WIMBLEDON DAY 2. WHO IS WHO?. Only a match and some more details on.

Do you remind dear reader a very old table game called who is who?, basically had to discern that person had hidden on the card, so had to pay attention a high number of details to find the right person who was hidden on. What does it have in relation with the Tennis?. Today is a good day to remind the words of Dan Evans said week ago in an interview, need it type of light on, even in Spain a little bit as well.

A wildcard sometimes is hot potato that can have a very bad respond over the time but not only acting against the armour of the player if not even go underneath against the own essence from the own person. I am not say that about that have happened today to Ryan Penniston, probably is going to be about who much better grab it, if not because have already observed in some other humans, as in women as in men, the brutal damage that is developing or have already pointed out in them, doesn’t matter the colour of the flag (British, Canada, France, Spain…..) but is true that England it is much more intense, maybe for the fact to have a GRAND SLAM, but the damage is not irreparable but if that is tremendously dangerous in.

” The human being look for another side, blowing up a balloon saying that are looking after the MENTAL HEALTH, but really need to see some fire out to believe that there is something happening in, but after will be weird to find someone with enough resources to switch it off ” 

” A hot potato is as CROSS BORDER LINE but without getting the right preparation to manage the level that every stage are going to require innerly, it is to send a human being against the cave of a volcano in eruption.”  

” A human must be with people that are being authentic and really want to be close to them for its human values without the rest of issues the consequences of a honest human interaction that is brought to a great level of professionalism, from there will get to paint a great literary MASTERPIECE, soft and fluently to the whole life, after it will be noticed on COURT. ” 



Firstly to see that match between two players that transmit a lot of light, a good mood and a lot of cooling character is always a nice gift that elevate the cortisol from whatever that know as appreciate that type of vibrations, because the tennis shouldn’t be suffering if not justly the contrary an exploring that let to find the unknown limits that go beyond from the own human knowledge.

Daría, she was like a small mouse that is biting all time persistently without breaking on through of a very visual game, which is a very good positive challenge for the opponent to be better and better each other. It was that was happening on the match where step by step both was going up.

About Daria, a detail left me really worry as human being that I am, and is that she was repeating many times a really deep sense of concern about her knee, felt that have developed innerly a higher psychosomatic process, which is really dangerous that avoid to face a reality more free and about all bring back to the nervous system, that is one of the meaning that block the ordinary oxygenation to all body, and it could finish the action as a needle that don’t wish that comes in.

Technically, liked as was her hand holding the racket, let herself a soft wrist, some that helped her to develop a service quite consistent and effective, but there is small details to improve if I am a little bit fussy, after with the forehand had some issues first with the legs to go to the position and after also developing a closing movement with the arm that don’t let her to grab the ball clean enough on, justly the consequence was said by herself ” don’t force on”, because when don’t have that point of the head of racket right, the ball is going to anywhere longest. …. Tactically, missed a little of variability to move the opponent from her zone on.

Katie, first thing although don’t have relation with the own Katie, but the last designs of Nike, looked like to a kitchen servant, so at least me did feel a little bit of anger, when honestly think that the woman have a value that the own men need, because the inner combination from both sides make of it a powerful force that place as to the man as the woman in a brutal way of growth, well after to make that criticism to Nike, go to see that saw on Katie.

The positive of the nike dress is that let me to see clearly as was the breathing on her stomach, felt it tighten and excessively nervous which was in a type of speed that shouldn’t be in, even probably it forced her to give a communication of self-affirmation that pushing her out of focus. About the rest where was so struggle, specially in the left side was too impregnated down that brought her to have a certain inconsistency there, and in relation to his forehand, the point of impact behind and open, even closing so faster, lost extension, but other detail in short balls, was too much over the ball, when is quite important to draw a mini pause once that was close to the ball and then will have an impact so solid and safety but also a wide space in the ability to take choices on, also there is other small thing, the hold on the racket would like that it was smooth, means got a wrist completely on fire without getting too much impact back in, even will easier the movements with the racket. Tactically, needed to prove more, get free of robotism and show to herself.

After was raining without stopping at all and couldn’t see any more matches on the rest of the day…… I could give details from other matches that one servant get in a glimpse on, but for today left it like that.

Let me to finish that article with reflexion that follow some parts of that have commented above, but also with some other details, well if place over the arms of human being a thick steel bar to blend it down the maximum he/she can do it, probably we are placing in type of commitment that out the limit that bar has on is place them and us in a fragile position that in some way have consequences to pay on and off, it is something that shouldn’t be happening on, however think that one of the problems that is happening or even can appear on the skyline is that there is a lack of passion, interest, love and devotion in the humans who pretend to guide that way, because is that should be, a guide, but never a psychological manipulation that push us to hear that we wish to hear on.

” On psychology exist a term called VITAL CONEXION, where frequently same energy accustom to be together or mover on the same direction, painting an unreal state of comfort, a fight permanently when mustn’t have any fight, simply let that it go fluently, listening those that maybe can damage on the first impact but after push us to go up in the unique possible and strong way that can grab ever in. “.

Also want to highlight two facts that left me completely frightened, look through of time as that have got today at London, a long day of raining without stopping, means that if you are in a outdoor sport event, the feeling that the world stop for a hours lookes like real, but that left me complete on shock, but is not the first time and is not a surprise on, it was when as in the shop as in other areas even in the same courts, you play the pause bottom on your person, and then turn around about 360 grades few times, and then observed a world that I don’t have the feeling that know where they are, look like that everything is free, even that is worst, practically is that are not conscious about that is happening around of them as are full of a emotional noise, a type of acceleration emotional as about the own nervous system, that push to the body to grab needs that really don’t need, but as also don’t have the feeling that is ready to understand anything and even that so easy is manipulate to all a society, between the egos, habits and brutal level of attachments that can observe to that people forget the most important commandment, although it doesn’t look like, it is, the PERSONAL FREEDOM.  “Humans are too much trapped”.  

And a last point, is a worker from the FIRE BRIGADE, where her surname is BOND!, like James Bond but on that case in a woman, from the Court 18, with a baby on board, the job that she was doing with the crowed, it was really wonderful,  an authentic character without hypocrisy, super friendly and full of humor that placed permanently a big smile on every human being that crossed next to her, in a long day as was today for many people that are not ready for that, while waited patiently to see if the matches could start again, sincerely brilliant that she did, that is the type of worker that one always wanted to have in a job team!. BRAVÍSIMOOOO!!!!.

¨ WHO IS WHO, observe it much better, ask if you have plenty doubts, but don’t make judgements, seek wisdom is more clever choice on. ¨





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