Sincerely dear reader, although I am located in the shadow no one can’t stop the value of my knowledge nor even will be able to hide an amazing critical eye that is the sharpest to a transparent drop of water that you have never had close on, so although is a very small percentage my tips/advices offered freely are really successful straight away, because I am aware about that have to do, means that put in value all my development is at an advantage as the evidence of that peaks of performances are leaving it really clear on. Could you image if instead of being on the shadow, I could really spread all my tools directly on the courts that effect would reach it on?

” A peak of performance must never be focused in relation to the scores if not through of the feelings that are delivering on and off the court and its abilities acquired, like that as the consequences or details that there is underneath of the score obtained on court with the clear goal that have to be to keep us that performance on a regularity or permanently in the time ever.” 

Hopefully let me to WORK!!!, I just requested it!..

Go with the MATCHES.

Jan Choinski vs Hurbert Hurkacz. (Complete)

JAN. Firstly, felt that his performance have been brutally much better than the previous day, about all should remind in his mind the third set in the 8th game, 4-4, everything that he made there, probably one of the most complete game with each of his strokes, if seek that point and go to keep that can damage a lot and keep his growth on. Must keep improvement small details about the position of the hands on the racket (don’t lost the mobility), the steps much more clear  (Reduction time to the ball), the backhand is where has aweak point where development much more potential, steps and turn on (twist), exit too


HURBERT.  On the serve, could arch the body a little bit more, barely blend the knees down and the elbow leaves loose on, also in the rest after of the split grabs a position quite unstable that makes him that doesn’t give a good impulse to the ball, other thing with the strokes from the baseline must twister and keep the extension more although on grass have to adapt some details, it is not one of them as lost a lot of consistency, and after keep a good touch – effectiveness.

Karolina Muchova vs Jule Niemeier (Last Set)

When arrived to the match to go saving my seat focusing on the next matches, Karolina was already injured.

KAROLINA.  Although had that injury in her right leg, honestly to emotional levels the noise inside was bigger than the own injury, if is something clear as could see on the last Roland Garros is that her mobility should be much more dynamic and not overloading the body with some beast movements and landing on the floor with too much aggressively, that is not question if was her style or doesn’t, is just about grabbing more power with less energy used on that on consequence will bring back a reduced level of body impact in.

JULE. Observed that has a big body and that barely transfers all the power of her body to the ball (hit racket vs ball), on the service makes a long form of tray back on, leaving it too much which does easier that the opponent can read it but even when after want to go to hit the ball can have doing by myself a little damage on, also in the most of the hits was her body in a position of front to the net, so when has to hit the ball the impact was right and without having that momentum that brings a better transference of the body.

Matteo Berrettini vs Lorenzo Sonego. (Last Set, postponed from the day before)

MATTEO. Felt that the service punish him a lot, it is executed with too much body blocked on, with the impact and consequences against the body is higher, also on the forehand his exit to the ball is shorter and unbalanced, too much mistakes with the point of impact up (net), after the backhand his position was better, and with the rest has an excess of impact through of a mobility that is too signed on, means that also adjust a time delay to hit with the ball.

LORENZO. The tempo of his services is too long, so he overload his arm and leave a good reading to the opponent, with the forehand once behind other was so straight on and didn’t turn the body (twister) as also his exit to the ball wasn’t enough, playing without getting a touch racket – ball, so lost a lot of precision.

Vikitoriya Tumova vs Katie Boulter. (Complete)

The warm up will be a good sign about as the match would be going on (like all the warm up are on if read properly the details that happen on)

VICKTORIYA. All her technique is quite well drawn on all her movement, could say that in an excess of design as it reduces all your movements and give you back a higher body impact on. On the service except some slice that really can do a little damage, really didn’t found the position to make a better movement, think that in that case, the toss for her position or better said her point of impact is so higher to her own height of the body. After on the movements from the base line, sincerely was too stuck to the body, specially with the forehand, with the backhand if made a beauty gesture with her wrist that cover the ball string – racket with good effectiveness. On mentality was too much closed in the thoughts (separated).

KATIE. She was so similar to that made the rest of the days, but on the rest has a work that improvement in find a position where the movement turn on properly to grab a higher effectiveness with it and don’t give away too much free points, also grab a higher sensibility string – ball (soft wrist) with the racket that is most intense noticed in short balls that have to play inside of the court on zones 2 and 3, and on mentality brain – mind, mustn’t impulse or interfere to herself with self-affirmation that blocks all her development on, must play much more free in that important inner aspect.

Frances Tiafoe vs Dominic Stricker. (First Set.)

As said above, the warm up are clear on many details, saw just a set, because have already grabbed all details and knew as it would go on.

FRANCES. As said in other articles, his service give sentence to him in a huge difference when are playing with big opponents, doesn’t have any balance and lost a lot of consistency, and after where he got to mark differences with the rest the opponents, or even asked him later about why you win so many tie breaks, the question is not too much on the service, if not in a detail really hidden is that play some more freedom (relativisation) with his hit between the racket and the ball which get to execute the hit and that’s it, however feel if really want to elevate his level, need to develop a lot more feelings (TOUCH) between the arm, the racket, the strings, the ball and his mind – brain position, then if will be an opponent with a higher options to finish completely the movie on.

DOMINIC. His service was quite clean probably his strike most wide on, after with the forehand brought it to a direct impulse that damages, reduce mobility and rest power of dominancy, after with his backhand all his body is quite close to big back that have in favour of using his dorsal forth on, and also on his volleys he waited the ball a little bit, but here is where can noticed more, that lack of extension the racket as a component more of an arm that accompanied the ball in the path.   After observed a fact that interfered a lot on his mind, the behaviour from his box, in an critical moment of that first set, the interference was so clear, and obviously it wasn’t impulsed to the direction that they wished on.



On doubles obviously are not going to analyse one component by one, although could already sign some points of each one, although with the British ones have seen quite a lot to grab each small point on. Simply will say that apart of small technical gestures that are big differences on that category and that both players are working on the same line without getting that one have to be the whole time pulling up to the other is quite need, a good mutual leadership, at least to keep the chances up to the last second on, but even on the victory to make analyse that brought it to the self-deception, if it was for own details or even for permanent unbalanced times from the other couple on.

Emilie Appelton / Jodie Burradge  vs Jana Sizikova / Kimberley Zimmermann  (Flash moments)

Anna Danilina / Yifan Xu vs Naiktha Bains / Maia Lumsden (Flash moments)

Jamie Murray / Michael Venus  vs. David Vega Hernandez / Albano Olivetti (Complete)


LIAM BROADY’S MATCH and somed detail from ANDY.

I couldn’t watch the Liam’s match as barely had a ground pass, but equally on gratitude, but if know his game, where could go improvement much more, anyway can’t talk about the match because didn’t watch it, but simple the things must place on perspective, because if for example the Leeds beat to the Manchester CITY, is a cool winner, yes it is, but if after they are going to the championship league on relegation, then will be useless (human terms that not about material terms) but at least for me the most important is that the players or player got a great regularity, PERMANENT CONSISTENCY, means have drawn a curve of performance with the all the wave of the peaks totally stable on. TO ME THERE IS THE REAL VALUE!.

About Andy, the little time that was in the HILL watching the match, it is not only when he was down to the floor, maybe some issue in his hip adductor (on the metal one, maybe)….. to explain briefly a detail, could recover a sentence that said me someone recently, so show the limit mind space, when said him, quiet, relax yourself, don’t let that the stress address you, then the person said  ” The events are like that “,  from my experience where have had that work on the edge of the corner, as for my Phobia (PHS Person) as for the different jobs developed, if you had a business and the clients are the banks, that over there if you don’t want to lost the contract won’t have a breath in to deliver the job on time and like that a long etc that bring the responsibility to keep open a business, but even have worked a lot in hospitality, even the own Wimbledon, 3 days 2 years ago, because nobody didn’t want to work, just gain easier money, so pushed me out after to be running alone through of 6 stations without getting lost for the stress, but obviously couldn’t accept to be an idiot on, as not everything in the life must be the money, anyway the summary is that in a tennis match, although have a stress as happened with my phobia (have told a lot about it), must do an intelligence that let us divide the spaces:

1. The stress that the own accumulation of work have by itself (on tennis the variety of the opponents or changes of stages/conditions or both things together).

2. The IMAGINARY stress that are adding about ourselves through of our thoughts or every time in nowadays more frequently the emocional interference from the people who is around of us, a emotional noise that thought that aren’t but in reality is those that call the silence stress, and our body if feel it!. 

3. On tennis of course, could add small technical details that although doesn’t look like, but really is tighten our muscles – joints,…etc… 

Sincerely a miss that have been able to help on to plenty of the players that have had around, feel that failure to them, but there are not other fact that validate to oneself first. 



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