Dear dear reader, basing on my last article ( The New Spanish, King of Tennis, The Specifications), where compared and disaggregate each piece of Carlos Alcaraz on line with other top players,  that honestly recommend you that take a look before to continue with that reading which will let you to go in a better dynamic understanding from the concept that I am trying to explain you right now, just below.

If you let me to be clear with you although don’t like that I am going to say here, honestly the formation need a big change of paradigm, basically listen minds that are too flat (VERY POOR) that keep during a long period a straight line in all the journey, basically that is equal that to say no one can change technical gestures independently of the age, or in tactical aspects must keep patterns (ROBOTS), or even that is an aggressive sport that damage the health in an professional level (honestly on amateur as well). 

” All sport, well or bad practising, doesn’t matter, because the essential is after of it, on the times/ways of recovering or improvement, said in other words, about the point of consciousness that have wished to catch up to realise about that really are doing as on as off the court, over there Is where the difference is “.   by Carlos Azuara.



Sincerely, dear reader, if we are able to think in our grandparents or even from oldest ancestors as their life were lived, thus to bring to our heads (BRAINS) as their particular type of tools as the technical body postures that needed to take on to develop with sharpness and efficiency the tasks that were to do that day (a way of survival, development and creativity), that even the improvements were instantaneous while permanently sought as the most comfort as the effectiveness that brought back to them a feeling of accomplishment that is far away of the mere fact of covering the bases, it meant also that apart of making a hard job, there was a collaborative job, so all expressions that brought attached possessive pronouns, mine, yours,…etc… doesn’t exist…the mutual collaboration and the intelligence in develop of the tasks are above whatever other context.

Anyway that is not the subject that I want to treat now, although has an great implication with the issue that will explain straight away, well dear reader, if you were able to repaint on your brain and after go directly to represent that technical movements over the surfaces but as if is the man and his handles tools as the man and his machinery, on both cases then could realise that the movement drew a circle system or signed out a sharp of half circle with or without apertures that determined as the force that grab back in as about all the most basic the AGILITY of rotation and resistance (consistency) to bring back at home the needs or materials that had as goal in. 

What do I want to explain you, dear reader?, 

Well, as I don’t want to make that long, I won’t focus on desegregating the pieces from the old period to bring it directly without wasting any time to Tennis as even transfer it to other sports, the rotation of the bodies as humans as engines follow a circle line, didn’t matter to that side was going on the movement, as in one as to other all the movements were together ” al unísono ¨, means that the circulation was executed in an unique mobility, which let them to use all the gravity force from body or machine in action, that in turn could create a natural extension of the limbs or pieces of the body or engine that are management on, but in the same time there was a small detail that is fixed to develop on perfection all movement and that it can delivery back them the benefit – product that sought through of that rotations, it referred that the articulations, muscles and positions weren’t pinned, so were soft and loosen on the whole trajectory of the movement. 

Also even as from own human as through of the machinery, there was a synchronisation that although could place in doubt as would be the consciousness, let them that movements were dynamics and peaks of performance keep an consistency on the time to bring the job to the place of origin, that on TENNIS or in general in Sports, is a detail that consider so important because is that let to develop a mechanism absolutely fluently, free and a total extension of impact output – input that will push us automatically to other levels and responses as technicals as corporals, avoiding that many ” hidden” details can get through “inadvertently”, where our answers would be to make the same without knowing that have to look for.




Simple, dear reader, as over the pressuring that need to apply as the own speed of the movement that need to bring on, like that as a certain attention to some details, place us in a context that keep the regularity on each piece will go step by step grabbing over the base a small figure; sincerely on TENNIS, the figure is the tennis racket, then all oscillation that have to do on court, in the same way that our old mills (axis of rotation) must go on the same line of execution to get a maximum pressure and speed of every contact with the land.  

Maybe, dear reader, that two points can understand with the next example, the Steam Engine ” Maquina de vapor “

The STEAM ENGINE ” Maquina de vapor “. 

Look, if you are mechanic, dear reader, will understand it much better than me, but insist that try on that article is to make a comparative and could see the significance from a detail that practically is the base of the TENNIS and honestly is quite weird that is being teaching on, because are often going to beat around of the bush ” irse por los cerros de úbeda ¨.

I skip many details, go directly to the comparative with the TENNIS, in a system of particles, where have to be in a permanent circulation, so there were three factors that could see modified on consequence of the weight that had to moved on:

  1. The Pressure. The quantity of molecules. Concentration – dispersion in a same space ( Body Regulation on Tennis).
  2. The Temperature.  Speed and exit ( Determination – character – feelings on Tennis).
  3. The Volume. The space occupied. ( The maximisation of the axis of the body rotation and the sense of space to develop beyond of it).

Usually on tennis each one of that points are inverted or accelerated, said in other words, usually mixed and are always a high risk of injury as physical as on Brain/Mind.  But that, would it be happening if we bring that steam engine to the new and modern engine from nowadays?, that two – four strokes engines, that are valves systems, where the procedure is a little bit more complex, through of admissions and escape of airs in the cylinder head,….etc…, all development through of a circle movement as well……. basically responds to questions is that have to multiple the efficiency and efficacy of all our resources, the demands have changed absolutely, on TENNIS, through of the process that have explained must work hard on minimise possible damages and also be able to explore a maximum peak of performance (durability – consistency – times of life in the engine). 

If we pay attention to the bike chains (similar to the distribution chain), will see as all the movement of bearing go creating a circulation that can go up or down in relation to the rear cogs that we are using and the gear managed on, all of system is a circle movement so soft and that through of improvement body position, our aerodynamics position to the rest of the transition till that patiently are being able to find our fit point of performance, from that I am trying to bring to the tennis, is that the movements should be complete and using all our space and force of the movement.

Look, for example in yoga, there are plenty body twisting, that but the way is a detail that have to bring out on tennis, usually in yoga is divide in two parts although in concentration there are an extension of circulation to the rest of the body, but on tennis as have tried to explain you through of the rest of old ancestries examples is that the rotations or twisting must go in an unique natural movement, a simple circle movement that have a great muscle exit to the bounce back to the body are inexistent and can be able to bring out all our kinetic force in company of a respect of the gravity of the movement (the space), when we get it in our players then will see a reaction that avoid or minimise at the maximum potential that body paint strains in sensible areas as the abdomen for example or other facts as bearing an brutal excess of weight about different articulations, for example the knees or ankles,… I mean that each one of many factors that are involve on that wide technical that is the AXIS of ROTATION of whatever machinery, must be sufficiently greased and opening to make that the vehicle works, on that case, the human body in its maxim capacity of performance on (POTENTIAL). 

I know dear reader that I am not a mechanic nor have been a potter nor have lived on past times, but if know really well that have seen on my small village from Segovia, Spain as in other contexts and also I have work so hard in all and each one of the technical concepts of TENNIS as in the same way from I was a kid have develop a brutal PSYCHOLOGY job, that try to contextualised with the degree, apart of using my critical brain area and all a wide spectre of common sense, because simply tried to explain that is the matrix of that WONDERFUL SPORT. (TENNIS). IT IS BASIC!.


” If we have tools, then will get the enough resources to correct or adapt our games till whatever issue that need to bring our game (technique) or tactics to other level, also it means two things, the first that our body will respond in a permanent (consistency) great conditions and the second grab knowledges that can teach other, but if we don’t have that tools, then are pretending that a cartoon justifies our actions? (ego)…., the mutual damage will be too high and will bring more time to repair on if know that base must repair, obviously. ” by Carlos Azuara. 




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