NOTHING IS BAD LUCK!. Psychological Consciousness.

Well, I will go straight away, so If you know so well the psychology’s world then sincerely must have very clear that happened yesterday (Friday) on court during the semi-final, because if not will be that “Houston have a trouble on”.

I have read in the last hours brutal complaints against Rafa, or simply seek to make him blame from it.  Does Rafa any kind of responsability about as the match was over? what example is Rafa showing out to the rest?. is Rafa enough ready as conscious to be able to develop a self-criticism job about where are the limits to walk in whatever journey on without looking after who are sweeping away?…..  …  whithout pointing out to the coaches of the players, what kind of information are they delivering during all the period of the competition but about from the own training’s pitches on?

Sincerely I am not going to respond it, let me that all of you, dear readers and of course Rafa himself who make a deep reflection about it, but down below will explain the emotional pool that is as a trap as a dirty contamination to who pretend show something different if there are not different context that come from the other side of the court, if you know a little bit about Tennis or even in relation to other sports, usually about aspects techniques for example on the tennis’ vocabulary can listen a lot the expression “Don’t get dirty…. “, well in psychology don’t have to travel far away to face flat on our faces on. right?.

Look indeed that nor on purpose was it done out, but justly I had in the same day of the semi-final a situation look like similar on and off court but obviously it was in other emotional level, as really I see the tennis as a fountain of life, so it is so difficult for me to understand a way where have to grab the punch up while the Ego screams out all our frustrations that is standing inside too long time, it you are a human being really emotional, then develop some games of introspection to the neighbour, so must do a work to get a healthy space that let to keep on yourself without losing ourself on or even the need to force about our inner a potential that will be but never while are focused on that way, because will push to be in a type of fight that nor will be permanent on regularity nor of course will be nice to the impact that our body will forced to hold in.

So well, if we think about other examples, like Mannarino or Fognini, or Kyrgios,….etc… usually create a fighting against the energy that can receive from others, but the opposite, are cases as Federer (as abandon his essence that make lost the control of his game), Djokovic (once more times watched the other day), or recently the last friday the own Zverev,….etc.. in the case of Zverev, as about the rest of players that have named on as other much more, are human more emotional, means sense of empathy that get diving in the energy than others can be transmiting on, although it can be a super dirty smoke that is not useful for anyone, as is already swimming under the water of that environment, the innertia is not comming conscious if not that are losing all our power of management through of all of that is have hidden behind of us, so place the porcentage of risk in a number will do losing our own inner sense and it is converted in that some moment will have that face up against a lesson that have to push us down to that are able to recognise that were doing on.

I am not sure, dear reader if you are understanding me, dear reader or if i am being to explain myself with the enough clarity, about the psychology concepts that try to develop here for you; listen means, that when we are meeting with someone in a point of our life, independently that it is in a personal relationship or even in a labour area which are many hours spending together or inside of a tennis court, so remind you that in some spaces you can choose if you want to relation with the neighbour or don’t but in other ocassions, you don’t have choice and then have to make a great job between other things about adaptability and consciousness about as are traveling your actions over the air to arrive in and catch up to others, as if you are the sender as if are the receiver, in that communicative game the pieces are always moving on, honestly mustn’t be a fucking emotional selfish humans, as neither whatever road must be available to grab a direction to our own dreams or goals, I am so sorry, but don’t, so I will never defence anything that are going to opposite from the mental healthy that in the same way will place our physic in a high risk.


” Adrenaline and unsconscious is not the same, mustn’t confuse both terms, as must practice sports while develop a great adrenaline but never lost the manage of a space that would close our free door of freedom inner, that is have a full consciousness ( Consciencia plena), independently that are who create that energy or are who receive it in, so on both cases although can come an injury up, honestly will come in other most healthy circunstances although it can’t seem like that in a first instanct “.


In this point to be honest, I am not going to critize hardly to Rafa Nadal or his own uncle….etc.., because I am not a human being that walk for the life in that way, but about all because don’t feel that there has been during all their journey through of all that years a very bad intention in the way to develop the items to grab out those goals that have gone pointing out to get on (remind you that have been with them on person), but the weath is also in that are not in agreenment at all, about all when cross lines more for ignorance or even a focus emotional so selfish that is too much focused in a feeling of live instead of a feeling of self-fulfilment. Once said that, to who will go to critize with all hardness is two areas:

1. The medias, don’t mind if are used as a way to sell out an irreal marketing as the own medias by itself who pushing to sell over and over an imagen focusing in “having a nice time together” (Buenísmo), a representation that make a lot damage in.

2. The coaches and education (on sports and outside of the sport), in relation to grab references that are not all as also mix the information up between that is good development and that is diving in an obsesive way where the point of balance will not expect to grow up, as can see permanently that till a lack of formation, clearity inner, which doesn’t matter if have taken the choice to clue a tag in our back or maybe are sheeps of them or even simply mere spectators, but that information that try to push to our staff, players or whatever is so empty as contaminanted in a type of brain chaos that limit the own develop about the person who wish to help, while keep moving in a spiral, that is never better said on tennis, pushing against the fence to the individuo without grabbing any chance that let him/her move in a different way, the silence infliction is there.


” Don’t get to sleep over that the mouth is saying out is then when will be able to recognise the truth emotional status (after will look the cause) about the humans, other living beings or the own context that is happening in that right moment, nor before nor after of that, on that precise moment “.

” A education job, that invite to be conscious about that are transmiting to the neigbour, as is being to delivery on them, that consequences could have in some point of the road, is a vital key to grab maximum potentials each other without that no one get injuried as about mindset (brain – mind) as phsyically, so to the job that would have to do as before as after, some professionals as the phsyiotherapist, personal trainers, or to the own coaches, will a benefit to a permanenty long term, full of integrity “.

” There are not casual injury, have always been walking around of many warmings that tried to knock door about that are doing, as if are the in sender side as if after have had to move to the receiver side, read it is a good gift of anticipation “.


* Remind you the questions that have left on the air to be answered for yourself dear reader or for all human being as in education as for the own players, at the end, human beings that we are.

* Apologise that didn’t get diving more about that involve to be involve in a set the psychology energies in rythms or context where the management on-site is basic.







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