Well, dear reader I was that days watching some singles tennis matches, so is obvious that one of them was English on that case, but could be spanish as well, so why not?…. then observing both players, opponent included, it did to remind me the tennis’ trainings from others British players of course!, but also the Wimbledon finals as female as male, like that as everything that have written lately as articles developed from my website as some post shared directly on my RRSS where have tried explain the solid and powerful base of the tennis.

I mean, that in the same way when we are willing to built a beautiful house, first you need to feel the ground, then after can start to develop a strong concrete foundation over it and so on, till get that the design that have in a paper or inside of our mind is grabbing the shape that we wish on, but is obvious that we can’t start to do that for the roof; I know, dear reader, that sounds so basic!!! but believe me on TENNIS there are too much TENNIS COACHES famous and of course not so famous (ordinary) as even some INFLUENCERS (YOUTUBERS), but insist the percentage is highest in the pack, that permanently start to built the strokes from hip to upper area of the body, but forget to push down the movements against the structural base of body and it is synonym of highest risk of injury, independently if is for impact or just by repetition of the gestures!!!!.  

Look, dear reader, before you keep reading that article, recommend that you go to my website and read the last two articles and also take a look on my RRSS, and between them specially you can seek two of them, that title start for THE COMPASS…..  because honestly, before to develop or perfection that technical aspects that have tried to explain on that articles and couple of weeks, there are other small thing that must be aware, probably think that is not just on tennis even in other sports, but about all on Tennis is a detail that mustn’t exist any type of failure, because if not the body will suffer an an excess unnecessary from its primitive base on the ground, about that I am referring is that type of impact that we have when our body is landing against the floor, supination, pronation or neutral.

Well, then, on that point dear reader, will come the typical hater that will be against me, hey Carlitos, that it was already invented, is not the panacea!!!!!,  Who do you think that you are fucking on?….  then I will say, wait, wait!, hold on a second! (Para el carro caballero!!!), listen there are one part of the work that belongs to the labour that a podiatrist or even a physiotherapist (corporal balance on that case) are able to do over his/her patient, so it is an area that I am not going to cross on; however as TENNIS COACH and great know of the PSYCHOLOGY explained the reasons a lot of times (also future psychologist), if there is a labour that all TENNIS COACH not only must observe but also correct the gesture or impact or even bring it to a bigger potentiation of the movements. 

ACTION – REACTION = STAND + GO + IMPACT + EXIT + IMPACT + RETURN + IMPACT + CONSCIOUSNESS ON ECHO (maximisation on Predisposition for the next one ball)…

Obviously that formula on the service change a little bit, but is exactly equal or more important, and if not, dear reader, you must make memory and remind that suffered Novak few weeks ago…..or other male or females cases (limitation absolute of consistency and even high risk of injury); also must have it on mind about the type of positions (opening) that the player hold against the ground on the rest because that is a detail that limit a lot in the thousandth of seconds that you have to impact with the maxim precision and direction, of course that same circumstance must bring our job to the movements during the points and the famous arches with the splits, lost time, forcing the body aggressively and about are slipping on the supports of the toes, that is not only draw on some predictable fall downs, also is that the risk of an injury is going to elevate in excess and apart from it, with or without injury on the way, our peak of performance is gong to be down or require an excess of effort when wouldn’t have to be like that if as TENNIS COACHES were aware about it, recognise where is the issue and then work on depth the base of the TENNIS about the player in relation to his/her individual needs:

  1. Relation the supports with intensity or tension in his/her hamstrings (isquiotibiales).
  2. Reception and support of the body about the foot.
  3. Position and angle from the foot (Impact and circulation to the brain, system nervous information…)
  4. The movements to the sides, on diagonal or in positions of scissors.  (Regulation and pressure on the foots as in movement as on the impact).
  5. The self-conscience in aggressiveness and own self-correction.
  6. Develop in sensibility-agility (Foot – Brain, blind intercommunication).
  7. …..effects on rotaton…..weights about a specific articulation…etc…


On conclusion,  that have insisted from the long time ago that all therapeutic approach is quite necessary, means that have a clear communication that is being able to stretch all the inner area of the student, player or patient (application of the concept and spontaneous integration), it must be clean and always bring from the own inner human state who we are pretending to help, because as few physiotherapists have said me, Carlos, for our clinic get through many coaches from different sports, and honestly haven’t watched anyone that have so clear the impacts physical – technical, because is saved us of big headaches in relation to our patients (health – game – performance – goals), really that you have inside is of great value, must be listened on and passionate way to live the things is a great benefit as well.

Anyway, that pretend to say you to finish that article is that once that you have so clear each one of that concepts that I am trying lately to explain you through of different articles for here (my website) or from other posts on my RRSS, will mean that you don’t need any device that usually could repair some detail but is destroying others at the end, basically will recognise that you have to correct and even how reach to be there, but about all the master key that I have tried to transmit on that article, is that the TENNIS COACH must have a clear and plausible communication with the physiotherapist or even with the physical trainer as well, in relation to the handicap or issue that have found on to that they soft base about where is all the inertia of the physical inconvenient, but about has to be the own TENNIS COACH on COURT who must recognise that details, talk about it with the player, and correct it on Court (Reduction), why must we have clear that two conditions: 


  1. Avoid that as the psychotherapist as the personal trainer if was the case, are lashing out in the dark (“dar Palos de CIEGO ” in Spanish), probably attack the pain but is going to move to the inconvenience.  ( Cause or effect, what are we looking for?).
  2. Come back to the court making the same movements and technical gestures, so will be as a needle pricking a balloon, that can bring to the player to a chronic illness and a high level of muscular tensions.


  • I didn’t speak about the upper extremities, on particular the wrist, that small and very soft  gestures that need on TENNIS and that frequently put away in a trunk when is the engine that address the whole movement of the related arm (involve in the benefits or prejudices with the shoulder); and neither speaks about psychology, as from a point of view as TENNIS COACH (the most human side that don’t mix the contexts that is happening in front of his/her faces) as to the labour of professional psychologist, that I have a inner feeling that don’t know that have to observe (going usually to artificial/external points). 

Remind you one more time, don’t forget to read other previous articles from my website or other posts through of my RRSS, that maybe can help to understand that article and other that will follow to share with all of you, although hope so that I can be working in very attractive TENNIS/Traveling projects very soon.



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