A day that I didn’t have signed on my notebook but took the choice to go there, so on my day off kept myself involved in that I love so much and that means a lot in the bottom of my inner as well.

Obviously working in the LTA although it is as a GA, don’t stop to place my person on the most focus time possible to grab in everything I can, it include that today (Wednesday) in Surbiton (South West London) and even on my day before (Tuesday) was on the LTA because there was raining delay so some ITF matches was celebrated there, my whole attention were about the British players or as always like to express the humans that are behind of that tags.

Although yesterday (Tuesday) was working so means that tried to move on to watch all the possible matches were playing on so wasn’t possible at all while crossed around and kept myself stuck on propose on, did that at least could see few points from Freya Christie against Radwanska, enough information.

Today (Wednesday) spent all the journey there from 11:30am till darkness (21:00pm) on fasting time as well from yesterday, anyway go deep to the matter, the matches that I was watching were following on:

1. Yuriko lily Miyazaki (GBR) vs Sonay Kartal(GBR).  (W100 ITF).
2. Marc-Andrea Huesler vs Brandon Nakashima. Little gazing on as was on the next court of Kartal’s match. (Challenger Men).
3. Harriet Dart (GBR) vs Natalija Stevanovic.    (W100 ITF).
4. Jodie Anna Burrage (GBR) vs Lin Zhu.         (W100 ITF).
5. Michael Buzarnescu vs Yanina Wickmayer.  (W100 ITF).  It was the next court where Jodie was playing which kept my gazing both sides on.
6. Paul Jubb (GBR) vs Mikhail Kukushkin.  The second set (Challenger Men).

As also want to be fair with everyone, about the rest of the britains that were playing today as well, Liam Brady vs Jay Clarke, Billy Harris vs Jack Draper, Mark Whitehouse vs Alastair Gray, Ryan Peniston vs Adrian Mannarino, all of them I think that have been played on the Center Court, so I didn’t have ticket at all and about the missing ladies from my side were Tatjana Maria vs Sara Beth Gray, Eden Silva vs Coco Vandeweghe and Marian Bolkvadze vs Isabelle Lacy, about their matches to be honest would be on the courts behind where I was and surely was close in the time with the others as obviously couldn’t be on everywhere or maybe yes, but limitless the time between one and other on, but anyway placed my focus about who have been able to recognise on my job in the LTA during the last few weeks and that also have been able to watch them on their training courts and of course around of the facilities, because the information can be taken from everywhere on.


I paid that plus the train, happy money spending on.


Well, firstly that I won’t say anything about individual aspect of everyone, basically is a question of ethic, education and that although, yes I am a human, to be honest in that wonderful world about tennis, I am not anything at all, so I don’t want to go far away, justly have to be neutral until that resquest for it, even or my voice takes the influence or value that could have on, so even today didn’t write anything on my notebook like used to add on, but anyway my memory is really prodigious to fix everything in without fearing or any type of doubts.

In some way, once have said that words, let me to tell you a brief general highlights from everyone of that matches:

About the Freya’s match, barely watched few instancts that without forgetting to readapat to new surface that alrady had on mind, but the circunstances force to play in other, in theory can be simple but don´t always, were like an stated of abruptness that limit in space whatever option of consistency on.

About the Kartal’s match, it was a match in relation with the temps, means who have the clock mark the rythm, about it Kartal shows a great pushing on but an excess can move the scale in.

About Harriet Dart´s match was more in abilities of suffering and enduring, so think that could be an inflection point for Harriet, really of the other lady permanently forced her to place your body down to get the ball up, even about it drawed a variable change of emotional demanding, so was basic to be on conscious to don’t go direct to her trap. (After below will write something about the umpire of that match, behaviour absolutely unacceptable on).

About the Jodie’s match, on that case the mark of the match was in the intensity, an intensity lack of sense, situation and space, who holding it well, through of power and bravery had relatively a way done, but that can choke whatever kind of construction between other things.

About the Paul Jubb’s match, here was much more about speed, motions and even a clean mindset that let them to give the right steps on to grab the shot or the point of impact that came with the enough time of accompanying on.

In relation about that two matches that didn’t have relation with the british players was that as Yanina as Brandon, have some type of emotional relation with me, that explain herunder.

About the Brandon’s match, was involve in a spiral of position that saved energy and muscle block, a cunning ability to keep yourself up. 

The reason that I watched some moments of that match, is because when did a course online with Emilio Sanchez Vicario y Arantxa, they told about that guy, even Ramanathan (that had already had with me in The Tennis Queen’s Club when worked there), so wanted to take the chance to see as was that player, focusing on many details on, that was all.

*Also watched few moments from the Kokinnakis and Lisicki matches almost on darkness. 


About the Yanina’s Match, on both cases was a way to test on theirselves their power, resistance and spirit of sacrifice. Just below will explain why watched that matched with a eye here and other one in ohter court (Jodie).

It was something totally unexpected, in 2019 before the plan-demic came up, during that Wimbledon, firstly during the qualification and after through of the own tournament, was watching her matches, from the first match in Roehampton to her matches at Wimbledon, had a kind of facial recognition or emotional connection fixed on, that one week later from her perfomance at Wimbledon, I didn’t know how but she found me on instagram and began to follow me, so after I did the same, during a whole time if looked like that read me, but anyway a time later, I left from all of my social networks, so lost everything that had on, it didn´t matter me at all as come from a generation that at least my person love the raw those that place yourself close of our own nature, however later on decided to come back to follow on pursuit of my dreams while simply use it as a window to show a little bit of my person and a total defence about the mental health through of sharing out my wisdom in relation of it. Guess that she felt that my eyes was clean and honest.

Now, to come back to her match that she was playing today (Wednesday), sincerely after have been out of the competition for a long period while was mum and that now have come back to compete again so have been able to watche her with that illusion, intensity, happiness, enthusiasm is really an authentic thrilling feeling that must be taken like example for the most youngest players (male and female), think that has to recover muscle tone, balance both sides, grab rythm but about all must do a work of introspection that let her to clip her inner in a congruent state that doesn’t make to drown on every movement while force a type of breathing that is an obstruction to a moving as corporal as about the flow of the blood so need to force it creating a brutal spending of energy that push her to psychological states that are nothing advisable at all. 


” Always the human beings think that when are out of a habit that make on every journey, if take the choice to come back, that the unique way to place our hands on is about making over a brutal psychal job, however are forgetting that to come back in consistency, permanent and strong development, must come from a inner job that will let our physical job grabs some type sense at the end of the race, never later on ¨.



If we talk about the organization, sinceraly having seen from outside, think it wasn’t good at all, null ability of anticipation even a little bit of disorder, I don’t know if is belonging from ATP or by the opposite from the ITF, Choices about the matches, communications, cleaning facilities, umpires, ball boys/girls…etc… It was something chaotic. Think that an organization must transmit leadership, calm and order, but who represented different areas wasn’t trasmting it, so I am so sorry but was that felt today there, is my point of view, the excuse about the raining doesn’t have any relation at all.

The umpires, well, made one mistakes behind others on, just was an umpire in the match of Jodie that had a little of sense of self-criticism, but the rest were in the moon, sincerely the ITF/ATP/WTA must take that issue very seriously, seek ways that keep a high level of development on them even about protocol of hiring and maintance in, because there are a dangerous lack of consciousness’ sense but about all an use of the senses in a very low categories.

Well, about the umpires there are something that is unacceptable is that have behaviours full of arrogant, cocky, indifference, a defensive point, all that together with a sarcastic character that must be punishment in someone who is considerd ¨ professional ¨, that has happened today (Wednesday) in the Harriet’s match, but for her opponent as well, even in moments that were the keys of the match as in the second set 5 – 4, or even in the third set close to avoid one or two match ball against her… because sadly have got interference in the emotions of the players, an umpire must have a minimum of humanity and empathy (have an article about the three kind of empathy that there is for me).

ITF, ATP or WTA, or better said, all together must take action about the umpires and line of judges because need to be more strict with many of details that also will benefit to them in their development, but mustn’t let anymore that disorders that interrupting or blocking whatever execution on as have commented two paragraphs above.

THE BETS.  During the match of Harriet Dart, I could count at least like 8 -10 people from different ages that haven’t gone there to watch tennis matches, were every second of the game on, before, during and after of the points betting to something, moving the movil on and off very sharper from their pockets, one of them next to me, he knew that have grabbed his intentiions, obviously said him that went away if haven’t come to watch tennis, his answer was looked at me, give me a touch on my back with his hand, like saying me, just relax that there is nothing happing on. I don’t know that instructions have to follow because that people mustn´t have access to the facilites, even I recognised one of the guy who is or was member of The Queen’s Club, also I remind that works or worked in some company of that type of bets.  Surely many of that people are who after are writing dangerous words to the players by the social networks. Sincerely is easy to detect who are that kind of people, because got to be super nervous and lost the control by itself during the whole time, so also if there are security must grab and send them out with immediate effect from the facilites as well. Insist seriously, ATP, WTA and ITF must do something with it as soon as possible.







As living beings that we are, there are permanently motions around, means that in our case are able to create multiple emotional situations however are barely conscious about a 30 – 40 % from our position but even are not conscious about the percentage of that other person or people who could cross on that moment that I hope so don’t have dirty looks at there, means that are observing full of enthusiam and will all the information as human as contextual that the life are gifting us in that unique right moment, but in nowadays have to have so clear that patterns of conduct from a human could be so different in grupal situations than about individual events, in fact and although depends of many factors, if don’t have a great fountain of resources might not be conscious about the multiples distractions that will leave our consciousness in that low percentage when are surrounded of a group or crowded or even barely 1 or 2 components more while grab our habits of comfort, so usually will describe a tremendous difference when are alone in our own, individual and real pattern of conduct.

” The real human challenge is not on the social networks to show limiteless stupid things or the archivement from other material things, everything of that feeds for the ego, if not that is justly to be able to develop a fountain variability of personal resources that independently of everything let our person (identity) is on cosnciousness as in individual events as about social stages, like that as also to be living being independients at all. “

Why have I talk that whole “brick” ?,  well about facts that haven’t been the enough brave and that as have repeated in that article and other articles, as the other day in Surbiton or in my daily life on my job, if you are so good connected, lightened without letting interferences communicatives, the situations come up so natural, plenty after depends of oneself as grab it on, although sometimes can be super shorter, anyway mean is that usually the human being are sadly playing without breaking at all to the game the “NOUGHTS AND CROSSES” so in every box have a stupid needs to place some kind of interaction or defence or attack that will block whatever kind of learning that it has ready for you, 

Here, is where is coming my final touch of the article, is that for example, the other day (Wednesday) on Surbiton from first moment that crossed the entrance of the facilities already was happening thrilling things, with different players, coaches, or even others own spectators, in many cases, the life is not casual, because I don’t believe on the coincidences as there are always some kind of reasoning on whatever form it comes up but always through of energies connected in other spaces independently if it was long time ago or just recently, some kind of mark was left in. However, many times I am not taking adventage for the rest reasonings:


1. I don’t have any idea as be able to introduce them, sometimes try observe and take any kind of detail that works as a good aperture, although is not always easy in relation that kind of reception have of other human being, even better said if have been able to create a confidence receptive.

2. Walk far away from whatever kind of tags, words, means never play to the game of ““NOUGHTS AND CROSSES”, so I am not use any kind of predjuice, obstacles, underestimations or limitations that could avoid that the other human being that day, the next one or whatever other day, bring us much more information about himself/herself without that I was already driving in a contaminate state that block whatever new issue that come up, if not justly to place us in the opposite side, leave that the sky is always opening to new learning on.

3. The sum from the last two first points, ” put the people away from me “, to be honest I don’t have fear to anything at all, feel absolutely ready to grab whatever thing however I am tired that when open my mouth + genetic + level of exposition (life grab in) that have had the other humans beings = creating reactions of unconfidence, discomfort or whatever other ugly face-body expression that push the people away, then keep myself staring open – mouthed ( ” Con Cara de Tonto ” ) to a new empty space without being again able to develop out everything that I am, but the pain is not focus on me, belive me that is always more about the emotional reception that have been able to interpret the other human being, so in relation to level of exposition and actual emotioal state hurt to that person and even said myself fuck, full of anger, because also feel that on that right moment any good fact developed could change or benefit to that player, coach,,,, humans at the end that justly probably need some different impulse like me, mean that as demanding so much to myself, very often feeling that is not failuring my person just much more to the others.


” The factors that can have over the table are a lot, many of them out the my control, but never keep on silence when feel that the context that there are around of the human is going to be enough to find her/him in an enough receptive state where feeling that would be able to express out a little bit about me and catch the person in as to understand each other on the deepest way, as i am someone that need time to develop everything I am that be able to break a first impact that in the faster rythm that the crowded is moving left my person in outside position so restraint me and leave the chances slippery from my hands on, but about all from the heart of the other human who could need that hands in that moment, on that precise instant. “.


A brief  example, ” Assist to an new job or a congress of a subject opposite to our development or that have development in a different way to the logic structure of the process, so probably nobody is going to take note about that person, so is unseen as ceramic object, as all process the pattience is a key, the generosity and the passion to development every duty is inside or outside from the way of your passion is other, because everything is moving on through of giving a honest service each other, as every new issue take adaptability, aceptation and a long etc…of capabilities,….so that being a gross example that many times are not conscious who can be next you, but simple with change of attitude, guide, mentoring behaviour….could mean a lot of knowledge for both sides in, because whatever tagging process with a good emotional fountain always is possible to break on expectation about the signed in “.





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