I have always considered that the past should never be removed, nostalgia is emotionally intense, also considering not to cross too much to the positive side of things, basically by connecting to the present and harming the future, regardless of the capacity developed to manage it, since I do not believe In the categories of good or bad, better or worse, whatever it has been, without that we would not be who we are in the present or who we will be in the future, nor if we will be in that future, thinking about the Here and Now , one lives closer to that emotion-feeling called by my continued happiness .

In that nostalgic removal to the past, the media have a simply brutal social impact, as during this last month until the final concert on October 31, we have seen in my country a musical program called OPERACIÓN TRIUMFO  with the famous REENCOUNTER  That really the idea looking in the present was good and moving, however the approach given during and after that, has been regrettable, instead of focusing on the most important and constructive of teaching towards the rest, of those outgoing boys / as of the famous academy (odiously called triumphs by many).

Truly a program that arrived, as all the beautiful things in life usually arise, at the right time and place, through the social need to make their emotions navigate through the sea that crosses all that wonderful and key field for our moods, generating united families in front of a television watching some simple kids, in search of their dream, through hard work, sacrifice, discipline, dedication, self-love and most importantly, no judgments or complaints, but work , work and more work.

Obviously, within the magic line of television between the real and the unreal or interested, a castle is built doing it every week or every gala, bigger, more powerful, juicier, as far as the foundations bear the weight, once the explosion has been consummated, what seemed like all love, light, magic, a dream of achieved feelings, is transformed into piranhas full of egos at levels, that a street person can never imagine (I know from my experience of my current work), where the retina of their eyes only see the symbol of money, it does not matter what is in front of it, even if it is a human being, for them you are a puppet product, where your ideas or opinions have no place in their reality. 

¿ What relationship does Operacion Triunfo with Tennis? and what does it not have with politics? And with any other profession you want to dedicate yourself to?   Mainly two: the first  The beginnings , there it has everything, because making a helpful place is not easy, you always need that first “teacher”that sets guidelines for you and then it is time to fly alone, all of them who managed to level up, be transgressors, make their dreams come true, whatever the scale, because not being on television does not mean that you are not contributing something to the music, or living from it; exactly the same for tennis, being or having been a top-200, top-500 or top-100 without becoming number 1, or appearing on television or the media, does not mean that you are not living off tennis, or at least enjoying your passion.

You know dear reader, there are many factors that add up to reach one level or another within the field of your passion, at least I have my own opinion, my own reality, my own experience, of course it will be different from yours, however if I am I am completely sure that there is a common starting point, called Common Sense , that means that I and your dear reader must both put aside our ambitions, our egos, and personal interests, I know that from there the visual perspective is going to be so broad, so rich in everything that we so-called “human beings” need , that in the end many points in common or summations will be found where we will be united and oiled in operation.

I firmly believe in this functioning is a matter of predisposition , if the person is emotionally healthy, to get out of his protective armor, letting the emotions of the entire environment that surrounds teach you, penetrate you to the point where you consider it should enter, you allow you to breathe, enjoy that moment in a healthy way, without getting away from that inexplicable nature that we are, of which as you well know we have millions of questions, but not answers for all, the work upwards advances alone, without forcing or locks and full of mutual understanding .

Trying to use my empathy towards  the piranhas , I understand their protection status, which should exist, but not the ineffectiveness and limiting incompetence, reminding them of their “Common Sense”to go down to other realities with a real and sincere humility, close to the street, that jungle street but at the same time with really beautiful moments, because in the 21st century, there are inexplicable situations, as well as those detractors of everything, hidden behind a screen, or in their newspaper columns, where they launch comments or articles, full of much resentment, hatred, envy, resentment, of course without a broad and objective vision of reality, with the simple intention of doing as much damage as possible, obviously without being consequential to the real contamination that it can get to harvest.

And the second part they have in common is music , music treated as sound, not noise (common in our times), balanced with silence, they form that invisible thread that unites us in emotions, sensations, feelings, which allows us to reach to the deepest, richest and most wonderful part of us, getting us to let ourselves be carried away through the invisible thread, but sentient in a way as special as it is unique, that part that I think science benefits a lot to move forward satisfactorily many investigations and not to mention all the technological and methodical advances that make our lives easier.

I believe that if we are connected in that musical thread-emotions, our hearts will invite us to thank OPERACIÓN TRIUNFO , for everything contributed, taught, without forgetting that only those who were within that ACADEMY  really know what they have lived ( like me with my phobia, only I know what I have lived and live with it) the rest of us have been simple spectators with a TOURIST vision , which our right to judge should not exist, but if there is it is very limited where we should show that really we have developed the value of empathy.


Faithfully with affection,
A lover & respectful of the values ​​and spirits of whatever sport but specially The hidden on tennis .