Here on that article which will keep following a trail that define me so well, although it looks like that didn´t like at all, because is considered as good as bad, however in according with the perspectives from others so often is declined to the bad frame, what is the reason?, the lack of braving to go another side of the wall. So I love to listen every time more and more often the next affirmation about my own person:


” Carlos you are so direct, transperent, honest, you don’t have any filter, that is good or bad, simply need to put everything on balance to see to where you walk in ” ….. on my view always is clear to where I am going to.


THE NATURE. (first introducction, below at the end has the second one acclaration to where go with it)

on my person is a key without argue at all, have been lucky to grow up around of that, even the building of vegetables gardens year behind year, so where was most close to the mountains to the beaches, and right now, that Carlos love both things on the same way, because everything that it gave you is an wonderful gift that is over whatever material thing, is that on winter are so free to go for a swim in a Lake or in the Sea, doesn’t matter the temperature as outside as inside of the water, is gift of the life to who have it close to them, as in the same is that have a lot of paths without the vibration that the human being makes constantly, so can go to do hiking or even can take you bike (without any engine in please) where move our body in total harmony with her, always have water and food ready for you if was necessary in a peaceful rythm, so would never exist those stimulus that day by day were being to gaze on without brakes at all, and is that I am refeering to the feeling of the emotional hungry, eat, eat and eat because have converted it in other way of entreteirment between humans, so reduce a so low levels whatever level of performance, our resilence, but about all our real ability cerebral is unconsciously interrupted, creating fatigues and need unreals.


” All the answers are most close than usualy think that they are, from there is which is my mantra that you can read on my webiste, YOU ASK YOU RESPOND, BUT ONLY THE HIDDEN EMOTIONS ARE WHOM HAVE THE UNIQUE ANSWER. ”  


The answer of the huma being:

” To deny that emotions or very common on sport for example is going to explode in a physical way, so without balance have seen and still are watching, because the human being is the only one who is so idiot to repeat all the mistakes once behind than other, the same behaviour to that actual global situatiion “



About it as don’t want to make that so long, let me to invite you dear reader, that you invite you that surf on my website, on the section BLOG/Brain, there you have two articles called THE PSYCHOLOGY NOISE, part 1 and part 2, but even you have another ones that have a narrow relation with it, even in the section of the videos, there are very interestsing issues. hope that it can be so useful.

Let me simply want to remind few details, in some one have been responsible for that aussence of filter but also as to be a human being as the fact about have worked (actually I am in new seeking) in places where the ending consequences go as to the clients as the the staff more low of pyramide, through of my honest consciouness couldn’t keep on silence when in a short time could be really dangerous for everyone as of course it reduces to minimum the quality of the performance (service) showed out; so that I am a good human being and responsable have to be considered an direspectful value while we try to understimate those that will mark a real difference with my person in or without in, doesn’t matter, so it is not an alert about ourselves and after on the collective that there are something that is not working on, isn’t it?

Other details about the noise and as in sports pretend to cover it to “the easier way” that leave us on peace with our confrontation but that in reality are pushing the trouble more and more longest so after very few times will come back with the results that expect, but about all althouhg sometimes can get the result expected, will never go on regularity and will have consequences really avoid at all. Two examples that have had close right now:


Chelsea, Tomas Tuchel: “ Lukaku’s Case, have left him out, because have a really important match, who everyone is 100% on focus, because the noise is going bigger, that is not good ”  (something like that).

Arsenal, Mikel Arteta: Aubemayang’s Case,  he was indisciplined, wasn’t the first time,… ” (look like something serious happened).

I am not going to introduce on both cases, basically because I am not inside of squad, who would better that the own coaches be to know their own squad and about is happenind inside?…  talk about them and their choices would be a behaviour completely unrespectful, but I needed to slipped the cases about the narrow relation with the noise as it could or couldn’t be good managed through of two very clear exits:

1. The good job of the team or the own individuo (Individual sports) without feeling of affectation at all, so everyone will feel it as air fresh and power punch to bring everything up.

2. Avoid to fall down in a close way of self-decelption that firstly will damage ourselves (who take the decisions) and after will have one or other influence on the group or in the individual on charger, because with the obsession to get an objective they will believe on everything in a very blind way without thinking for theirselves to make them and the group much more strong, really unstoppable.


Tennis, that have observed as those experience on the Queen’s Club as other situations lived around of that sport (National tournaments, ATP, CHALLENGERS, RFET...etc.., congress included…), an expresion would define it, “All Mouth and no trousers ” ( ” Mucho Ruido y pocas nueces ” )…. I mean that apart from the fact that the players, coaches,…etc.. usually are very few present on the place where are playing on, in objective of an adaptability more clean, is even that when are inside of a dressing room, the noise is quadriplicate on proportions that usually can damage before, during and after of match, so I am not talking about the distractions that there are around that usually is a lot, want to put all the focus on the tremedous effort to get that as the attention as the field of concentration, two concepts totally differents can walk on the same way to get out there in a total line of working which believe me it will have some dominance in the global performance as of course the respond of the body in anticipation of the injuries and ability of resilence without limits on.  (BY the way all that tried to explain on that paragraph have been it on all the SPA have worked, Gyms where go to Swim…as observed in other circunstances…something that in football would be brutal as well without care about the level, league or even position of the team).

* Right now with that actual global situation, fulled of stupid all that load of locked air plus other issues go opposite that comment on that above paragraph, sincerely something that although you have a great instinct as living being that are (develop it) won’t be able to guess as the depth everything could go in but if can read and stop it drops in and on.


The nature.

When I told about the nature, I am not reffering at all about that the own physcal nature that could find on everywhere if move a little bit, means that the nature is also the set of all our essence as human as collective, in other words what like living beings that we are, our inner and as are able to expand it (forget about that stupid marketing about to get the best version, is gonna to destroy you), our air in and out, as are breathing in, because right now see as a virus or much better said as some stranges transmit it us, and then can get to bring everybody to a state of absolute psicosis, an irrational fear in levels that put are out of control while lost our consciouness about our value of the freedom, as living beings that we are, the first value at all is understand our freedom as individual, considered that if we don’t have that point worked on the same level that integrated it in, is totally impossible that can go to a total and honest personal development.

However the surrealistic is not just the virus in itself, is that every year, independently that station it is, Winter, Spring, Summer or Autumn, as through of an agressive marketing lost our way, to full up of a layers on or just to take out all of them, or even to introduce in all the integredients, products (clothes,…etc..) absolute far away of the way, as in the same way can switch on the heating in terrofics levels (Galleries, shops, houses, jobs….etc..) or in other times the air conditioning on the same levels of heating, when except that we are in a real extrem places are absolutely unnecessary, because everything (our actions, choices) are coming out from EMOTIONAL NOISE, that place us so far away as of our own essence as the own natural enviroment that the nature always have ready for us. (The world of the dogs, had a nice job together with a trainer making a lot of psychologic experimentations..., is other tough and disgusting example of the ignorance in according with that matter, as living absolutely off about the abilities of our own body without intefere, My phobia together a great psychology job give allow myslef to explain about it).



As usually happens us on every ordinary situations of the life, like other day happened me with the banks, doesn’t matter that there is some kind of supposed protocols (whatever area), all situation where there is a fight between two or more human beings, absolutely everything will depend of the own essence of the human beings on responsability of the duties relationed with the issues, the freedom to choice whatever is our predisposition till the situations that are coming up where constantly from that wake up till go to bed, are living with a uncount number of emotional situations around of us, as human beings that we are, the abilities of development of our brain are inmenses, really are not limits to whatever the level of action and resilence that our body through of clear and as unstrectured as structured areas of our brain is able to built a super power human being without powers that were hold in from cartoons or fantasies thoughts, if not that are really let that our nature works as should work in and out, will do in everyone of us that our emotional circulation is watered and freedom while dance on the same harmony about whom are really at all.


” As an individual has a behaviour when you are alone with him/her and as in group is so different, about all our level of consciouness could be interfered without concious at all, in an silence way that will place us on so far away from a direction that let ourselves to take out our intelligence, and maybe later on will be able to add the emotional intelligence, a stated next-to the last that is the previous to the Happiness without need to escape of a noise to pretend to get some feeling similar but will never bring the happiness in ” .

” A militar, a athletic, or whatever ordinary human being could get benefit working in a way parallel to the nature, our nature with truth and purity, it will always be there, depends of the every one, but listen if we prefer to live on the noise that we are now, doesn’t matter, you are rich or poor, that you have a ship or don’t have it, nothing to do, keep on fight through of way of self-deception or just pointed others about your own mirrows, because everthing is for an imaginary common good “


I love the nature, that live in there as already have my own nature, my essence full up but never leave to keep going to learn new things that complement my pillars even the main one, the backstone that should move our essences, where remind you that the first step on for that is to be consciouness about your freedom as living being that you are, after are human being as well, but the understand the freedom and the right and get to be concious about it is our point of start, with that has a lot of work advanced, that applied later on your life and in a professional field, sincerely points a development more integrative, resolutive and resilent in levels where the limits will don’t exist anymore, as would give in as populism as dangerous as so bad used in emotional terms on tennis, “The Timming” will be much shorter, effective and efficient that could think at all, and on special also healthy on regularity ever.


” The more able that we are as about touching land as let that our body breath properly through of all their areas, through of our understanding of our freedom as living being that we are so simply for that belongs to us from the first instanct that born on that planet, then more far away will arrive as human being in our development and attack to the demands without need to support on any technology that pretends to take our place when is something that could work for ourselves on bruta levels of execution, believe have the abilities for that, simply consciousness (fearless at all) and love for our freedom as person. “


” Remind that everything is on our own person, through of our inner and predisposition to every action or fact that happen around of ours. “


I am the opposite that many of you can think or the imagen that you pretends to take from my LINKEDIN, if you let me will get a great worker as individual as like a team, with a great exposition although it is personal and so difficult to understand at all. Don’t let that you excepticism or other factors take you out. Thank you.




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