Dear reader, I have to recognise that the idea about that article is come from many chats that have always had with my physioterapist and psychologist, as also my own personal job and the last issue, the simply fact where start to watch some trainings about some players that already are on pre-season or close of that, (Don´t just the bristih ones (videos) but of course that about they as well) and obviously the point that refreshed all of that, was the fact to work where I am working right now, although is not placing in the value that my actions have talked by itself.

What means a blind habit? or What does it mean in my person?.

Fiixing my attention on the sports, obvisously on that case about tennis, but believe me that observations or small notions can be moved to other sports, well, anyway, dear reader, placed our focus on tennis, are really details that I left to fall down on the post that shared about Roger Federer, but some assumed facts as an unique group instead of dividing that on small pieces, which didn´t have any relation about that I tried explain about it or at least not signed on that point in a 100%.

Our brain, is our solid point where the level of plasticity is brilliantely brutal, so if you have read my last super personal article (what does tennis mean on me?, RUN FORREST RUN!!! ), can be super aware that move the directions of our brain sincerely easy, however, for example when the other day I observed to two colleagues to practice together, by the way I will be the next one, in a shy way tried to correct on them small details as didn´t have the enough confidence with them as exccess on their points, once of them said: Look, that is so difficult…. as some famous band said out, “impossible is nothing”… because the issue is in your emotional rhythm and about HOW is going to project out, justly on that pont must stop to make a huge job of opening conscious, means about the energetic job between the energy that we are using  and the geometric figure that accompany in every action.



Well, in professionals would be exactly the same, but in addition have a level of distracting factors that push to be in ways outside of the position. anyway let to arrive to the pont where want to go, well although I am getting too much obstacles, always put attention on every single and smallest detail, from the bottom to up, it is really important on the moment that after will have the racket on hand, it means that there are many daily actions, probably you think that don´t have influence on court later on, however, the brain if retain that informaton and straight away send it to the body, so leave it as something “effective”.

A example “, the temperature of our body, have done so popular WIM HOLF, while get to move to the extrem to the humans as flocks of sheeps, that not even pay attention to details unconsistents, and that in the same time pushing to human groups in a fighting each other, between who helped it and these that didn’t, then at the end of the road, the main subject is left outside wihtout being aware about it. Said that, I always seek the balance on everything, for example about that issue as in humans as in animals (for example the dogs, where we able to see the own line of identity of the owner), where our body through of the way that let to our brain works in the gear that we are placing about it, usually in the lowest way where it could be, as has a several levels of layers, that push to each of our system to work in a way or other, to whatever issue that have to face up, between them the temperatures as external as internals or other much more intense the PAIN, doesn’t matter that kind of physical pain,…..etc… then however unconsciously, the noise that we have inside of us (taught or developed in), plus the a intense level of influence about the “logic”, make that are permanently interrupting the deep procces of adaptation that our human system has ready for us…. ”

Before, to keep going, dear reader, we make a brief resumen to see if you have so clear that I am trying to explain you, we talk about the nosie, the energy that we add to that noise, the layers of our system and the game of the temperatures without getting artificial resources in our inner, but dear, what is going on about our actions or moviments, means our habits of positional placing on?

When I do a turn around of 360 grades, and look around of me, sincerely scares a lot as the human can be too much far away of a grade of consciouness and the power of movement that the stimulus make of them that to add much more fuel to the fire, push on theirselves in a level of agitation that them in absolute state of higher vulnerability as all the essence in a sold out position, so avoid that can grab some kind of understanding as can be able to read the contexts before to create theirselves and others, as physical as emotional conflicts and then come us an repetitive interrogative, HOW…..? HOW….? HOW….?

Honestly, if we were enough conscious about that we are doing, as in our labour´s position, as outside of it, our diary performance, energy, attitude,..etc would have healthy and consistent peaks of action… for example if have to talk about tennis, through of the place where I am working right now (but observed in other tennis´ contexts), which be capable to observe a several number of details, that it is the own life on itself but after we bring that contraindicated gestures on court and all of that, of course, without forgetting on that case the own characteristics that the tennis has by itself as in techniques as on physical terms, that in the process accumulate it as a set that use to get in high range are acquainting with them, but in total contrast to the way that we wish in our deepest inner areas.

I feel that i am not sure if i am explaining well, but if you give me a player, for example from my job, whre could grab one by one, and place out a long list of plenty details, smallest “hidden” where many of them are consequences of injuries on repetition that are coming in a slow motion or already have in but that have anticipated months ago.


” The force must never leave from the body if not justly must go out from our brain, on tennis a loose wrist will be the most powerful dynamo of forcing – company of our own extension, pretend to correct it seeks adquire force from other side, shoulders, arms, hip, legs, will be the worst repeated mistakes that a player can be doing on court, the frustation, the anxiety, the irritation, the chronification will be a hot bread that as unnecesary as the own human ignorance “

” The brain remind sharping every moment, which means that everything that you are doing outside of the court, is preferible to make as in slow motion as in high conscious that let to be realise that are not leaving the movements on the middle of the way, because after that, with a racket on hands, will create unnecesaries mistakes without knowing where is come from that are feeds of the next injuries that is comming up from milles on warning! “.


And small extra that I didn´t have ready at all, but after have listened the last few interviews from Carlos Alcaraz and some issue with his knees, let me to take some personal proud, and share with you, the article that I wrote on 2019 when he was playing the Wimbledon Junior, adverted about it in total sharpeness, but right now with most muscles weights that have to support that area will make on him that are more struggle with it.  About it also could say even told in other places about Rafa or Roger, facts avoidables, even when worked in the Queen´s club, but the corners and the silence have always been my known place, but have never given up on the way.



” All have stories to tell out, but there are some that can be huge inspirations, some I would like to know as well but find the point where the neighbour get to change his way to look at the things is probably one of thrilling challenges to take responsabiliy for it, because will find plenty of ugly reactions, means unbalance moods, that on my case, open in my inner a channel of mercy that pushing still with more story line in get to know all that prestigious story that save in “






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