A human being that knows my BRUTAL VOCATION for the tennis from long time ago, suggest me to write an article where break down point by point in a congruent way the reasons that have brought to my namesake (CARLITOS) to reach that point of LEVEL, so considered it  a brilliant IDEA for two clear reasons:

  1. Clarify each technical aspect and his differences with the rest of the players, as It is the fundamental base of the game.
  2. Put my person in the place that deserves, think that the article won’t leave space to any excuses that let others to offer me a good position inside of an excellent TENNIS PERFOMANCE team of job (Project/s with the clear ideas in) and VERSATILITY (chameleon).

Before to get deep on the main part of the article, there is a detail that must empathise because have been practically impossible to write that I am going to share below if haven’t developed the next relevant facts:


  1. To be a human that don’t have filter, so let myself to take a huge perspective from every issue is happening in front of me ( My phobia taught me to do that, a matter of survive).
  2. Grab the different points of inflexion (scenes that said a lot) at the Queen’s Club, after on Coaching path, later on the LTA and of course all my previous job.
  3. The intense, severe and continuous tennis coaching with my coach from I was a kid, with huge focus on the highest level of coaching. (That have more value that whatever paper).
  4. The audacity to debate with many COACHES, EX-PLAYERS, PLAYERS and learn a lot from them although someone can be feel a little attacked for my aggressiveness to say the things, so here had to name each one of them, as appreciate to their persons a lot as also feel a high level of gratitude through of time for the knowledge that was able to add on while in the same time compare it with coach’s teachings and my own personal classification.
  5. The psychology, that live on my from was a baby, live with it and that won’t leave to contestualise with the degree; also that point is in relation to the number 1. 


” Even underneath of the stones, there are information that one can learn, so I am completely sure that I learn more from everyone than everyone is willing to learn about me, simply observing on silence is already taking information .”

” Always said, as when was in the RFET, don’t condemn to the teachers (other humans), don’t let yourself (Ego) that get depth trough of the noises that are coming for the mouth, as sometimes people need to evaluate in some way, please just observe that are doing underneath of that, their gestures, movements, …..etc…., then will have a wonderful knowledge for your inner, is from that where you can learn more, because very often, we lost all the source for the mouth. ” 





I insist that the way that learnt it, there are millions of point to be aware, but before to talk about Carlos Alcaraz and make the comparatives with the rest ones, first must understand some technical aspects:

  1. Holding the racket, it is not only about if their hands placed upper or lower, if not also the nature way that you are keeping the racket on your hand.
  2. The Grip. My coach repeated it a lot and even the other day in a debate with other coach, reminded me the same words, ” THE GRIP IS THE BOSS ” ” EL GRIP MANDA” . What does it mean?, well, it orders the body – brain, the position/flexibility (Topspin – flat shots) of the racket if is open or close, also as longer is going to be your track to the point of impact (length space on), the movement of the axis of rotation (below talk about it) and also to where are going to place the end swinging of the racket/arm on. 

The last aspect go to divide in two zones:

      3. THE LEGS.

  1. The mobility – agility. It is not about to go crazy or in acceleration, it is just in total position of movement to create the best areas of position with the less impact back on.
  2. The axis of rotation.  Dear reader, here imagine your body is divided in two areas, upper body and lower body, so that axis is the link (chain) that keep both sides together. What does it mean?, that once the player get out from his/her starting position to the swing of arming, the movement must be executed in ensemble for both areas, in a natural, clean and powerful development of the movement, however sadly is so weird to watch that on any tennis players where at leas from my point of view can observe all type of conflicts to grab a properly position of armed, which finishes to correct the position with whatever area of the body, hips, elbow, shoulder, wrist,…. but never using the natural axis of rotation.

” Multiple injuries that we are living as on performance players as in amateurs have its exit lines on the bad or null application of the axis of rotation, that creates a lot of frustrations that surely in some point will get to attach to other psychology issues, which all the set through of the nervous system can paint a picture that must be avoided or coped a time ago ¨. 



Dear reader, I want to be clear on that point, that I am not going to debone all parts point by point, but I just focus on the areas that make them different but even have been huge hiccups on their ways, drawing in some cases dangerous or chronics injuries at the end, simply about missing small adjust in some areas of that three points signed above previously.


Let’s doit it with the analyses!. 

*Insist again to remind you, dear reader, that I begin to explain the legs on each case because is the tool that is going to run all the movement of the axis of rotation but also has a huge influence to where go the high point of the head of the racket and about the prolongation on all the journey that the set of body (upper and lower) have to do, as of course that type of grip that we are using will force us to choose one or there stance of the legs. 



Legs. Usually in great area of his career he played with a semi-open stance, but usually it was a little bit small with a week support from the ankle which leaved to his knee a little bit on inestable position, also his splits had a certain point of aggressiveness back, that after on the movement to put on the energy, inside of his smart game, it created a little bit controversy on his body – reaction from my point of view, other important details is that on his run to the ball, his exit step was shorter than others (right now, the demands is other), but I must remind you that before Nadal appearance on scene, the position of Roger on court, if we are taking the baseline as reference was more intermediate and placed in a neutral or close position to point of hit.

Hold.  He grab the handle of the racket from the bottom area, lost control but gain a lot of flexibility and speed with the racket, but after there is a couple of fingers that sometimes lost contact and transmit more tension to the body, in some way if think that could affect in plenty moments the point of impact of the head of racket was a little bit (millimetres) behind of its accuracy sweet point.

Grip. He used a wide eastern that is not reaching to be a western, that let to have a big versatility to play with every type of shots, adjust the point of impact as like you want, but the risk is when you don’t want to go backwards to don’t give any space of opponent, sometimes is question of making a step back and reorder all the position, detail that is simple, basic and easier to integrate, however the fear and our stubborn human behaviour can make that lost some matches in a way that could have been a little bit different. 



Legs.  In comparison with Roger, is something quite funny because his transaction of legs have gone to inverse, he started playing with a big open stance, but right now is playing closest to the line with a semi-open stance, however Rafael has other personal detail with his legs, is that his swinging of arming is not begging from the legs, instead he moves his upper body from the front area and after start to move the legs, here there is  a few inconsistencies, the first that your elbow – arm won’t find ever a good exit to the ball (Like Federer or now Carlitos), the second one the need of accommodation, which between other things in his exit to the ball has to make doble steps (don’t clean) instead of one in a good size, the third a quicker lost of feelings with the ball, and the fourth that the body is force aggressively and of course can’t teach it nor define it as a great biomechanics instruction on, but works, basically of faster short steps on and some little split on direction/impulse to the ball (not block).

Hold. The handle of racket is grabbing a little bit upper than Roger, but still lower which is something that makes sense in relation to his “biomechanics”, and even keep the racket looser in all the transaction of the journey of the movement (still could bring it better) to give a bigger mobility but don’t forget that he is using his not dominant arm to play tennis. 

Grip. He uses a semi-western to western grip, it let him to make a strong spin, but where he creates that spin, is in the small detail of the bigger rotation of his wrist (variety – turn of the articulation) so that together with his positions of legs, obligate through of the logic journey of the movement to finish plenty of his forehands on that characteristic gesture over the head, make a lot sense when need to seek more deeper and high against the opponent. 



Legs. How many times are you criticised to Novak saying that he is doing too much acting on (theatre)?…. however if you had a conceptual clear knowledge of tennis, you mustn’t do it anymore, at least not in relation to that I am going to explain you, dear reader, and nobody have noticed it at all. Novak, as in the service as in the rest of his baseline strokes has a serious issues with his not dominant leg (the left one), as it is always placed or even on exit movement in a inverse stance, means that his left foot is arched to a inside area, and that blocks the right movement of his right leg, where you can perceive that, is in in the counterattack of the rest’s opponent ( Wimbledon final against Carlitos, for example); that handicap is making him that several times is not placing close to the ball or late, and have to react with some “weird” movements ( exaggerated?), is a way to save the ball or fight it at least and come back to the point and look a next better position with a extra time that let him to place better, and when do it, his first step to the ball is enough wide and signed out, vital detail to the next long runnings or in the seeking of supports or balances to hit the ball (placing of the racket’s head).

Hold. He grab the racket upper than Rafael and Roger, it is not playing on his favour, basically for few reasons, first because his wrist is more tighten up and block a higher exit of the racket, second one his own tension that he keeps on the racket, and third one the stance of his fingers is feeding a tension that is going the upper area of the body and limiting all type of movement which have got injuries around of it if I remind it well. 

Grip. He uses a western, a little bit open than Rafael is using on, so let him a good versatility to generate strokes that he needs and adapt well to whatever element he has in, but as have said before, his way to hold the racket in some circumstances condemn him to a bigger effort or the fact to accept situations for the lost of gripping that sometimes he get struggle with it or as happened the other with Carlitos, on that transitions of grip and his prolongations of the arm (two times) that frequently grabs and that cost basic moments. 



Legs. On that case, dear reader, have to divide the facts in two parts, a technical before of surgery and other one later on, well, in the time before, have to say that Andin every one of his strokes, service, forehand, backhand…. used too much his hip in contraposition to develop a good axis of rotation, in some moments it was so wide, that together to small details that is still doing on, as are a very aggressive split that on my point don’t have sense (still does), make him to waste a lot of energy and him a brutal impact back, a reduced exit of dominant leg to the ball that or just let him to run properly to the next ball or simply to grab a good position to the ball (transition the weights without punishment in), that last points has an affectation in the good supports of the ankles an its spaces of sticking on, basically said that because I am not friend of a permanent use of ankles protections that limit the articulations and the transition of the pain can move to other areas (cushioning) as circumstances about his way to hold the racket as the type of grip that is using that will explain below. As have said, the actual Andy have a technique much more clean than before the surgery, reducing the use of the hip (not enough on my point of view) while make transitions and hits much more clean, but still doing few things that have commented on that text.

Hold. A detail that have been very typical of the oldest English school, detail that have observed in plenty of their players, is that the way that are grabbing the racket is so abrupt and tighten up which means that racket is being a dominant tool instead of a natural extension of the body to develop with a lot of kick and resources that let to dominate on court, which Andy camouflaged it through of ability to resisting during much more time a type of rhythm and intensity as his good space with the ball (exit – swing) in comparison of developing that others played have had on, but in that all cases have a several impact back to the body, probably to the neck and after transfer it to the lower area, because there is a block of mobility in. 

Grip. A extreme Western, which if we compare it with the versatility that have the grips of Roger, Rafa, Novak, and right now obviously Carlitos, is to be playing with a step back from them, if about add as have said that his holding of the racket is abrupt but with a blocked wrist, at the end when want to correct some detail, the first automatic point that the brain can think on that circumstances, ok, is ok, pushing with the hip ” natural “, that two facts are playing against himself, but never is late to adjust small details that let him to play on free responds on. 



Many people always say that as Stanislas as Juan Martin must be included or even could be inside of that big four of the modern era, but for me THE TENNIS is over whatever Names on, but if I am explain a little bit small characteristics (there are much more millions of points) about every one of that big 6 guys is to show you, dear reader and to the rest of the word, the characteristics about why Carlitos is the new king, can show to everyone a great clarity conceptual that is no teaching any course and that one must learn by itself while disturbing to other great coaches, but at the end develop your own skills about it, classification and deepening on. 

Both cases, as Stanislas as Juan Martin, have a fact similar from my point of view, when hit the ball they used too much the muscle instead of making a natural movement of the arm with a looser technical gesture of the wrist, why was happening it? (still do), first the legs, or it wasn’t clean or really smaller, but in the case of Stanislas, as in his grip a wide western as the way that he was grabbing the racket, the wrist is blocked, using the shoulder to the hit instead of making a long extension through of the area dorsal of the body which have an affection in the landings that the body could have against the floor ….. about Juan Martin, his wrist was so rigid (firm on) means that here there was not any mobility that together with his type of grip, a classic eastern, didn’t have any movement or gesture of rotation, it in some way must explode if was not change on, but as also his steps and his a little wide of position, which he used a semi – open stance, but a little big in relation to his shoulders – hip that gave him a power balance or seek a counteract of the body balance on court (Rafa or Novak for example) so didn’t help on that rigid circumstance


Right now, will mention some details from that two boys because people are already including that on the new group of warriors to gain everything, but think that with permission from Carlitos about that I will explain about him later on below though of his pros and cons, think that it going to be more variety, because even in two years away, after have been able to observe some schools are other humans going up with types of game so complete and hit the ball still more ahead of the body, which means that ball hit the all support from the whole body, grabbing in a great power, acceleration and even can reach a great sense of direction (feelings of manage on). 

In the Jannik’s case, his issue is in the supports, because without supports you don’t have any run exit to the ball, and when that axis of rotation is not right, then affect also to the top area of the body, leaving the elbow most close to the body and doesn’t give exit to that arm can make all its extension to the ball which let give it an big force and management about itself (the ball), needless to say that in relation to variety of contexts it has an avoidable impact in the body, because even by trying automatic of correction it goes wider than the own natural area of the body (shoulders – hip), and small detail more, it is on his grip  that is a western but with a way to hold the racket that is not bad but would seek some main finger was softer (get more power about the racket).

And about Holger, probably is who is most advanced from many of the active players in relation to the Carlitos’ technique, however there are two clear differences, one are in his movements, the steps on court, are not clean at all but that is even worst is that his dominants legs for his respective strokes keep stuck, which create a high tension to the legs, as avoid that the foot dominant have the right exit to make all the accuracy transference and can bring the racket’s head to the most ahead possible point that let all his arm’s extension and that grip that he is using, an eastern through of a lower holding of the racket (similar to Roger), that let him a lot of versatility, however with the wrist a little block that limit in the point of impact and its total development of a sweet acceleration on (prolongation).



*Head of the rackets it must come with the extension of the axis of rotation, a small nature wrist movement and the own size genetic that has every body human, if all that is its natural way then must be up, gaining a track race of force to the moment of the impact, but all beginning is in the position and exit of the legs through of the different positions (the compass) that already explained in some Posts on my social networks on. 




Before to disaggregate every point of the Carlitos’ technique, have to say a few words, that all set of that technique is a detail that have came working from many years ago with my coach, it is not only about getting a firm, solid and clear knowledge about every small piece that is the tennis but also to bring it to my own game on, so sadly will say that won’t find it on any course, but will just find it if you have the enough audacity to disturb them outside of the their spaces, get an good ability to observe far away from those movements or speeches that express out, but of course must be accompanied of that solid base of job (with someone competent), on my case was lucky to have that coach, and then when put together all the pack, and start to look in that hidden spaces that are outside of your ego (fears) is where you will feel a clarity that will let yourself to grab all the information that is creating on your inner a great knowledge and put that click that bring freely outside to your game and even to the power to help others to reach great peaks of performances on, from the most structural base ever, at least on that case as on tennis as psychological terms.


Said in other words:

My knowledge, my game is based in all plenty similar points that Carlitos is doing, and that has been constantly repeated to my person: SEEKING A TENNIS THAT IS GOING TO BE THE MOST HEALTHIER FOUNTAIN EVER…”

About psychology, my tremendous job and story talk by itself, know me on short distances…….INEXHAUSTIBLE POWER between other many personal characteristics…. long time ago, there was a small thing that left a footprint on my inner if want to be a good master or a true leader or apprentice:

” The loyalty with myself on first place, then recognise that I am missing in my development and that I am not, then work hard about it, so carried on a question, AM I HELPING ON THAT RIGHT MOMENT OR WOULD I JUST BE CONTAMINATING ON?….. that answer is responding by itself, the knowledge and the skills develop in a minimum percentage on that article leave it clear…  don’t it?.  

To be a CHAMELEON!!! To be on everywhere and always willing to help others, but always once that with oneself, our job is over!. THAT IS PART OF MY CLEAN ESSENCE!.





  1. THE LEGS. His legs are usually in an open stance in quiet balance with his shoulders and hip, keep a coordinative space to be ready to the activation that they need on. 
  2. THE MAKINGS OF THE WAY OUT OF THE LEGS.  I am signing that on capital letters, because nobody works nor teach that, then is when you start to watch on many players as develop an infinity of incongruent details from the upper area of the body (arm, elbow, wrist, shoulders,….etc..), as on professionals as on amateurs usually is a disaster, because from that will come all the nature force of the body. CARLITOS has a making of the STEPS to the way out in each one of his strokes that are magnificent executed, and that very small detail let him to play with a huge advantage to the rest of the opponents, because THAT IS THE FIRST STEP that MUST FOLLOW all coach in the moment to built or adjust a STROKE in any player (human), is the PURE BASE OF ALL GREAT SHOT!!!.
  3. THE SUPPORTS OF THE FEET. After the previous one, is other important point to be realise about, his supports are practically grabbed about the ahead area of the feet without needing to get surface with the heel side on, that let him to be faster in an effortless movement to directions of the ball.
  4. TRANSFERENCE AND USE OF THE BODY FORCE. Other area to be aware after to develop the feet, doesn’t matter in that position he is, think that have the enough intelligence (like me as well, although sound arrogant) to go always with the weight ahead and pushing the head the racket in front of his body and get to save the movement or directly to finish to execute a stroke in a total complete movement – management-speed on.
  5. THE SPLIT. He represents that a split must be when it is need, a simply impulse of the body that let him quicker to the marking of way out with the related leg that the action is demanding on, so nothing in related with jump to the moon or other weird issues that usually see on many players, included tops ones. 
  6. THE AXIS OF ROTATION.  Honestly, together with his makings of the steps to his way out, both are the two most important  parts of his strokes and possibility to develop his game; because obviously are relations each other, the turn must go coordinated in an unique and nature instruction, instead of being blocked in two parts, that is total determination the swinging of arming, means that in parallel to the own genetic, determine the volumen of exit, rotation and placing of the arms and the head of racket in a up position with simple technique gesture of the wrist.
  7. THE WRIST. His grip that is using on is a semi – western, like me, insist have a technical so similar to him, anyway, also he have a holding of the racket higher than Roger, Rafa or Novak, obviously it gives him more control, but lost on power and sensibility with the racket, and like that as in some moments blocked the wrist more than usually could be on.
  8. THE PROLONGATION NATURAL OF THE BODY.  That would be like to place the roof in a house, so on that case, and through of the solid support from the rest of the points signed above, to the that all kinetic force keep a constant balance in all his trajectory without creating an impact that go back against us if not that through of all axis of rotation put the all the inertia in the objective in a reflecting way (instinct). 

To improve…

  1. THE WRIST. On that point have to divide in two areas, a thing is his grip, doesn’t need to adjust It if doesn’t have that feeling, but there is two couples of details that must adjust to avoid a bigger damage on his wrists, it is the position of placing and rotation of them, as are a little bit blocked, and the other thing the feeling of discharging of the both of them in relation hand-racket, with that will have a much better power than right now he has on. (both backhand and forehand)
  2. THE HIPS IN THE SERVICE. That is the most dangerous that he has to do, on that stroke he is so rigid and he goes permanently back as if was to sit down on the toilet and afters hit an sudden hash to upper that could finish to burst the hip, apart from pushing the hamstrings and the abductor muscles in a delicate position, apart from losing a higher level of consistency with that stroke which would do that his game was much more complete than is right now.
  3. SMALL STEPS. In the interactions between foots, get that it can be more direct and less double impulse, that give him still more efficiency and avoid small tumbles on.

………. more details to improve….maybe the prolongation the movements in the total extension (a longer timing?)…..sure that there is more…as in the rest of the players but for that is the knowledge to share it and could extend it through of the experience of others, but in ability of detection think that is a detail that all can benefit on and off the court.

* About the psychology of the players I didn’t speak anything, because would be longer than it is right now, and also because although can have a high level of certain, there is details that just can do wide talking with the own involved on (listening actively like I love to do it). 




Dear reader,  I hope you have been able to understand that the CARLOS’S TECHNIQUE has a long structure that is not only reflected in that 8 points that have tried to remark you on that article, as underneath from each one of them, there are a thick line of points to be aware to reach the maximum point of perfection, means to be able to teach/develop a balance between the health/execution, where the AXIS OF ROTATION, so weird teaching is the engine that is going to define as the game as the level of reaching that a human being will be able to grab in, but also have a tremendous influence in the creation or persistence of the injuries, where the MIND AREA, detail that to the society like to make so popular but that on the reality are not ready to care about it a fucking shit, finishes to work as Needle about the limitations that the absence or “invaluable” AXIS OF ROTATION is giving in our own tennis way but transferring it to other areas outside of the court.

” An UK, have just observed a place who work approximately with a similar technique process than CARLITOS, but really so breaking up on pieces (DESMANTELADO in spanish) creating arbitrary strokes on court, because is beginning on the inverse from up to down, instead of beginning from down to up.” 

Other detail to be aware, apart of the axis of rotation’s level that are already developing, is that right now, the players are playing with a semi-open stance position as option more recurrent, without forgetting that is coming accompanied with shorts steps and fasters movements through of the volatiles supports (explained above as well),  sometimes you can see the neutral one stance about some extra cushion impacts, but honestly is not really frequently, and as always happen when are changing or even making something new or different for us, on the first impact our brain has to adapt, it is so faster very often, if really get don’t interfere in the process that probably are already making by underneath about those that call our attention. 

” Reach an emotional level (psychological process) where are able to separate the subjectivism from the objectivism is fundamental to don’t get dirty and let that powerful develop keep its way on to both sides ” 

I guess, dear reader, that probably you will ask yourself, why have not I added any description about any technique’s woman?, It is true, should have done it, add to Iga (similar in some aspects) but think that will have issues in relation to the rhythms to keep a stable level, or Aryna’s game, or Elena or Emma’s Case (feel worry about that see) or Garbiñe (Think that will come back strong) or even about Caroline (will come back soon)……etc……. basically wrote that in a library in different days (for a HSP is a huge effort ), also would need a long book…… but have you got read till that point yet?…..  remind on person can debate and exchange all impressions, short distances is always a great surprise that can do by ourselves. 


A couple of questions to finish that article, 

1. Do you think, dear reader, are there professionals that have so clear each one of that millions small points inside of that 8 basic technical parameters?…… if your answer is yes,….. How many…..?  Where is leaving their perceptions/develop of the knowledge block…?  but about all,  Do they know how to apply that so important concepts as in the levels of game as through of an effective communication to be able to integrate that skills in his/her inner (natural automatisation)?

And the other one that has or must have a great positive influence on the second one,

2. Are we aware enough to be honest and bravery to let us to see that are missing and that need to be a great help to others?, said in other way, are we able to realise as TENNIS/SPORT COACH the brutal easier job you can develop on to make easier/soft the job of other professional as are a physical trainer or a physio, erasing a lot of the headaches in the same time that anticipating clear issues in? (Don’t go with the psychology or other intruders, because don’t want to get upset).

Look, dear reader, in relation to both questions,

Many times, I have asked to different professionals, the next issue,

Do you know where is going the emotional rhythm of your player, patient, student,…..?  It is a very wide question but in the same time have a great trap hidden underneath, but you know, the most frighten me (no really but is a way to talk about) is that practically nobody till now have been able to respond me that question, in fact the most common answer is, I am so sorry but I don’t know what are you talking about.  (That affirmation has its influence in the above two questions). 

And conclude throwing flowers to myself, think that the article is leaving clear one more time, as everything that have been sharing on my website or on my social networks that there are a great wisdom, which of course is opening to share and improvement through of developing a permanent hard and congruent job with other professionals that is willing to work on the same way, 

” I am a person that in nowadays cause confusion on several humans beings, more when there is a brutal INSTINCT OF COMPETENCY instead of creating a COLLABORATION PROCESS which find a profile like mine is so strange, as in terms humans for my ALTRUIST and GENEROUS way of being as in professional terms, so focus on TENNIS COACHING without wanting to compete and show out a level of technical and game that frighten if give me rhythm, because  I don’t know the fatigue nor physical nor psychological and always insist to don’t be scare and hit all hard you can that I CAN RESIST IT AND MORE, as on as off the court, but about the detail that most confusion create on, that I am like a LIGHTING STRIKE in knowledge and brain integration, really SUPER FASTER to develop the new adjust straight away ”   

About that last affirmation have examples from all colours that many of people can not understand that I am not working yet ON COURT inside of a STRONG TEAM. Feel and see as SUPER READY I AM as on as off the court, because although sounds arrogant, I don’t think so that there are so many humans with that concepts and applications really clear on.

*Say that because on TENNIS is the sector that have found more rancid in relation to open opportunities being a sector where the coaches’ health is almost worst than the own players, feeling that the lack of self-esteem is so huge, and practically nobody care about it, when practically everyone have lived from dynamisms rooted from they were a kids with its issues later on, that doesn’t understand nor about rankings nor other labels that want to place on. 

” CARLOS ALCARAZ is not insane, simply is applying on the 85% of his game all a properly manual from commandments of the TENNIS, as must be teaching in benefit of a TENNIS AS FOUNTAIN OF HEALTH but also in the process to teach that is accessible and easier to practice properly for everyone without getting abandon that wonderful SPORT.”

I LOVE THAT, IS MY VOCATION, can promise three rules:

  1. You don’t get any injure ever at all. (Don’t at least that depends of me).
  2. Your outcomes will come straight away.
  3. Your level of performance will change completely (feelings, movements and mind state on/off court)
  4. Your objectives are the mines, it will be a reality. (Principles and ethic work walking over the money or other appearances).

I have it so clear, but do you have it clear as well?

It is time that my good heart and my strict hard job pick up all the reward that it deserves in. A brilliant ALLEY for whatever team!. 

More sharing process that attack others that are most strong than you and have that you wish in, change the view as it is a great chance in our way to grow all together!!!.






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