human sensitivity that is presumed to our species, human beings, by our ability to reason and communicate with each other (which by the way I do not both today, happy ego and lack of personal work).

I do not believe that a person who seeks to be that balanced  Feline is dead or finished, the one who manages to be that Feline , ends up possessing for me the true “mental strength” , so popularly spoken today in any conversation or named lightly in any article. journalistic, the mind is life, it is not just a point, that is why any work with something as delicate and as dizzying as it is in these times, has to be for and for life, its day to day, its minute by minute and its second by second, I repeat something too delicate to play with. Famous “Mentality”, listenable every second without knowledge or reason for being. 

The issue is to be that “FELINO”  within everyone’s reach, but not everyone becomes so, and wanting to be one is already a step away from the ordinary to the differentiating, where you see beyond and clearly who you really are and what you can become and that “little bit” humble that you can bring to life, and maybe even influence others. Oh and being a “FELINO” is not being a “PIRAÑA” , where the line may be fine if the Ego and fears intersect, not phobias. 

Let’s keep learning, and I repeat it is a simple-humble opinion from my personal judgment, open to improving and broadening perspective, which leads to correcting mistakes.

Faithfully with affection,
A lover & respectful of the values ​​and spirits of whatever sport but specially The hidden on tennis .