Apart from working on the LTA (British Tennis Federation), have a second job (Kitchen Porter, next to the Battersea Power STATION) that tried to go, every time I can do it or even they are able to place me on the rota, without studying my online degree (Psychology), but want to hep on tennis as in techniques as psychological levels but about all in human levels, because belive on my persistent knowledge as to be a great alley out there, but also want to be clear that want to get by myself, nobody must gift anything.

Anyway my reading from today is coming from a beauty fact that lived on the begining of the week ago on my second job, when I was with the trash, just in that moment appeared two chefs (A veteran man and a woman) from a restaurant next to us, they were speaking on spanish, but in whatever way as if it was on spanish as in other languages, always try to send out my greetings, as to be humble with others, although didn´t send back you anything, the simple fact has already taken its own value in offer that you could do from your side; well, on that case, the man kept with me, began to tell me practically great area of his story when throw two simple questions, ” How are you?, Where are you coming from? “….  so that exchange of the chat made me reflection in many points, and specially an expresion that was as a sword dirct to my HEART, ” SOY UN HOMBRE DEL MUNDO, GRACIAS AL TRABAJO DE MI MUJER “..  by confidentiality save which is the job that has his wife, simply the contrast of the roles is amazing and show that the interactions are possibles and that mustn’t be signed for that kind of position you are, if not that the main ingredient must always be to be HUMANS but about all treat each other as humans where everyone are in a common service or must be like that at least.

” HOMBRE DEL MUNDO “, Qué bonitas palabras, verdad?, How is that words sounding out, right?, quickly reminded on my inner, many details lived in my life that couldn’t explain just in words, must consider to write a book, but if wil go to mention one of the last ones, when I lived during 8 months in the borderline between Geneve (Switzerland) and Annemasse (France), so Annemasse remind me Navalagamella  (Madrid) for the social community that there was on there, but the fact was that the own land by itself didn’t understand about barriers, practically every day I was going by walking from Annemasse to Geneve, a nice walk, avoid to take the public transport is always a great choice, here in London if I can, try to do a lot, because sometimes forgot to play with the impacts that could draw or couldn’t do in our body / brain, anyway as is for the human being so tricky to live borderless about himself, it is the smallest detail that called a little bit the attention, about all when the day has 24h and a fact of “full diversion” has 2 or 3 maximum of diversion, which grab the small sustances and add small pieces of flavour while play with them, would more functional thinking in long periods ahead.

Well, that should be explained through of a map that I drew and explained long time ago in a video on my YouToube Channel (Lately abandoned), once because have to repair my cameras, and two because want to make it much more professional, serious and real with the content, so need the maximum focus, and in a share house with strangers nor rules it is impossible to get the silence that I need for that of content although have should analyse tennis’ matches that for that was created as my website as my Youtube channel as the fact to keep opening my RRSS (my 8 months in Geneve, deleted all, it was a great choice!!! would repeat it again if not was that need to gain the professional credibility, miss my teenager times when there wasn’t exist nothing of that, so it was simple to find moments of silence and walk more connected for the streets or even on the countryside, anyway that lost the thread through of that I am want talk about on that article, so come back to that map that want to express here with some small extra wheel more.


” Look after of yourself!, cuida de ti mismo!!! ”  ” Come, make your job, grab the money and go home,  vienes, haces tu trabajo, agarra el dinero y vuelvete a casa “, ….. 


On my emotional point, that are some couple of expressions that lately have to listen in different contexts, but specially on labour areas, sadly nor the the ISOLATE year have been moved to make something good, but if have served as brutal excuse to be more SELFISH humans, of course won’t do that change who I am as human being, and is obvious that I am not perfect, but I am always looking of the perfection, not just for myself, if not to bring the neighbour a easier context along of their journey, that could look like so weird to find someone like that in nowadays, but love more the moments, the emotions that could create from a honest and pure point of life that grab a money or an award or a note of a evaluation, that will never identify who you are in reality (must be the consequence from emotional unloading on), so is that cuestionable reality who must get in on consciusness about the map that will explain right now.


” Reward humans with different type of serious positions as a remedy of Health Mental issues, is the worst choice ever that whatever kind of responsible human can grab to other human, because the problem is going to be ahead without stopping on time but even as small drops of water will go jumping from every small component that is closing of that human or even to be closest don’t have the properly tools to manage firstly it about himself. “

” Of course, the restructuring take time, but much less about that said the books or we can think, as in levels psychologicals as techniques depend in the absolute way to focus or better said to realise with not visible effort about that are happening emotionally as in the human as in the own context, honestly will be much more productive in the way of knowledge and personal integration of the personal tools “.



There are two zones, four areas and two types of cords that are united or draw conditions on that one is the self-esteem (thick / strong) and the other one would be the confidence or self-confidence (skinny / weak) plus multiple factors along of each:


Individual Zone: Your control is 100% about, nobody is pushing you to be or to move on or at least you mustn’t have that fact on your mind. Everything comes from your choices and your courage to move or don’t move ahead, also to gain or don’t gain consciousness, or even to live in the truth or in the lie……



* Each area is very individual and won’t go deep on the explanation.


Common Zone. Your control looks like that is a 50 % each on every area, however really we have a 100% of control, then the issues are coming from many areas, as it could be genetic, biologic, psychologic (emotional) even physiological conditions or external preferences that haven been contaminated through of not fault of our own, means choices that are not making from a real state of freedom (that in personal relationships could have dangerous consequences to the mainly actors but also to who are close of us).

Someone of you, will ask the next, could it be transcribed on the labour field?, my answer yes but not, where could we find the difference?, in the personal interest or levels of responsibility or abilities of manipulation, because anything are forcing you to move on that, it is up to you, in other words, everything is most more external conditions that could stuck in our inner, that is dangerous thing….



* Each area is very individual and won’t go deep on the explanation.


So now, llet me to make a brief summary through of hile’s post, “ Borderless ”, SIN FRONTERAS, in spanish it sounds most beast in an external gazing, it means, that as most authentic you can grab to your own self, most close you are going to move around of the happiness’ way that is not is other thing, from my point of view, that to be that “HOMBRE – MUJER DEL MUNDO”, who get a free mind, without attachment and it means that there is not nor must have a sense of belonging to anyone or anything else as the fact to draw a map of possession neither, in other words nobody have to justify their free choices that make to their needs or priorities.


” The freedom doesn’t consist to live over a bike that go jumping about everything, really the value of freedom is to live on consciousness through of inner space and the own external dominancy, but bounce over that two points are within everyone’s grasp but not everyone is willing to make that tough and even blind sacrifice “. By Carlos Azuara Aguado.


Also the fact to live in a free state of barriers, involve a situation that don’t have the feeling that are offering the enough time for that, when is the most important thing that must do everyday to ourselves even to the neighbours, grab our hand, place over our or over his/her heart and check if maybe there is other most important thing broken or in bad conditions before other useless or materials things that are happening around, know as read it or as listen it but about as learn to respect that state to work or get to navigate in an evolution about it, is in reality or must be on reality our main field of action, as at the end believe me have a great effect in all and each one of our areas and conditioned or mixed up both fields, however must recognise that I am not the best example for many things because look like that I am arriving late to grab that I deserve, but it is better than never to place myself on that risk position, because have more value to dead being authentic and loyalty to everyone and each task that every context require to bring out.







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