Dear reader, as you know If you are reading my articles and post, I have just told yesterday (The second day) that was a little frightened observing as distracted the human beings are living on, that even as I don’t touch the bottom of braking, then I get dragged down as well, then any reason felt that there is anything on the air that pushed me to be active, as sadly have had to see on live for twice in the COURT 18.

Look, between the spaces of both interruptions, two mums and their teenagers daughters, apart from helping them with a small incident, asked me that which is your Idol? (Yesterday, Tuesday other mum and her daughter asked me the same thing), said them, although grew with reference as Andre Agassi, that can’t answer that question, because for me THE TENNIS is something that is over whatever name, it is the sport by itself and everything that can be brought to the world from the TENNIS, then clear now everyone is getting crazy (flipándose) with the figure of CARLITOS ALCARAZ, then tried to explain them point by point, detail by detail, all the aspects of that technique, as so clean is is, even as the matter in relation to CARLOS ALCARAZ, is leaving in super EVIDENCE, the brutal conceptual ignorance in relation to that, about all from inside of the own tennis industry.

¨ IGA SWIATEK is not far away about it similar technique, but there are plenty psychology details and that make me worry in terms of MENTAL HEALTH, quality outside of tennis, because have the feeling and the enough clarity to see that if appears inconveniences that are not in her hand, injuries or other worst thing, feel that is not ready, that words that mention goes for other plenty players, coaches,…etc… males and women…¨ 

Also have observed from long time ago:

¨ HAS PROVED the fact that have been a player TOP TEN or just from the rest of the group, that considered ” Professional player “, that don’t guarantee them that can develop a great labour as TENNIS COACH, as a way dynamic don’t give them a book of Conceptual technique + Impacts body – brain, because basically or have been or are mere robots that apply a line without considering other plenty things while develop a flat communication (ordinary without vision) ” .

Why have I done that long introduction on?,  simple, focus on my last job, on the LTA, the WILDCARDS, because offered my person even for free to help, feel a lot of anger and impotence, I don’t care that everybody is laughing about me on my back, because just me know my potential, my knowledge and immense job that have developed behind of me, from my own loneliness and without getting any support from anyone, justly grabbing my own choices as professionals as personal, hold of my  shoulders and the illusion – passion to understand everything more and more through of a curiosity that was a need of free survive.  So Who is caring of those players that received an WilDCARD to be exposed to the lynching of the PUBLIC & MEDIAS? or if break a barrier, Who is making a prevention of the information that all human situation provides on?….. 

” Sit down in the bubble of a Aston Martin or a Porche is right, but sit down with the crowded with male or female players, is a reality much more real about that is happening on, at then end the player will be alone in his/her journey on ” .

Yesterday, today (Wednesday) and Tomorrow (Thursday) are being days that are leaving all that in a brutal evidence on, and keep walking on that circle is not going to anywhere, while two, three or four players have to load a weight that don’t belong to theirs jobs on, so there are not excuse for it. Chose that title when was looking the title to put on today, on the last match a boy sit down in front of me with a jumper that in his back said exactly it: IT IS ONLY A MATTER OF VIEW! That shall also apply in the details technical and psychological that explain every day on my post or articles as this below.


THE MATCHES of today.


SHO. Honestly was so weak on many parcels of the game. On the serve, his toss was so accelerated and without getting an order, and the wrist quite tighten. About the rest, all the pack was so wide and with a split without sense that had to do a long journey to grab the ball on, meant to go too late on; about the strokes from the baseline, there wasn’t it that called touch and accordion with the ball, between it lack of wrist mobility and wrong position of the body to that point of impact was opened on, and the last thing Is that tough where more can feel it is on the half way and net volley on….  it is summary in point that is the whole base of tennis, his legs didn’t have an enough exit and rotation.

GRIGOR. On the serve that was a little struggle with the first services, well apart of getting an excess of pause on, his right elbow is as holding a little behind and it does that many times pulling the muscle (Dar un seco tirón)…so made him to lost a little control and go in to the ball for its high area, means that hit It to below (net), also lost a lot of balance in the blend of the knees, as makes a very dirty game for the own body and effectiveness to the stroke.  Also in the forehand as the backhand as has to hit a little inside of the court, need to make a little ¨pause, then grab space and draw the area where hit it, which gain space and sensibility with the ball, after in the exit of legs to the ball about all to backwards (also to rest of the sides) must be much more clear and don’t place the body back as a training to self-correction.


About that match and in relation to each one of them, said all in the previous article, before that match was suspended for raining and finished today. But want to add two details.

KATIE: She was more quite than yesterday (Tuesday) and also grabbed on a great point of determination, a great point of the aggressiveness, but have to be more regular and don’t be a impulse that bring out all her energy on. The exit on the rest must accompanied more with the opponent forced, and the wrist must be soft, detail that in some affect to her consistency on the service (more first on).

DARIA. It is all in everything that said yesterday (Tuesday), arm so stuck against the body,…but a detail that said more that it can appear on, is that in a space of the time, grab her notebook and read her notes that had in a book, that is as copy in an examen, and sincerely it displace to our mind, lost focus, confidence and lost where is the esteem.

*Invite you that go to the day previous article to understand some more about that match.


GEORGE. On the service, it was so stuck against the floor, and was a prejudice to the impulses to take out after it. After there was a detail that called me the attention, being a big, tall boy, all his body was reduced on with the back so closed, said in other words, why was doing his body so small which means as well that you are never going to get a movement and rotation/extension of the arms in a real consistent way on.

HOLGER. On the serve, his dominant arm was absolutely blocked, wrist, elbow and shoulder, and after also the action of the whole movement was too faster and even tighten on. that provide the impulse of action with a tough jerk. Also on the rest, the position was so wide in relation to his hip that lost a little time of reaction, about the forehand I miss to get more extension instead of getting a flash movement that are big handicap to hit the ball much properly and gain more in point of self potential to bring out;  the last thing is that spend a tremendous self-energy in all his areas together with all consequences that it has in.


SONAY.  A serve prepared for the upper area that don’t have force nor acceleration nor effects, also the forehands and backhands don’t have any space of exit with the legs, that even neither makes twist/rotation from the arm, being as similar to a lock, completely locked, which doesn’t have nor depth nor speed on, there are not verticality nor departure of the body.

MADISON. On the serve, missed more arch, keep a little more the arm and don’t be on pause too much time. On the backhand had a good position but would like to grab a little more extension. Forehand, it was an excess of them against the red, basically two reasons, first because her rotation/ twist of body was being good, let the ball get in too much and her space body ball, don’t let her to move it clean enough, with a very high point of impact that hit it up down but other detail from her forehand and backhand, is that her fingers in the grab and exchange of grip always were on the air and after when wanted to stuck the fingers with the hold, it was late and without getting on feeling with the racket (an more area of the arm), so bring it to the other extreme holding the racket too tighten up. And the last detail that want to name from her, is about her crazy nervous state, she was in panic, completely in attack of anxiety, being dominated for the nervous system on. Dangerous and constraining.


MATEO. On the service was completely blocked, all the body position is tremendously locked on, left leg, and also arm, elbow, shoulders, hip,…that even had as double impulse, in other words, have to do a tremendous effort and a devastating waste of energy.  As his forehand as backhand are taken so late, the movement from the upper side was right, but with the legs must hold a little bit more and after impulse more up, avoiding that it come in. On the backhand had a trouble with the hand that is not dominant, is all too much sticky to the body and can do any kind of outdoor movement that let grab the ball with more angle, to gain in manage, direction and power (acceleration), but also reduce the excess of energy used on.

ROBERTO. His forehand grip is so extreme, don’t let him to grab too much power nor manage of the ball; on the backhand miss more twist and an more extension of the arms to the hit of the ball because looked as if wanted to rid of the ball instead of hitting the ball in extension on, but also is consequence to find good supports or resources on. About the rest gave too long steps back, with a split so high that limit the dominance of the point. On Mentality, must extend more far away about the basic mind computer that sometimes teach us, and focus outside of the initial map in.


Summary, as well said the title IT IS ONLY A MATTER OF VIEW, basically bring out an APTITUDE AND ATTITUDE quite different, change our thoughts and start to see more than we think that are seeing on. Also as said above, must have extra careful when give wildcards as the own fact to look after for the players (human being) in way where their MENTAL HEATH is not going to be destroyed, and not is just to lack of technique or intensity or simple a mature far way from the human side (Emotional – psychological), if not that must respect the develop professional in that are on that moment, WILDCARDS on that way are a miserable HOT POTATO that many of them don’t deserve suffer on the way, and but also in general terms gazing directly to the players, as have done other occasions, miss a true PASSION, AN AUTHENTIC ILLUSION TO WORK and a WIDE LISTENING between the PLAYERS AND the TEAM, as feel that the PLAYERS ARE MERE PUPPETS that after seek justifications with the easier excuse that can find in!!.

Doesn’t matter the flag, there is job to do!!!!!. 

The formation is not if you were NUMBER 1, 5, 20, 200 OR 500 of the world, is in the base of development and self-correction that are able to bring on. 

” The society or the group looks like as a flock of pigs that run all together to the cliff without looking that below are not a solid land where everyone follow each other interfering in the mutual process of development in and off .”




Thank you very much!.




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