I prefer by principles to keep call that The Tennis Queen’s Club championships, in way to keep the essence as is a super cosy club which was woking there for two years (Nov 2014 – Jan 2017), a period where gave a very good punch on table, although it already come one year and half before to start to work there, exactly along of the first part of 2013 where the development of my personality was drawing a door that haven’t thought ever that would be bringing on there, but in personal terms the job were doing really well, independently of the labour consequences it had stuck behind on, but would repeat that process again, anyway is my story, a story as unusual as intense to understand in.

Well in that point is where The Tennis Queen’s Club got out to be in action, as I don’t want to look like tiresome as there is alrealdy articles and videos about it and my own life’s story if you surfing through of my website and YouTube’s Channel, however if need to remind you, that I wasn’t seeking for any special club and much less in a big one not even had any kind of expectations, I just wanted to PROVE MYSELF, then to PROVE MYSELF AGAIN and like that in a row without limitless, ¿What did prove mean in?:

Right, on that point, as have said out many times, the exposition is nature and build out, but the experience is EGO, Self-deception, but about all a spiral routine that will come stuck with a lot noise on, a self-protection that is many time save down for a particular dominance or an unique picture drawn in our brain, then from there never took action. Means that between have gone learning through of my HYPERSENSIBILITY (I always called PHOBIA, but the actually in psychology is named like that) with its own develop of my personality plus the tools tought from my family, when one want to move in something, must go step by step, respecting the process but about all go to move in the kitchen to observe on person all the system without losing any minimum detail, so must be super focus on.


Remind!!!   ” My hypersensiblity has a factor that is really important over the rest of the details, it is the ability to predict the human behaviours, means that needed and still do it as avoidable resource to observe which could be the next action of the humans that are on between 1 and 3/4 km around me as a way to anticipate whatever kind of impact to my hypersensiblity and then got enough time to put me far away or in nowadays active the mechanism to manage it with the less damage against my own nervous system even digestive as well…etc.. ”   (About the resistence of our body without using the chemicals between other our psychology could bring perspectives that till now would be unsual on…, but still I have a lot to learn).


Once that have left so clear that The Tennis Queen’s Club wasn’t an initial point where sent my cv or even left it on person on all kind of places in relation or some small relation with the TENNIS to prove myself and contemplate if could be differential or maybe wasn’t, so the unique that gave me an answer was The Tennis Queen’s Club, but even like that have to fight for longs weeks, even being rejected in the way, exactly the same process that happened me few dates ago on the LTA as in that game between job/personal skills ( “Competencias ” ) and like them or others ( ” Caer en gracia ” ), with all my psychologic information plus the contextualization through of the degree that I am studying right now, can say that the second one is every time, more and more common in our way to take our choices out.

A detail which have been able to observe it permanently, but at the end keep to focus on myself as the total set of fighting permanently in extra times, make my person much more grateful but about all the most fullest person through of a process that is respected without jumping stages on which don’t understand anything for stereotypes, predjuices, about ages or circunstances that must be on, but that is coming up because are an gregarious society that don’t understand of rythms nor is ready to create an armony that pushing everyone to get the maximum potential as individually as in group, because keep living in company of acoustics influences that grab so level of vibrabtion that don’t let us to breath in with a clean consciouness, our field of interdependence blocks everything on.


” When I took the choice to leave the Queen’s Club was to go back Spain for a couple of months to work with my coach from my whole life, knew that were in a hands that sadly is evey time less common in nowadays to develop that knew that could grab in, although thought that it would take less time and then go bak UK or maybe jump to other part of the world, but it was longer through of external circunstances that make never easy the development of the way but that didn’t get to stop that I knew that could get in, with a paper or without it on “


I don’t want to finish the article without say anything that considere vital on me, a line in realtion to the first paragraph, in my two years worked at The Tennis Queen’s Club, obviously the personality is still the same, however the character in union with types of priorities have changed a lot, in that moment came a year 2013 that was a basic key in to the human that have been transformed in nowadays, means that in that two years were beginning to see that person would be today, but still needed TO FIT PERSONAL ISSUES, that it is as when build a giant puzzle, have to find the pieces and then go to find its suitable spaces on, but about it, we are talking about the brain, its transmision and the area most unconscious of our mind, which is process atractive but long in relation to the circunstances on.

Anyway although have been able to live three training sessions to the ATP Master Cup, two tennis Queen’s Championships, a Davis Cup, different national tournaments, plus an infinite of wonderful wises ordinary moments with the members and theirs own guest, but at the end the 99% are not more that material or temporal issues, but that full up our person are the exchanges of knowledge, thoughts, feelings between human beings, means that the best gift that received in, were all that human beings chats with the members or their guest, the players, the coaches……etc… but about all with my colleagues, supervisor and with everyone of my bosses, situations that through of a level of memory like mine as for the better as the worse, can’t leave saved on because without it in unition to my own predispositon for grab everything in, my human level wouldn’t be where it is right now, independently which is my labour performance, as very often don’t have the issue to travel on line.

From there, I want to give a tremedous thanks to everyone of them to give its small seeds on my person, as even I couldn’t image ever that would be working where I am right now, that year 2022, beginning it in the hot point of the year in UK, the grass’ season, where in barely a month have been able to live many amazing situations on, even yersterday in a Coffee Nero, reminded me others one, between them, that lived years ago in the underground, situations that always have a lot of sixth sense, a mind on peace, a focus in the way, and the own nature that makes its way on, while get great feedbacks a day behind other, but about all and still happen as create many facial expressions some in a surprise way, maybe through of as we have assumed to have some roles about that human profile go in, so sometimes an ordinary person can offer details that didn’t expect at all and maybe need in that right moment.

¿is there Negative points?, someone could ask on self, of course there is, as that the female tennis was more valueable in that kind of clubs, also to find more authenticity in aspects outside of material ranges as even involving to everybody, that include, the own tournaments as their players ahead, most consciousness about are the engines that make the club move on, a staff, as the own life that is motion without ending on, have emotions, feelings,…etc, but also have a body and brain, where everything is moving, care about it is equal to create a great performance ever in a permanent way.


” All we are human being, means that can learn a lot from each other without caring about the tags that pretends to attach others in a permanent way, when got to get away from that, will be then when find a way of happinesss that don’ t need any kind of obsesion or escape behaviour to pretend to feel something that looks like it, because the vibration that come from our fears will be out. “

” TAGS FOR EVERYTHING, stop it, use our brain in ”  

” I am no a fan, love it at all, just to take my time to know where I am moving on, a way to respect the tennis in it full extensión, as the tennis is more far away that three humans lost between the marketing and the own EGO “.

A colleague and his last words,

” Carlos need to trust on youself, love your tecniques, your shots, wanted that for me, when played rallies you get 40 balls go so nice, just one on the net, your consistency is amazing, got a lof fun and make me to work hard, but when play points or games, don’t know why, you got to the inverse way, your level dissapear at all, believe in you, keep going on the work and tennis, because feel that know a lot and have everything so clear to help others on. “

* I know the reason of that words, as I know my person very well even my own vains….but here is not the place to explain why is happening on, would be something very long to explain and nobody will listen it, also let to remind you that  my focus in not about the fact to use my ego to place out my frustations, complaints or whatever emotional states is about to take the tennis up to a healthy fountain.




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