Dear audience, when one knows a subject with such solidity, in these times, it is difficult not to feel anger or even helplessness, because we continue reading articles, or seeing jobs or projects, very flat, constantly working robotic, from the roof, jumping all the previous stages of development, basically due to enormous ignorance, lack of demand and the applause of the ignorant mass before something new as unknown to them, but without questioning anything they consider it valid without measuring the consequences.

There are three critical points to keep in mind:

  1. The pandemic or plandemic , stripping everything, and the digital being a very powerful ally in it.
  2. The ally of subjectivism and absolutism. Love and respect for your profession, affection for your “friends” to stop their situations, and the tidal wave of “contamination or help” … and everything that leads to derivation.
  3. The great bulk of society is not at all prepared for situations of uncertainty, that is, situations to deal with without columns to hold on to, to be internally independent; I am indifferent to etiquette, doctors, teachers, businessmen, and of course in psychology that the sinkhole is abysmal, that includes those mental coaches, making the situation even worse, if they get nervous, that means I’m doing things right , and I will tell you emphatically that if you have not been in the first line of fire, ON FIRE , to leave your four formative walls, without your own patterns in constant movement (this is fundamental), forget about obtaining anything internally, obviously not even close to one of the last two phases of personal development, such asEmotional Intelligence and subsequent HAPPINESS (Being, not Being).
  4. The most dangerous, we are working from the roof , nothing good can ever be built from there, it is unfeasible, and we must stop this now, the consequences are devastating, I am afraid we are not being aware, especially in sports and psychology, this Ultima should be up to the task; before inflating ourselves to other concepts that are impossible to access, if not we have worked from the root, our essence.

So out of responsibility, in the face of social demand and the unbridled drift that we are addressing, with an enormous ignorance, each one in his bubble, since he had not yet talked about it, because it requires great logistics due to its complexity, I am from do things well, although now I shoot with what I have, with the first two phases already explained with their subgroups in some of them (videos), so as you can guess the phases are not to be a little bit or a day, not much less in that of work, one of the most extensive, below you can check a large number of sub-phases, I could add some more without a doubt, so without going through here, forget about access to your mental area, that line will cross to the INTACT MENTAL FORTRESS .

There are several sub-phases within this complex stage are the following:
1. General reconnaissance before starting the work phase, avoid leaving open fissures, wounds or bleeding overlooked.

2. Adaptability predisposed to this new adventure of uncertainty.

3. Solidification of the known terms in phases prior to the work.

4 . Spatial approach or the approach to discovery. Initial release.

5. Exploration between the ego and the interior, what happens behind the armor. First Differentiations.

6. The understanding. The opening to Consciousness.

7. Incorporation of new branches.

8 . Increase. Erect interior.

9. Renaissance.

10. Re-adjustments.

11 . I develop.

12. Improvement.

13. Exit to the WORLD.

Faithfully with affection,
A lover & respectful of the values ​​and spirits of whatever sport but specially The hidden on tennis .