THE first and only commandment to learn from children is NOT TO BE AFRAID OF YOUR OWN CHILD , of your playful subconscious, because no matter how much you hide it behind armor, barriers, music, or any other morphology, that child will be with you until the end. The day you die, that child was born to be free, he is free despite the circumstances because THE HISTORY IS INSIDE NOT OUTSIDE , the human being is free by nature, he is free in his decisions, in his actions in loving the consequences, come those that come, in loving FORGIVENESS if it is necessary to make use of the SAME , it is in childhood where the FULL CONSCIOUSNESS OF EXTERNAL FREEDOM must be developed ,because without it, any type of development access is unfeasible to grasp the wonderful gift that life and God have in store for us, INTERNAL FREEDOM .

There is no Rock-Roll, or subjectivism that your child can hide, YOUR TRUTH , no matter how much the adult human being strives from the subconscious to take other children ahead, through interpretations as we are willing to see REALITY or more well the desired REALITY that we want to see to remain calm in our COMFORT ZONE , (the ABSENCE OF VALUE AS A HUMAN BEING to enter for your child, put him in his place and work him to his maximum EXPONENT) walking through a tunnel ofJUDGMENTS that are no longer a MIRROR LOOK of oneself implanting it in others.

THE GENEROSITY GIVEN TO THE NEIGHBOR , through honesty, sanity, and the courage to question “PERSONAL LAMENESS” avoiding through our VERBAL and Non-VERBAL language all JUDGMENT , because the injuries that are not seen are very subtle, every moment, second counts in the SILENT DIRECTIONS , a “priori” not perceptible to the SOCIAL MASS , it did not seem that, it did not give a feeling of, ….. etc … very few get to access developments to generate PEFILES SO , that if they shout LOUD AND CLEAR , without permission fromLISTEN ACTIVE , it will give them so much fear that the only way out is the flight or the social manipulation of the VULNERABILITIES PURCHASED .

A CHILD / A have elasticity, transparency, sensitivity, curious delivery among other mobilities, but if something in particular have is their OWN RHYTHM , interrupt, block it at the expense of LAWSUITS that REPRESENTING our child PUNISHED , is an act of IRRESPONSIBILITY an action UNCONSCIOUS SELFISH in some little CONSCIOUS , with the aim of achieving a fictitious PROTECTION of a NON- EXISTING FEAR but CREATED in your SUBCONSCIOUS ; what among ADULTS I would call the ACT OF COWARDIA, LACK OF LEADERSHIP , let us not use the children neither indoors nor our own exteriors or other exteriors to justify any decision, surely taken outside the corresponding time.

LET’S LEARN FROM CHILDREN !!! Let us understand what the PSYCHOLOGICAL RHYTHM IS AND WHAT THE DYNAMIC RHYTHM IS , What gives us in all ages to know how to mix both rhythms, but LET’S LOVE OUR INNER CHILD … Now more than ever, whoever has not started, let them start there , life pushes us to root from there even if you don’t like it, because you’ve let a lot of shit pile up, adding injury, after injury, being PANDEMIA-PLANDEMIA , opening a BLEEDINGthat it came from before, that has simply stripped it suddenly, accelerating a process, that without experienced patterns of its own, the external management guide becomes really COMPLEX , despite the DEFINING ROLE .

WE NEED BRAVE, INTEGRAL MEN AND WOMEN , because there are many children who are CLIMBING on a stage with a face, but when they come down from the stage they cannot hide REALITY , even on stage, but ladies and gentlemen we have come to this WORLD to share, help NEIGHBOR , to deliver SOLUTIONS , not Obstacles, that is, to LOOK IN THE FRONT of HUMAN beingsRegardless of their job label, their social status, their MILLIONS OR BILLIONS, they are Human Beings, the EXPOSURE brave, sanity, should be a premise without caring about anything for “wearing a pink bow on your head”, knowing how to laugh at yourself, at your falls, because we have not come to spend life looking.

” OFFICE is the OFFICE of rolling up your sleeves, putting on your jumpsuit, kneeling to help from Levante to Poniente, without caring about anything other than the living help of the moment.”

Faithfully with affection,
A lover & respectful of the values ​​and spirits of whatever sport but specially The hidden on tennis .