Dear reader, keeping on my fight to find a strong project where start to work, because feel that can help a lot to give a big jump on whatever strong performance team, and following a line of different themes that have developing on the last few weeks, let me to get deeper in one that brings “hidden” a lot of traps, that are repeated without consciousness on the trainings, after perform it on the matches that of course in some way is accompanied of frustrations, body blocked on court (heavier), physical issues (short – long vs impact – bounce back against us), reduction from the size of the court (relation space – possibilities),  and a long etc of more consequences that are attached to the total interference of the own PACE that every human can go develop on in a very reduce time if know that have to do, because from the contrary and through of professional cheat ” imaginary performance ” will be driving into a thing dangerous area called THE HABIT.

Remind you, dear reader, from knowledge and experience (living with very aggressive Phobia, so manage really well right now) that:

” The worst enemy from all human being even rest of living beings (observe the animals on its own habitat)  as well, is not the EGO if not that it is the HABIT and the shape that as the humans as other beings have decided to do about it which in some way will do our job to justify our circle process. “



Dear reader, before to go to other contexts on relation to it, there are small things that must face up:

  1. I must define you that the meaning of PACE for me.
  2. A good TENNIS’ TECHNIQUE has a previous space to get access to the PACE, as also have to understand the own fact that have a brilliant technique without pacing is never going to be on anywhere. (That push me on the third point, keep reading on).
  3. PACING is not equal that RHYTHM OF COMPETITION, are two different body progress, the first is in relation with the psychological and technique regulation with the body while the second is connection with the frequently familiarisation from the activity developed on. 



The pace is the cleaning communication between each one of the body’s extremities and the sensorial stimulus that are received in the BRAIN and its subsequent informative sequences that are sent back to promote a flexible reaction of the body, where the system nervous central is that has the control to open or close the different doors of access to the high different levels, and in the same time there are two senses that will get a tough influence about the PACE, that in relation to each person it will be a higher or less grade of increasing or distortion of the level, that two senses that I am referring are the hearing and the smell (usually affect the sensibility and body temperature)

Environment temperature = + Creativity (productivity) + development + strengthen -/null fatigue and more increasing of consciousness.

Interference Environment Temperature (artificial, an office, a house…) = – Creativity (productivity) – limited development + fatigue (imaginary) + anxiety (Appetite without need to bring anything into the body) and highest/abrupt reduction of consciousness. 

*That both formulas are facts that have been able to observe year by year through of increasing on my knowledge and experience together to sensorial power that give me my own phobia (HSP person with the skills worked and development, but still improvement).

ALERT, CAREFUL!….  THE PACING IS NO THE SAME THAT GRAB RHYTHM OF COMPETITION. Both are facts that don’t have any relation one another; below I will explain it.

Once, dear reader that have clear the definition, then can already get deeper on the SIGNIFICANCES (effects by itself).



On that section, I am going to make a weighing scale between the PACE and the RHYTHM of competition. 

Once have got our PACE, then we can manage our own body in absolute level of efficiency and effectiveness, means that will of our output a brutal field of exploration, so on the moment that have adjusted the real base of that PERSONAL PACE, all type of advance will just be to up as an unique option, because that consolidation is an permanent instruction, it is basically like that because there is an total communication with the SELF-ESTEEM and also is based in the pacing instead of repetevies actions. 

By the contrary, when are talking about the RHYTHM OF COMPETITION, then will be referring to an inconsistent external context that will depend of uncontrollable excess of repetitive acts, said in other way are pretending that all the external get to adapt us instead of making it on the inverse way, that game is a risk really dangerous that always have several consequences/lessons that will be strangle us while keep doing the same routines and then avoid us to get the space to place our PACE above it, means that don’t have to be dependent human beings of a macabre game that is the SELF-CONFIDENCE OR CONFIDENCE that are taking our limited chances of self-discovery away from us. 

Basically, could do the next diagram:

PACE:  DYNAMISMS (Movements and development – stretch in motion), the need to have SELF-ESTEEM to develop the pace, a total Independence,  there is not game of COMPETITIVENESS,  tension corporal is spreading around of the body and so easy to come back to initial state of zero stress and maximisation of individual potential, unrecognised fatigue,….and a long etc…

RHYTHM OF COMPETITION: NO DYNAMISMS (Exposed to alterations – mess), don’t have self-esteem or really low/quality base on, total dependent of the states of CONFIDENCE or SELF-CONFIDENCE, dependence to multiple factors (risk of burning in), there are a double game of COMPETITIVENESS first against ourselves and after against everyone or everything that have in front of us, tension corporal focuses in exacts points above the areas used on (higher risk of injuries), states of fatigue,….and a long etc…


” THE SELF-ESTEEM, it is not going to be higher or lower, or we have that or we don’t have it ” (it is a long process but really brilliant to face with it).



Well, once on that point, dear reader, I am not sure that you have been able to understand everything that have tried to explain here, but basically if our way to work is focused on the RHYTHM/S OF COMPETITION, then will have serious deteriorations, basically it is because if someone change us some detail of the configuration, then we were lost for the reason that we were playing a fake game that won’t be in our favour; however if our work are absolutely focused on the PACE, then will have a wide range to play with the up or down of the dynamics process while are joining in a game much more real and closest to our essence

As I have said, the RHYTHMS OF COMPETITION don’t have any PACE, which leave us in a risky situation that limit the ability to open a spectrum that let us develop an infinite skills as for the TENNIS as to the ordinary life that are greased each other above the PACE, a inner pacing that leave us to traveling for different frequencies that push us in a natural way to bring out who we are in contrast with draw hypothetical versions of oneself who would be a fake in correction of a Self that haven’t done option to develop in. 

The TENNIS, probably is one of sports more ungrateful in relation to grab a solid predisposition to work in an intense searching of the PACE and therefore, later one, we are able to bring it on court, basically is a sport that on the last two decades have decided to live from the lies or even better said from self-lies, means that most the excuses that are using to justify injuries, increasing or reduction of levels or as the promotion and the effort to hold new people to practice tennis, or even the way to sell as treat different psychological issues with the famous proverb that attached below are radicalised from the RHYTHMS OF COMPETITION.

” If you can meet with the triumph and disaster and treat those two impostors just the same ” 

It is obvious that to the certain difficulties about everything that I am explaining on that article, so make me, that I am not agree with the popular perspective that have development in relation to the TENNIS and the consequences that usually have in the players as physically as even on mental health terms, that is still more dangerous; so when have said that is a sport so ungrateful to meet with the PACE, is because, I base it on the simple fact that cuts the rhythms of game (tempo), but it doesn’t mean that can’t play using the PACE, that work consistently to find that PACE, if not that, for the most of the minds of the society is most easier to move each action or behaviours to the RHYTHMS OF COMPETITION. 

*By the way, now that in nowadays like to talk about EMOTIONAL INTELLIGENCE, that is one of that areas….

If we think about other sports as can be the swimming or jogging or cycling…etc…. that usually are individuals as well, can check that in some way can get a continuity on aerodynamic movements and temps where later on can rise it without getting to be in the middle of a field of interferences, as human as even materials, maybe it is the beauty of the tennis as well, the issue is that don’t have the feeling that there are so many consciousness about it, as don’t be taking advantage from all level of ergometry that have around of us to use in the most accuracy way ever. 

On TENNIS, we are accelerating and stopping frequently in very high shaking of movements, but even every time more and more are interference in the individual process as in the trainings as during the matches as well, and forget that ” The more we are interfering in a player, more fatigue will be get in our player, as physical as about all emotional-psychological “and of course that whatever option to draw some type of dynamism will drastically be reduced on, when must be the opposite for two clear reasons that must add to PREVIOUS DIAGRAM:

” Without a good technique nor even a clear structural system (ordinary job for example) is impossible from my point of view to find and develop the PACE (CADENCIA), because both of them, technique and pace go together “. 

As I have said earlier on that article, the PACE is based on the SELF-ESTEEM, where its main ingredient is absolutely psychological-emotional, means that we have to be able to find it and about develop an ability to adapt with it, that let us, on that case on TENNIS, paint a very soft mobility in our articulations, beginning for the most extreme areas that are the wrists and the foot, which will have a skilled extremities that will let us to make all the movement so fluently and softy (sensibility) in a natural and orderly way that will let us to keep that FREQUENCY on the time (authentic consistency) through of a null impact-bounce back on or at least reduced to the minimum the ability to show on.

Basically, it consist as if we were working with a machine or a track with different stations where can maximise all the resources that the own device/s are have on predisposition for us, so need to find the natural way that grab its maxim peak of performance, it means, as have said in other parts of article that we must be who adapt our skills, it is just possible through of the SELF-ESTEEM, because is there where will find all type of PACING, and learn to use everyone of that in proportion to the needs that each context demand us, but about all will be able to apply a higher levels of PACING that really let us to get a fluency where we have the remote control to manage it as we please on.

So, dear reader, you know, if we united that intrinsic point of the PACE (grabbing for inner PACING) instead of focusing on  RHYTHMS of the COMPETITION with that AXIS of Rotation, the base of a supports (foot) that have explained on previous article, remind you to take a look, then could already understand as bring out big and natural levels of performance, and maybe that expressions that the high sport is aggressive could leave out from any type of justifications. 

” A muscle agile and loose, will be a of the results of getting a real level of PACING “.

I am going to finish the article on the same way that started it but being a little bit more explicit, the inspiring from the whole article is the infinites trainings, matches and other type of practices that have observing, players that have had some surgery but others they don’t, or players that develop levels of the game lower than usual, or the characteristics of some tops players in relation to the goal to face to CARLITOS, or other similar contexts that remind me to plenty cases from ex- tennis players, in all cases I am referring to males and females players.

In the same way, feel that there is many physical trainers, physios but about all coaches that practically base everything in to be aggressive or just be super solid!!!, or even have to use some devices to try to solve an issue that even is not really the issue, so also looks like that don’t know where is THE PACING (obvious what it is neither), which always the Brain is stuck behind or in motion to ahead, but never in the dynamisms of the movements, which it separates Head and legs, as if were a jigsaw puzzle, creating a disorder as in game, execution as about the development of technique (frustrations, lost of consistency), that perfectly can happen that in a first moment is not “visible” but later on when go to the matches, everything is coming to the light, but even like that don’t know to read it. 

” The independency to learn and correct about the own sand of game is fundamental ” (Carlitos have shown it, but still come much much better!!!).

The last thing, is that if not develop the exercises correctly with the player, when after go to the matches that really will be exposed on the court, then will come everything out in a way of frustration that even don’t understand what is going on, as exercises with shadows (here can see more clear the PACING TIME) as other specific exercises must be executed in accord to all that for few reasons:

  1. Avoid that muscle impact to address to the wrong area.
  2. The habit draw gestures that later on will be damage for the body and obviously will damage the performance on court.
  3. Interferences with the Pacing time or the chance to seek it and let it come up. 

” Develop yourself to be able to develop others, but don’t interfere over the PACING that the neighbour can develop but you can’t see it on “.

Sincerely feel anger, when I am watching many things from outside and can’t do anything, really as have said many times, sadly the surgeries finish to be as the process of the MEDITATION, a simple patch that in the best of the cases can be extend along of the several months but later on will be our own trap because if keep doing the same thing on court, it won’t work as on as off the court, it will be creation a brutal disorder and high levels of frustrations without finding the answers, because didn’t know it although it was in front of us, it is something similar like the chords of musical melody, that must have the PACING that is correspondent to its essence, so warn that there are players, as super top players as top players or other medium players that are going to suffer a lot if not change it, which will it be too difficult that found a firm stability if they don’t make any changes about it context that have explained on that article or of course about other small details, leaving as I said in an uselessness whatever external resource that have in mind, as are the surgeries or meditation, because are not going to be the complementary actions that would expected that it was on. 




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