Before to explain some details from the matches that have been able to watch, simply will say you that the title of that article is named THE KNOT, because that is what is going to happen when you tie your shoes that as you grab an excess of pressure (Reduction of the space), if you push again after again then maybe today you are going to be on the floor but on the next day for sure.

¨ Seek to be authentic and soft in the life that appear in a hypocrite photography where as make the waves of the ocean, its fury don’t understand of reasoning and will destroy everything that find in its way on ¨ 

As is logic for my last job on the LTA but about all for the deep mutual affection that have with several of British players, focused to watch their matches and of course someone more from my country, Spain, that by the way with someone have a great friendship with him and some of his coaches.


Diane, she was all the match playing in zone 3, super inside of court with a great position to the forehand, although is true that close it too fast without placing it in a good length, also her slice was weak, basically her position of the body – shoulder a little in front and not blend down enough..

Harriet.  She was pushing back all time, and really her exit backside was awful, didn’t have any exit which make impossible to make any type of tipping of the body (Twister), also the ball was hit so behind once time other, parallelism of the own facts, but there is other important detail that have a domino effect on her, all her back is completely closed, it means that in the moment of creating any articulation of the extremities not just is quite impossible to create an inertia to the speed and control of the ball if not that body will be going to suffer a lot, obviously it creates consequences on, but about innerly as well, I think.


Cristina. I am in love with that woman, think that more authentic can’t be, although just can see two game plus the super tie break, the ability of relativisation that have that human being is really wonderful, maybe too much save inside, but she gets to keep there, focused and pump leave her confidence on the same lime without getting to see herself hampered on.  Technically with the backhand has a serious issue, lost of count about how many unforced backhands mades in a row, the story is that when she makes the shadows to remind the feeling, is already doing it really bad, with the forehand the body is the position of exit and properly turn on, but with the backhand is that the movement is shorter and a half on.

Kamila. Observed that hit the ball too late, although had four match balls in a row, but it makes to her to react after of the action go on, so lost all type of power of initiative, but her behaviour attitude is some to sign out, is great in everything of that.


Here, I could watch a little bit before the raining came on, and after tried to go back in, but was so difficult, but anyway could enough about as would be going on.

Liam.  Things that I can’t be agree, his wrist is complete blocked, no just on the service is on everything, so lost all of option to put more acceleration and consistency of being regular on, on the backhand is as that apart to himself from the ball instead to go more over her, lost too much dominancy over there. About some mental aspect, must calm and open more space of breathing that let me to obtain more focus. At least the space that was watching, there was more unforced mistakes of the opponent that really winners from him.

Constant.  Has a lot more to offer on than he did on. Sincerely physically is strong, really athletic, his tennis is so complete on all areas, really his wrist is good but went in to the ball completely open and down, so lost all extension with the racket and the ball take longest directions on.

  • Between Liam Match, observed a little bit of the match between John ISNER vs Jaume MUNAR. Some faster, John looked like overwhelm on, absence of rhythm, on the service lower of the body and hand, so lost consistency, Jaume liked a lot his body positions and movements during on this day, however his split has too much jump, sometimes imprecise that made him go late on, apart of being a physical detail that can damage on.


Jan. I think that I am not wrong if said that from January that was for Australia and from that started to play again tournaments at India, and South America for several months, that began step by step go up, pushing and pushing until where he is now, after suffering a lot of different issues the last year, although don’t need any example to inspire myself, but even on that case after that I am having to live during that Wimbledon, is a good image that grab also for me.

He makes a very serious match where keep the same energy the whole match without losing any space of focusing on, really brilliant on that aspect, but would request him that read a little bit better the game, have a little calm – patience, and seek a bigger harmony in the strokes, means senses that don’t put him back on. Technically there are two things that must improve, a thing I the forehand from the baseline and in the back mobility, the body is back all time and the movement too much signed on,  so make quite tricky that have option to make any damage or even have effectiveness with that stroke, too much gifts given on. Backhand, the exit of the left leg is really dirty and without getting a properly exit, in fact had as double bounce even small turn to inside, then makes so difficult to move faster and clean to the ball, detail that could see in the backhands over the central points of the court that demands just to make a few short steps had serious issues to get a good position or point of impact on, however in those where he had to move more metres to reach the ball properly (have time to place the legs) to grab the ball in a great position, specially with the cross-courts strokes on.

Dusan LADJOVIC. It is a brilliant tennis player with a forehand that grab really well and push you a lot, or a forehand that close some soon that makes the hit some dried. However today, looked like that can’t make any turn properly, the forehand didn’t have a properly rotation, means that some type of injuries on his hip or collarbone that limited him his work on the office, but about all that was the most thing that limited him was the emotional overloading in.


After of that matches, I was watching three matches in a row as if was a snake that move from a court to other to that was dust on, basically because they were playing three Spanish on court and wanted to observe them..


REBEKA MASAROVA VS MAYAR SHERIF. (COMPLETED, watched the last set and super tie break).

REBEKA, missed more faster on the movements, means fluency and frequency, but kept so well the weight and perseverance that had her award, backhand throw myself more about the wall, on the rest her position is quite unstable, so rest to her a lot of initiative, and on her service, her left leg stuck on.

MAYAR,  there was a detail over all the rest, is that had a brutal excess of emotional communication, a factor that is a dirty water of distraction and it has a price on, also her forehand is hit too late and with the body without getting transference that can create a high damage on,


Here I observed with less attention focus, but BERNABÉ must seek a better emotional order, too much chaos that make too mess each of one of his strokes and limit a lot to bring his real potential on. About Tomás, didn’t pay attention and put more the focus on the spaniards, apologise me please, thanks.


ROMÁN, liked a lot his mobility and hold on court, but feeling that push the ball without getting to finish well the impact….

ROBERTITO, was curious because though that was not playing well, and sincerely as said his girlfriend and I was agree that he was playing much better than he was thinking with his class style, even could say that is one of that players that his movements of legs (those that I tried to explain in the last few post on my RRSS) much better to make it. I could say that read a little bit more the game, seek options that are not in his plan A, B nor C, adaptation and movement, that avoid him to keep close on.

  • So beauty to feel as ROBERTITO still remind me and the great appreciate that has to my person, it is a detail that make the day to someone. I have a lot to thanks him and his parents (on peace are from the sky, so proud from his son must be from the heaven),


A last detail if you read until that point.

After of a year really tough and cruelty on labours terms, from my last job on the LTA because I was a toucher without touch the court of a dream that have been fighting my whole life, but that for differences circumstances of rhythms of life have left out to the world so late in according to the social status that the people have associated in their minds, even I came from the hemisphere more empty, without belong to any club or any social environment, simply a way developed from my own loneliness and with an unusual phobia that could stolen many things but in the same time have given me everything who I am, so to don’t disturb anyone or create difficulties if my phobia came up, preferred to keep away.

As you see, I am publishing that at 3:00am again…. TENNIS IS MY MOTIVATION, MY PASSION, IS EVERYTHING, have worked and prepared really so well on my own way, with my coach, but about all many hours on my own loneliness, GIVE EVERYTHING FOR THE TENNIS, LOVE THAT SPORT, but about LOVE TO HELP OTHERS. After that first day, have clear that will a WIMBLEDON CHAMPIONSHIP, some cruel to my person, as there are humans that are really ungrateful after everything you have given, but there are not more satisfaction that grab the things by principles thought of job and human side that one give to others.

As The Sunday or today Monday, few ex-players or players said me:

” CARLOS THE TENNIS BELONG YOU, YOU BELONG TO THE TENNIS, YOU MUST ALREADY BE ON TENNIS ” ,  but sometimes need someone who give you that last pushing once that did everything, because right now I AM ABSOLUTELY READY in every one of the areas that involve to a person on, and of course on tennis as well as on game (brutal that can offer) as on knowledge (now one offer that write here on my blog).

Thank you very much.



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