Since I was very young, in my house my parents, my grandparents, my grandmother may rest in peace, wherever I am, but always in my heart, they have repeated to me and they repeated ad nauseam the phrase “The head is to be used not only for wearing the hair “, simple but complex, in these times, it is honestly more than necessary to remember it and keep it very present on the table. What has made me keep it more present than ever exactly right now ?:

  1. The personal situation that I live in the current house where I am renting the room, with the use of the heating (keep reading below).
  2. The tennis bubble at the Australia Open. Complaints, anxieties, self-denials, … etc ..
  3. The latest events received from my city (Madrid), snow storm and what happened in the mythical Toledo street, without forgetting other situations in the months that we have been with this current situation.
  4. The Muzzle factor, convinced of the determining factor according to work activity performed to reduce our capacity for sensory perception, anticipation and braking to an avoidable situation before it becomes our own trap with irreparable consequences in some cases.

What is not seen, in what we do not see, is the interpretive, anticipatory detail in the inclination of change towards our favor, having the capacities to read them, break them down point by point, piece by piece, understand them, clean them, reintegrate them and channel them towards the natural development of our body-mind, without limitations in independent paths of our “Labor Dominances”, sea of ​​weak structures, pendulums of the ascending or descending curves that generate confidence or self-confidence in lines of self-harm or self-centeredness, at the end and at the end. carry protective barriers away from our body.

The individual human being seems incapable of thinking about himself, being en masse, a stupid group, vulnerable to being manipulated happily without any kind of modesty or restraint in extension; Now, we don’t care about a virus, existing or not unknown, I leave it to whoever is in the battle on the front line, but if we forget to watch the events or from the depths of the water or from the curb, not from the surface, because with total security, you will miss too much relevant information, being left to the pleasure of the tide; continuing with the apprehension of the virus through all external absorption, far from CONSCIOUSNESS, that is, the use of the two capacities that as human beings differentiate us from the rest of the species, COMMUNICATION AND REASONING, which leads us to make decisions, actions and in turn solutions with ANTINATURAL origin and purpose , being silent punishments towards our own physical and mental health, not to mention using the logic contrary to our immense grasp of the virus and its way of fighting it from our true potential capabilities. How is this possible?

Well dear audience, let’s go by parts, a brief sketch through the photos that you can see on the cover, tools that surely many people do not know or know what they are called, but I have had the pleasure of growing with them and use them.

  1. Hot water bottles, you boiled hot water to the maximum, the introduction into the bag, a couple of hours before getting into bed, you left them under the blanket, and when you went to sleep those parts of the bed were warm, they had their durability time.
  2. The embers, beyond the romanticism of being in front of a fireplace, the previous work of finding firewood, cutting and preparing, the natural heat of the embers, coming from the force of our nature, is really grateful, even in the taste of the food, than the abuse of artificial tools.
  3. The brazier, the joy of sitting under a table-brazier, placing the embers, eating, playing cards or reading, heating the most important part of the body that links to the rest, the feet.
  4. The leverna, I was lucky as a child to get tanned in the so-called old house of my grandparents, in my Segovian village, I remember not having a shower, or a sink, the toilet was not like the ones now, you managed with what there was, it was fun finish in red, because of the typical brick dust that reminds me so much of the clay of a tennis court, it is inevitable for me not to align both images in my head, it is beautiful to tell among other anecdotes, this, being my generation of last but the last to live or be the last to tail with different rooting situations as a species.
  5. The body temperature of our body. Are we aware of it? Can we play with it? Self-regulate out of Psychological Noise ? (Concept that I already dedicate an article and mentioned insistently). Do we combine Psychological Rhythm and Dynamic Rhythm? (Concepts that I have also insisted on). The answer to all of them is absolutely NO (I continue to explain below).

Continuing with our ANTINATURAL path that leads the great social mass, and therefore the individual being, as a result of an ignorant walk, in the absence of critical thought, but above all as I say by the absence of COMMUNICATION , when I speak of communication I mean not with others, I mean with ourselves, knowing how to communicate with our body, mind, ultimately our roots, as well as leaning on our own REASONING ability , that is, to press the pause button, question and refocus again, to walk parallel to our species, on the NATURAL PATH, respecting who we are and walking with our PSYCHOLOGICAL RHYTHM Parallel to the temporal rhythms (Climatological and Situational) that mark the day out there, not always the same, which carry adaptability.

However, we appreciate time and again, without differences of social or economic labels, that we walk very far from our NATURAL PATH, not even this pandemic or plandemic is making this change, by not being aware of our EXTERNAL , creative FREEDOM of CONSCIOUSNESS, in turn, a wheel of real recognition of our state and perception of things, which invites us free of charge to multiply, quadruple or raise them to even more exorbitant levels any external factor that comes our way, be it climatic or situational, in turn It will lead without further ado, to rely on external factors (heating, air conditioners, sports disciplines, nutrition, idolatic reinforcement … etc ..) as a flight to that bodily sensation of interpretive excess, full of DISCORDING NOISE to reality and balance natural between our Being and the environment.

If we realize it, we have gone from Prayer in churches to Meditation incorporated at any time or discipline, not being aware of the NEUTRAL linearity in parallelism between the two, because FAITH is a necessary motor, however everything touched by the greed or opportunism of man, makes him take him to his land, far from the NATURAL PATH , which currently invites an interference from the outside in and not from the inside out, a sea of ​​conflicts, a tide of self-deception and placebos effects, of sensations of “well-being” and not of a stabilized root; we also see in this “fashion”, in many cases with good intentions but with a lot of “UNKNOWLEDGE”In addition, the professionals themselves, even with open wounds, that include fears, complexes, even lack of acceptance in some traits, air much more all these changes of directions of the INNER journey, by not stopping dead, putting sanity, not letting the phenomenon FAN (the need to idolize something or someone to remain standing for as long as possible) passes over their heart in favor of raising the EGO to levels of confidence or self-confidence, which sooner or later will put them back in their place of departure or with total security even more underneath internally, which will lead to a despair of external supports or restraints as well as a parallel reality of comfort, which can lead on the way not to bring vulnerable complicity to its side.


To conclude the article, and not make it more extensive or more complex than it may already be, nor enter into references to Tennis, which would lengthen it even more, as I insist on the complexity and intensity in development, integration and execution of what I have to explain, I want to end by sharing several simple graphic examples, which will at least give you a simplistic air within everything that is hidden below the surface.

Ah, allow me to add a personal note, through my Phobia, sensory integration of sounds, sensory hypersensitivity (Fine Acuity) or any other way that your dear audience wants to call it, without forgetting to also remember to visit my articles on PSYCHOLOGICAL NOISE , the silent effect on the human being far from its root, it is more than logical that it developed an attitude and powerful force contrary to any noise, that includes household appliances (most of them are expendable), other various, etc. and of course air conditioners (hot / cold air does not matter), making my body-mind adapt from its nature, its root.

Example 1. House heating.

When we multiply our PSYCHOLOGICAL NOISE , that is, we do not communicate with ourselves but with the outside, in addition we repeat it ad nauseam with the senses turned off, we forget to help regulate our body temperature, although it does so by itself, we usually or speed it up or press it, that implies that every decision comes through pleasant external justifications, as in this case, it would be to put the heating on maximum power, not only generating an unbreathable haze (no matter how much in my room I have it turned off with the window open frequently), we forget about the CO2 that can be breathed, but also the very high unevenness with the temporal rhythm of the day, where the shock will throw you out of what you are capable of giving.

Example2. Air conditioning and smoke at work.

Being a certain age allows me to remind those who have no memory that until not many years ago, people smoked inside offices, bars and others, the walls weren’t white, they were yellow … that was probably worse than everything. the virus together, without forgetting another detail, the air conditioners, which in different jobs, including the office, I had the opportunity to accompany the maintenance technicians in their tasks, have the occasional chat, or rather listen (something that we currently do not like anything but it is from our profile), I remember not only the amount of shit that was removed, or the bad or no maintenance on it, but also, when I told them, what shit they have, no? Answer, no you know it well, and people are not aware of what they are breathing; my answer, no fucking idea,

It has added a detail to peace … that I will not explain why it would take an article and hours of explanation, walking barefoot, ” fights” that I have had with that, to be able to walk barefoot as long as possible, what it means for our body, not only a healthier back, it is a whole rooted feeling ….. there I leave it … for now …

Example 3. Noise and cold outside. Tennis courts, town, Getafe Party.

I learned to play tennis in the hermitage of the saint (what is now known as Carlos Sainz’s Kart), outside there were 4 porous concrete tennis courts and one with artificial grass, inside sports courts, and also in Virgen del Puerto ( Today part of Madrid Río), just as it happened to me in Navalagamella (Sierra de Madrid) or in my Segovian village (with the fronton), I had to deal if or if or with one thing or the other or with both.

  1. If it was with the noise, I remember many of my anecdotes, I will say above that if I caught myself inside a tennis court, I made extra efforts to endure, that a distant noise stopped me from doing what I loved and more freedom gave me in those moments, sometimes he entered the changing rooms, or as in the hermitage of the saint in the sports area, breathed, calmed down and went out again to continue until the end, not always possible but in many of them.
  2. The cold, I also remember many anecdotes, both in the mountains of playing 8:00 am with frost or whatever it takes, or the routine on Sundays or Saturdays of going to the virgin of the port, at 7:15 am after passing through a churreria , to be one of the first to wait in order to get a free track, because if you arrived later than 7:30 am you already had a long queue in front of you, which until 12:00 pm you would not even have a track to play.

Regarding the cold, I have always left the body the freedom to adjust to the place where I go, exactly the same in London as here in Annemasse (France) / Geneve (Switzerland), it is not to interfere with the mechanism to go in parallel to the day, that psychologically it is not within everyone’s reach, believe me by working, you can get anywhere internally.

About Getafe, it is the funny anecdote with a very good work colleague, who invited me to go in the open, open field, with a lot of clothing, I remember seeing many people including him, with 2 or 3 layers of clothing, some even with pajamas underneath, and blankets on top for. bear the cold, I remember wrapping myself but not excessively, wearing it quite well, the important thing is not to repeat that I supposedly do it outside, but to let yourself be carried away by your own body-mind, obviously it also influences to a certain extent but less, if the stomach is not open, nutrition.

Example 4. Personal trainer. Balance / Dynamic.
Although in this example, you could add monitors (of all disciplines), coaches (of all disciplines), teachers (of all branches), group managers, image and protocol advisors, … etc … without entering point out to instuctions that I have already given enough cane, examples are abundant in eloquence. To the point with this example, it comes to me when I read the article of a personal trainer on the use of Basu, I also refresh myself anecdotes, some very reluctant, I will make it global so as not to point out anyone out of consideration.

A personal trainer when someone new comes to him, the first thing they observe is where the muscles are (if you have them developed) and especially what is your balance in a stability zone, and then add dynamism; More than once it is observed or I at least observe, being the protagonist in some cases, such as not lowering the piston a bit, concentrating on every detail that surrounds the individual, everything “that is not seen”, adapting the dynamic rhythm to the psychological rhythm or vice versa in some exercises, successively that was increasing more fluidly than initially “thought in the initial judgment” independently of other values ​​to be evaluated, because the first should be that (Psychological Rhythm) and not block it or leave it stranded as it usually happens .

Example 5. London, mice, sewers and a hint at the tennis bubble.

In this case, about London 6 years, they give for many, many hours, a city of more than 40 countries stuck in it, tolerance, patience, adaptability or you die trying, the wealth is spectacular, but I am going to focus on two aspects with tennis influence from what we have seen in the past Roland Garros and we are seeing in this Australia Open, if we talk about Spain, it is worth remembering certain situations experienced during the quarantine, as well as what happened in the last RFET symposium and the dynamics without enter disqualification with which you continue to work.

Returning to London , you don’t have to go very far from the ALL England Club , on the same street, higher up, as in back streets, I know because I have lived in them, you not only have mice melody around the house or the kitchens, also you have fungi that are growing enormously between the cabinets, smells on the landings, piss on the edges, London as in many big cities, two streets are one way, two adjoining streets are another or even one side of the sidewalk is one way one class, the other side of the sidewalk is from another; So it comes in handy to mention the hubris of talking through TRAVELING through , in exchange for LIVING IN…. Ladies and gentlemen, they tell me, they tell me, they have shared such a thing with me ….., but you have to live it to understand it in depth, in London I have slept on the street, in a hotel luggage room, in countless hostels with all kinds of stories … and in the Queen’s Club living room .

Here it leads me to mention a couple of circumstances of the Queens openly, the first a few streets behind or a few streets in front, there are two different worlds of life, I say it because I have also lived in them or I have visited houses for rent, in London you You would be surprised by all that it hides outside the chill out, but what is otherwise acceptable, and insisting on living in and not traveling through, is the so unreal bubble in which the immensity of tennis players live, do you know where else? do you notice that? Or rather, when do people (workers) perceive it more? In tournament finalists, ass-licking speechs, from a surface view (their respected reality) but not the one behind it, are unique real opportunities missed for those types of bosses who think they see it all. they go past braking in arrogance,DJOKOVIC to give an equity to the rest of his colleagues in the profession.

And where is RAFA? Were you with the Spanish when you appeared on several TV shows recently? Maybe inside the door if he is doing it, then I keep quiet, I honestly ask my forgiveness, but allow me before you throw me in the jugular, that I have had Rafa with me in person, I know he is a good boy, yes something in a single word it is Nobility , an absolute nobility, but being a good person, a good human being is not at odds with personal security, personal solidity of absolute integration outside of marketing that perhaps that marketing is not so real in life itself, Stand without supports or columns to hold onto, rooting with your essence, it is not so easy and it does not have to go hand in hand with your LABOR DOMINANCEHow much of a burden, when bad personal situations come and a solution has not been found in time, making a wound a hemorrhage.

If I were Rafa or Djokovic , the first thing is that I would never have accepted any bloody exhibition, because neither of them needs money or image, to be cheering from the rooftops, with different conditions than the rest of their teammates, what second is that I would demand to stay in the same hotel and conditions as the rest of my colleagues in the profession, equal conditions and experience, and thirdly obviously I would seek the individual and collective good of each of my colleagues, who by image and status, sought or not, they have an absolute responsibility towards the rest of their companions as towards the sport that they cheer to love, without flags, nor borders, land and humanity.

About the bubbles , everything that is mentally or not generating players, coaches, etc …, the first thing I think of the hotel workers, the tension, the effort that human beings will be making before one, debatable or not excessively the lordship in this regard, but from what I see in the videos, remembering how they went through a simple dressing room and how they left things, now that they are also confined doing the physical in the room, the feeling of lack of empathy, consdieration, of how Are they leaving everything or how will they leave it the day they leave? a cattle there is always everything.

Add that all this situation that we are living with the pandemic or plan-demia, confinements, bubbles, whatever, for me it is not new, I have been living in a bubble for many years, totally hermetic, closed, it was my refuge, my huddle , I can not only understand or comprehend it, empathize at mul high levels, but not only for that, but also for having a personal development that gives you access to that third empathy, already spoken in other articles or videos, whether or not you have it. experience, in that type of empathy, you do not miss any detail among other factors.

Example 6. Body / Sensory Regulation.
Closely related to the previous examples, especially the first three, the body and the senses in regulation, through everything that I have been able to experience and observe, they go hand in hand. If before abusing some external resource, heating, air conditioners, layers of clothing, … etc …, let’s work on it, that comes with the entire psychological pyramid already explained, the absence of self-esteem, the grip on the self-confidence curves -confidence, both high and low, ….. etc, the whole makes us raise by 4 or more any external situation that occurs, climatic, situational, … etc … because internal independence It is not there, we attach ourselves to the external freedom of others without seeking our own to enter the Internal.

We forget about the psychological rhythms, we go to the autopilots because the body-mind does it alone, but we get into a branch of ignorance in which we do not know what to do or how to do, raising our management to the point of blindness or harshness visual without questioning properly, a noise that will generate really serious problems beyond the physiological foreseeable, oh and by the way without forgetting to mention that our two main senses in the concentration camp and attention, hearing and smell , will be altered if there is no a NATURAL body regulation, with everything that implies at the nutritional level, nervous system, respiratory system, immune system, circulatory system … etc … I am talking about what I have learned through my particularity with which I have lived since I was a baby and with which I will live until the day I die.

If you move in any action, even driving, the body temperature rises, if you stop, as in meditation, it is typical to see people put on a blanket or put on sweaters during that moment, often prompted by the monitoring itself, the temperature it will go down, just like when we sleep, obviously but the initial noise you have already generated, if there is no natural management, you create codependency, overprotection, lack of natural survival.

A glass of hot water with turmeric and ginger, herbal teas, broths, fresh drinks, fresh fruit (many of them have water and sugar), … all this helps you regulate the body without the need for anything else, but it is clear that If not, there is a previous psychological work to achieve emotional transformation, in order to go for an external freedom that leads you to a tremendous emotional integration, in turn access to an emotional intelligence, as deep as it is rich in emotions, your efforts, last door to Happiness, from my point of view of working and seeing things, there is nothing to do, it requires BEING COURAGEOUS WITH YOURSELF AND TIME.

The extra muzzle theme …

In this example, I could add the theme of the muzzle that affects one of the two most important senses, which generates in your entire system, the absence of communication with oneself and reasoning in use, because I have already witnessed it several times , directly and indirectly, it is aberrant human beings in command of vehicles, I do not care whether it is a car, bicycle, motorcycle or electric scooter, the imbalances it generates is tremendous, not to mention the accidents among the ignorant mass that would have been silent before the population, with the complicity of fears, with their terror and fear … some situations in London have happened to me, the Madrid Taxi, and the other day in Toledo Street, because if they were fixing a boiler, with the loose gas and with a muzzle, surely it would not be very unreasonable not to feel the smell, even if it is a strong smell,with the muzzle you can generate that unconsciousness of not being conscious by automatism, the danger ofHABITS, the rest I leave it to the researchers, I just throw a question of psychological logic.

Without further telling you for everything explained, all professionals regardless of the field they perform, and within their human, psychological level, being aware of the psychological rhythm / dynamic rhythm, for those who do not know it for me is the nuance of error management The more lag, the more errors, the more likely to be injured in all its aspects, because I mean that we are forgetting the root, leaving badly healed cracks along the way, which warn us in their own way, usually very silently, weakening our capacities. resistance or accommodating them, without ever being able to access that mental force with little accessibility, with only one path THE PRESENT SELF-ESTEEM always, neither it goes down nor goes up, you have it or you don’t have it, that will mean that we will be working from the bases, and not from the middle or the end as we are aberrantly seeing what happens, because among other things apart from enormous ignorance, many others Professionals with good intentions add taglines about it without having a clue or with contamination from their own emotional states.

it is not understood … ask … no judgments per moment, if for a day …
Faithfully with affection,
A lover & respectful of the values ​​and spirits of whatever sport but specially The hidden on tennis .