In one way or another we have reached a point where all the cards are face up, without traps or cardboard, if before this whole situation they were no longer, being as I have repeated several times, social networks, special mention to the direct, an inexhaustible source of information at slow or repetitive speeds without rest, despite the great general toxicity that they can give off.

“A clumsy and ingoverning thief always leaves unconscious footprints”

Walking through the evening through these days, many reflections are coming that I would immediately like to capture in videos, writings or books,because I am one of those who think that when good ideas arise it is important to capture them instantly, although later they become residual, however the conditions are not adequate, it takes two days to get on the network, but especially the absence of to be a bit nomadic, to generate a concentration camp and focus of attention, without interference or other external factors also toxic that seriously damage the psychological and dynamic rhythm of the cultural creation of what a server keeps inside, I am never satisfied, because I demand myself to do things well, and until now, although I know that there is very good content, not understandable to everyone, there are many details that are not of my control, but if that hurts the most important thing, the creation of content, it is it is preferable not to do it than to pollute,not transmitting the message or concept that you really want comes from within.

*** Also my Canon cameras and lenses are with technical failures, if you are a Canon worker or have a contact that works in Canon, in these times it would be a good help, welcome.

That said, in one of the evening uses , after worrying about how a situation of an indirectly personal nature is evolving (I keep the data for personal privacy, a human being who from the second one gave himself the opportunity to see my humanity and helped me a lot with the subject of VOICE, reputation is preferred to taking cases where the greatest professional value would be found, mutual learning) I receive the message, before which any parent would never wish to have to face, even more, joining it to everything that we is happening, makes me convey this message of STAND FORWARD, and I insist I wish I could do via video, which would come more but above all they would be explained without the misunderstandings that the reading of a text always generates, regardless of the platform, in many cases great incentives for excessively subjective interpretations.



I am going to break down the meaning by points, so that it is really very clear, without doubts and thus reducing the risks of misinterpretations, for quick and subjective readings from egos and anchored habits, for obvious reasons of non-extension, I will not enter to analyze them in depth point by point. Every human being with internal value, a self-respecting leader, should have each one of them, the social, personal, educational responsibilities or all of them at the same time are of maximum demand that are accompanied with predictable or unpredictable collateral consequences according to their own capacity of the leader, regardless of the economic ones, normally placed above, due to the inefficiency or internal loss in the face of the emotional demand that these situations demand between living beings.

Obliged characteristics / skills well developed emotionally:

  1. Be on the Stage . It is to stand absolutely straight ahead, we no longer turn our backs on anyone or even our sides, profiles, all the steps or rows look at us, without hiding.
  2. Genetic representation. Imposition, intimidation and without further ado “neither fu nor fa”, each one according to what we represent is going to demand one or other actions if we want mobility and contribution, and not inaction or conformity, especially a lot of full awareness about what we may be generating in the neighbor (sadly very rare).
  3. The comfort of the last step or without jumps between steps / rows , the danger of going directly to the step or row 1 or exclusively on the stage without going through the previous steps or rows. (Lack of depth in concepts, protective egos, attack or defense, and especially vicious circle habits). For something there is the saying that says “The first will be the last and the last will be the first”, but I would add “the last ones with a reverse panoramic, when going forward without phase jump, and turning it around, they get a double panoramic , an extension without limits with much to offer. “
  4. The I disappears from the language and the context , the rhythm is the stories of the assistants, patients or students. Due to them, collateral consequences that come.
  5. Dissonance of thoughts and beliefs, breaking the rhythm. That is to say, getting out of psychological tensions, faced with the different, by open wounds, poorly closed, through time and day to day, an explosion like the current one naked and accentuates, being the uncomfortable accumulation of them not the explosion itself .
  6. Breaking the Marked Rhythm that builds / feeds the Ego, people who know me in person, know that this point for me goes to mass, I always execute it, for this you have to be very aware of the situations that are generated around us, both in person and through social networks , own publications and responses, thus increasingly including the act of complicity (manipulation in favor of another without your knowing it). The silent damage towards us, towards the person that we are giving the ego to him as towards the rest next collaterally, rises brutally, it is necessary to always cut from the beginning any root of the Ego. However, it is obvious that this does not happen, or you do not want to, you do not see what is happening in the city below or you are not prepared to cut these roots that lead us to misdirected ambition as well as a false sense of enthusiasm,
  7. Mark only the Psychological Rhythm, let the audience / patient / student mark the dynamic. I am not going to talk about rhythms, there are several articles about them and some video, I will only say in the construction of any situation or matter, we first need to create the dynamic and then incorporate the Psychological, instead for the disassembly, we must first interrupt the psychological Then we can have the flexibility to also remove the dynamic, or leave the dynamic and incorporate a new psychological rhythm that will increase our overall rhythm as a whole, which will bring us closer to that authentic and healthy mental / emotional strength.
  8. He listens to her. Three parts, observation, coexistence (prolonging in time interval or taking constant moments) and communication. Active listening is a set of this and other factors, generally unfortunately, the first two the level is absolute ZERO and in the last the predisposition disappears due to the fear of being exposed naked.
  9. Look at the Market FRONT. The work, the decisions, the organization charts cannot be or should not be different from the market demand, if it is not understood, obviously it is not seen what demand there is, then it will be necessary to get off the stage and open the way. (Today the demand has changed radically, before it was enough with labor dominance and race / personal bravery as we like to say in the towns, now that is insufficient and even very dangerous).
  10. Integrity. Purity in oneself, where to find the true meaning of Respect outside of the Ego.
  11. The fight for the Law. “Respect for the law can not thrive below, if needed above, Rudolf Von Jhering.” I add, “Wait for what you want you do, for people like you feel good, regardless of health which should carry out orders, forcing them to fake a situation for the emptiness of the welfare of others. “
  12. Natural Alert Status. It is not an activation from fear, but the sensory activation of each of the systems of our body through the senses, for a reaction in anticipation, prevention, taking the focal point in a breath towards each point of the many existing points necessary in every moment of the space that surrounds us. Amplified spatial sensation outside of our comfort.
  13. Eradicate codependency to the detriment of detachment. It is to be out of the automatic pilot, the human being by nature, needs a known herd, who dictates all his thought – decision – action, comfortable justification through a double sensation according to the situation, or “forced relief “Outside of natural independence (Ex: in sports, medical case” immediate pill “or physical therapist), not taking advantage of any of the natural resources that are offered around you, or of false belonging to something or someone, that is, absorption instead of parallel rooted construction, because realizing that we are free beings by nature, of the existence of our own freedom, is very scary to find oneself in front of it.
  14. The use of language, cleaning of concepts. Full awareness of the silent impact that the tense and the verb used by us generate on others. On the cleaning of concepts, it is a very personal topic of mine, it needs to be carried out, in fundamental psychology, and on tennis concepts it would also be a good incentive.
  15. Harmonic union-bond. Essential with the entire stage, without any need to hold us or push us in the fight to stay harmonious or from our own coverage due to our own courage to want to be in that harmonic union-link, which will take away our focus, it must come from a job natural, patient and fluid, who will not need any tie to reach that state, internally free, prior to Happiness and an honest contribution to others.
  16. Inner freedom. Nice, close, we are all human beings if we propose it, with good kind intentions or human appearances, they are bread for today hunger for tomorrow , they fall by themselves, if in the face of pressure we are not able to bring internal freedom, free interiors , critical thinking, creative and healthy development, it is impossible to bring any other type of tools, including Love.
  17. Always Up Naked. If we are afraid of being naked up there, of our own music playing, of going with the chords that mark the stage through our music, although we will never be the owner of what is happening, then we must get off the stage, first. that the music ends in noise and we create complexities that few are willing or rather prepared to solve.
  18. Delegation of tasks. Mutual learning, teacher vs. student, student vs. teacher, we are all teachers and we are all learners, if there is content or demand like the current one that is not at our level, it is better to be humble, recognize it and rely on other human beings; That the decisions are accompanied by actions in line with our decisions, so as not to stain the little good that has been done, not to be left as hypocrites and above all so as not to contaminate people predisposed to learn and want to contribute new tools, new ideas to us and others, ultimately and more importantly, new human qualities.
  19. Routine vs Challenge. It is nothing more than the sum of full consciousness about what the same situation can mean for several human beings, something “visible” very frequently, which for you is a simple routine, for others, it can be an internal challenge, a commitment outside their usual zone (comfort or not), important to give space, not to go quickly to stigmations, paradigms in turn ending in hasty and fearful prejudices.
  20. The Little Gestures. Those silent that are not seen, or those that within a set of many points may seem the least relevant in the short term, are those that the repetition of the day to day will really end up causing a much more serious problem, always avoidable. , both physiological and psychological, then the stiffness will complicate everything.
  21. The authentic Warrior. He is not represented in a photo, much less indoctrinated or marked by stigmata, or by any bodily pose, or by positivism psychology (very common in all branches of work), an individual with authentic plasticity and internal freedom, free of movement, aware of the detail from the inside out, the implication, anticipation and prevention, a warrior is the same up and down the stage, he is not transformed by the ego or by habits, he knows how to stop the onslaught of the ego, he knows how to find the differences in the same with other skills or tools.
  22. Faith and Hope. Those clean and pure interior feeds, without idols or references, other than yourself and God, a priori can be a great bitch, but as long as the previous points have been respected, they give you the necessary impulse, knowing the tools, to move to a new scenario without any fear, without permanent avoidance or interference before a new stage without turning back, a right that belongs to us, with a duty to fight that will give us a moral and spiritual strength inherent in us, that is, for individual benefit And social.

* Understanding and empathy, far from populism or superficial known areas, as well as other qualities or factors, are tools that are expressly printed in each of the points mentioned!


As a human being, as a species or individual, we have in our hand all the tools to work them integratively, the first of them being as leaders over ourselves, and effective and efficient leaders towards others, the absolute awareness that we have an external freedom that already it is incorporated in us, without that awareness about it, it seems merely complicated to penetrate internally towards a personal development that should lead us as a final goal without limits to internal freedom , prior to the controversial concept of Happiness, a feeling linked to the fullness of consciousness about everything that happens around us, a perception in community with what is happening, without egocentric prominences that make you believe that you see everything, but you only see what really interests your subconscious, a vein of stigmas and paradigms, protecting us through damning prejudices, suicidal for those who might suffer it.

We must know that a human being is not repaired with the same simplicity as a computer, on the other hand, if it is more accessible to anticipate the consequences, the development of observation is a very useful instrument, which can be enhanced by recovering those natural coexistence of In the past, if those neutral coexistence that I remember perfectly doing in the nuns’ school or in my confirmation group, here the words time, dedication and zero distractions , only with the natural means that surround us, would contribute an individual and collective cohesion, of the one that we are not aware at all, and finally especially for those who for obvious reasons ignore the previous two steps, they should immerse themselves even more, it is in communication,Do not confuse it with a talk or chat, the first takes dedication , emotional flexibility and dissociation of thoughts-beliefs to bring it to fruition, that means a high degree of predisposition.

Without forgetting a very important detail, I heard it the other day, it is really fundamental, nobody should ever judge your personal integrity , when we cross that line permanently it is obvious that something is not working correctly, the fight for our individual and collective Right must always be printed, it is a duty, if the above does not work, complaining, throwing the hand, hiding it and being silent again will not make the right that belongs to us prosper as it should.

But remember one thing, the story is not in what happens outside of you, but in what is happening inside you, that is the first right of oneself, in a future, to really help other human beings or Living beings, without contaminating them along the way, with good intentions, with hidden ego interests in them, are worthless, they are useless.

“If something hurts, give an image of coherence, do not curve your back, seek to change body positions, always keeping your back straight, expanding physical and mental spaces, through personal self-listening” (There is a large part of Emotional Intelligence , marketing references, are related to other values ​​and concepts but probably not what we want to boast about).

“Psychology is a gift from life, not a toy, helping professional colleagues or friends is not done through likes or sharing material, but through the invitation to a probably necessary break.”

Be brave in STANDING UP, without changing the gesture, always maintaining physical composure (it says a lot about our emotional state), aware of what surrounds us, letting the dynamic rhythm be marked by the assistants, workers, etc. ., the good leader offers the psychological rhythm, because you fully trust your content, your essence, and the creator, call it God or whatever you want to call it, but you know that regardless of its label, you only have other human beings, look at them from there, from humanity it will give you relativization, the enjoyment of the moment and above all an immense learning in principle for both, although sometimes it can be only for oneself, but hears “That they take away the dance” for being faithful and loyal to your own rights and those of the social group , without caring for anything more than the common good.

“Long road, complex process, being exposed or being exposed, it should be our duty as citizens, but not at any cost or price. Sharing, helping is not ambition or trampling, it is generating knowledge, and then transforming it into wisdom, in daily applications. . Honesty and courage. “

“Live life head on, STAND FORWARD, it is the only way to leave your grain of sand towards others, without turning your back or profile to anyone, if you want people to follow your neck, a way of saying, this is my fucking Ego and all submissive behind my back, stay away from them, and STAND FORWARD, together with those who are also FRONT, looking into your eyes, without looking down, faithful to themselves as a species, individual and be social, because they would never harm themselves or the social group, they know fully aware that they can contribute and to what extent, without limits on the horizon !. “

*** I recommend going to visit some of my latest articles, especially the official Statement, even so, also browsing old articles and videos that you can find on the web.

Faithfully with affection,
A lover & respectful of the values ​​and spirits of whatever sport but specially The hidden on tennis .