Dear Audience, I was another day watching a video on teh Santi Cañizares’s Channel so was talking about the top five strikers that faced up during his career. The first one the named was Claudio “El PIOJO” Lopez.. obvisuly get older, remember him so well, obviously for two reasons, the first one is about many of the characteristics of his game that Cañizares explain very well on his video, and the second one if you have known me on person or even are a follower of my social networks you will understand a little bit what is that second reason, is like if I named here right now a guy called Hristo Stoichkov, don’t need to explain the why, becasue it would be too long (much better give me a chat).

The matter about Claudo “El PIOJO” Lopez, across of a travel for that two clear reasons, even besides about the details that have been able to observe from a limited position about that have watched in that AUSTRALIA OPEN and of course without forgetting the serious details that still are happening in others categories from a early ages, brought my person to make a reflection, in a world where on the last episodes have decided to cross out from their vocabulary the word LISTENING!, but equally I won’t leave to write reflections and whatever other things even on paper.

Ok is time to come back to the matter!! I guess, that you will be asking yourself that hell of relationshps have all that with the tennis’ world (even with the own life). won’t you?. Well let me explain below.

El “Piojo” Lopez, El Tennis y el Air Hockey.

We move on evertything in just a frame, our binaculars are missing to detect all the space that we have around of us, so reduce everything in just a frame, however after there is a fact that during that pandemia have grabbed more intensity that call me powerful my attention, through of watching people that talk about it, simply because is something popular even to create a community that will send to the human being to make placebo effects, I am doing reference to Emotional Inteligence.

I mean, that we want the human beings be able to create in theirself their own Emotional Inteligence, however don’t want to play on the sapces, we want “control”, short movements, “easy shots”,….etc.., do you realise that all of that is an authentic inconsistency?, to be honest is something absoultely ridicoulous that there are’t any way to take that with a minimum of seriousness, it is absolutely imposible!!!.

*** ” Intensity against speeding-up, speeding-up against insanity..etc.. are concepts that very often are mixed up in a big pressure cooker “

Remind you that the emotional inteligence is the next to the last step of the Pyramid of the Personal Growth, a previous stage to get absolute power of the happinnes, then well if we use our heads more than brought our wonderful hair on the top, we realise that one of many factors that need to be integrate in to reach the emotional inteligence are the spaces as psychicals as sensorials (our 5 senses in a big level of acuteness), means that keep a permanent strict level of amplifying of our spectrum spacial to take inmediates benefits, because that is the moment, live always on the uncertain.

Santi Cañizares, a fantastic guy whom explain some details in a very choerent way about hte game of the Claudio “PIOJO” Lopez, as he moves between the spaces, his spped, determinantion, doesn’t matter if he received a stone, he makes from that a great oportunity making the pitch bigger than anyone else; on the same way that the words that Pep Guardiola said a couple years ago in an interview, that there are not too many players with a great vision of the game; but then after we want to start to built essences from the roof pushing to the human beings to suicide a long term, pushing them against a matter about the emotions so really don’t have previous job even a enough knowleged neither.

That way bring me to tallk few details about tennis, have seen it on public and private institutions in different kind of events during the last year much more depth but even that year is still running on the same way, as details have been able to see for myself as others that I hear. It is time to stop to look fake illusions between five ” figures ” and gazing directly to the reality, when the groups course by course said outside in the improvised meetings, after keep theirselves on siilence, full of fear because don’t want to lost a paper (I prefer dignity on myself, although understand some personal circumstances that could have, all have a cost, to get something could’t have stuck a cost so high as would be the damage a group of the society), that all content is tedious and muddy (“es una chapa y frangoso”) practically from the first day, means that the spinal column is not working at all, it starts for a planning in a offside position.

A example: ” The Psychology is from the factory a subject grateful but very intense, to place 5h in a row to a group that is not coming to study that like meanly subject is an irresponsability becasue meanly there are not time to that they are able to integrate that, in others words can clarify concepts really complex, then make a depth reflection about it and add in own rutine of the life; that is not a psychology faculty where the human beings chose to be there to study that field, although here also must have other factors on conscious, anyway when we are not on the focus, we see that situation, but it is happening with everything, is more productive quality than quantity of course on psychology absolutely if we couldn’t individualize, without forgetting a mantra that should be on the mind, Humans beings are receving people all time, serve them, don’t send back to their places on worst situation than you receive them, never abuse of them to satisfied your ego, pay attention, sometimes is not on purpose is just an actidon of our subsconscious to protect us of a illusion. (Insist is happening very offen).”

The air hockey is very interesting in all of that about the game of spaces not just in relation with everything that have explaind Santiago Cañizares in his video, or the rest of the things that I have been explaing on that articule, but also could be include in the list, other sports or situations, like Ice Hockey, Ice Skating, Gymnastics, musicians,….in Spain we have to Javier Fernandez, like guess other huma beings less know widespread in their sport, like other countries have their owns, I really with their permission would use them to put ideas together to bring on tennis, on mutal benefit valuable for all sides; well let me explain you, if you were young or maybe are still young, then has gone sometime a place called Arcade (“Salón Recreativo”), once that get there, you could see a machine known as the air hockey, so requiered a table, two player-held strikers, and a puck, the game consist to move the puck and make a goal to your opponent, so you have that moved your strikers in an different position than your opponent, move it through of spaces, needed determinantion and a balanced speed, but specailly a knack on multiple factors, like observation, monitoring, concentration, attention,…etc….. in resumen needed have a good spinal column amplyfing our spectrum spacial, like have mentionend above, so you see everything have a great relation that would be a variety of tools unknown very useful.

PLEASE DON’T CROSS OUT FROM OUR VOCABULARY THE WORD LISTENING, although recognise the things can be ourselves supposedly a humiliation, but no invite human beings that need cross for that way to do it, justly is where found the huge exposition of humiliation out of the control, and with the bubble in a point of job that will demand a strong and solid emotional knowledge although would more benefit to have it already converted on WiSDOM!. (Presence and conscious from the foots).

*** Recomend to read my statement so shared you few days ago, probably i didn’t sell it like should be, however I am not to sell things, justly to be myself from the begining to the end!. THANK YOU VERY MUCH.

Faithfully with affection,
A lover & respectful of the values and spirits of whatever sport but specially The hidden on tennis.