PERSPECTIVE!!!! Adverted they were.

Maybe that I am a person that talk clear without any filter can bring some type of ” conflict ” in according as the receiver is willing to receive it or about all because I love to get a lot the time to spread out that have inside which is still more intense if the other really matter me or even doesn’t matter me if there is an mutual company to exchange information and make together much more stronger.

” I am a super faster learning that grab permanently details from the neighbours while go absorbing it in the same even from those hidden details that even are not saying by the mouth, all sum to catch up the famous ” brain click ” that let oneself live on the reality of the situations and bring his/her inner and abilities to other level in a very smooth and healthier way. ” 

” If there is movement, means that there is life on, and if there is life means that there are a heavy raining of information from which could learn a lot each day that always beginning from human aspects on. ” 

Said that, because as commented on the previous article, the tennis players as whatever other athletics are firstly human beings, so take advantage from them as if was a product, honestly is not a detail that like to feel on, and that as in the VICTORY as in the LOST, should take the context from a deep and honest PERSPECTIVE of the facts that happened on, means about all in relation as it was gained on, because if we don’t make it, and put to the humans against the edge of the cliff, then will be playing with fire that sooner or later will burnt in, and that is other part of the EGO, a way to justify our steps as to up as in a way down (Circular excuses).

Once more time one thing is so clear:

” A right is not coming just from a book or a dynamic development for inertia, it is coming from the courage and even the ability to encourage others to live or have lived through of the four real corners of the life, because in this way will be living in your own bubble and it always have a date to expire which will poke on. ” 



Yesterday, Friday, I wasn’t at Wimbledon, think that lost the count that have defenced the reputation from the LTA, as in everywhere there are all kind of people, but although haven’t seen the complete information, if it was enough to know as the results would be at that Wimbledon, as grab in a thousandth every detail as on court as off the court, that already is saying you where is the strongest point but in the same time where is the weakness of each one as on tennis as in mentalities (Inner Processes) and as work to improve it, but the issue is, how many people is going to talk your the players that?.

Honestly have not justly happened on professionals is that even yesterday, all the juniors that were playing the qualification also all lost less one, but even also would say with audacity that is important to be aware about a fact and it is in relation to implementation of a solid development that bring to the people back to play tennis, and understand it as something simple and healthier, without pushing to them to an impact that place them away from the game.

I can’t say you that right now, I don’t have in my inner a feeling of anger as feel that we lost a big chance to prepare the things with different point and have played with advantage on, because feel that could have helped a lot to each one of the players, small details that sign out all their performances, at least right now on singles on Britain is what it is (today have still Katie Boulter on the game, improvement small things… ) but also my feeling of anger is in relation to the injuries and other weaknesses point, without caring about the type of flags, as independently of the aggressiveness that could or couldn’t have the own competition, there are small technical aspects that have an effect in the pain areas, and adjust it feel that in that levels is easier than to do in ordinary people on.

Anyway I had loved to be able to help them on, so change expression for WHAT? WHA DO YOU WANT?, for What could you offer me?, as said sometimes would be most useful and human, leaving the EGO out of the game.

By the way, Stefanos Tsitsipas, that reminds from when worked in the Queen’s Club, as members laughing about me as like always everyone does, when said that remember that boy because have a double weapon, and look now where is, and on that new relation with my countryside woman, that stability is a weapon that could make him more dangerous, felt that are really focus, but keep worry about his movement legs that on the left hand has too much influence on her backhand, and like that as that keep his breathing chest in order.

The Britains after of that Wimbledon, although have some advance on doubles, must do a deep reflection…..




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